What Iceland’s Volcano Eruption Brings to the World?

What Iceland’s Volcano Eruption Brings to the World?

What Iceland’s Volcano Eruption Brings to the World?

Article by Avivi

When asked what film is the best seller since the year of 2009, most film fans will give you this answer, “it must be the film 2012.” This is the truth, even though those who show no interest or too busy to go to the cinema must have ever heard of this disastrous film to date. The film is shot with high-definition video cameras and the cliff-hanging scenes of the end of the earth worldwide can shock and move each audience to the core. It’s so stirring and vivid, thus making audience believe in the Mayanism, on which the film is said to be inspired from.

The continual earthquakes since the beginning of this year are also believed to the forceful evidence of the end of the world. Some pessimistic believers even begin to drone through their lives. Admittedly, these are extreme cases and most of us are still living our daily lives as usual. However, it never rains but pours. The recent volcano eruption in Iceland is little less than pouring oil onto the fire, lending support to those doomsday-believers.

What Iceland’s volcano eruption suggest to the world? Are we virtually at the merge of our extinction? The answer is “Definitely Not.” In spite of this, we have to admit to the fact that severe losses are seen every day with the continuing of the volcano eruption The first threat goes to the local citizens of Iceland. Clouds of ash shadowed the sky over the country, thus giving rise to severe environmental problems. In addition, the heat even made a glacier melt and hundreds of people are facing the danger of being submerged by the imminent flood.

Apart from these explicit harms the volcano eruption causes, some potential negative effects are also in existence. For example, as the clouds of volcano ash spread over the sky, almost all the fights in Europe have been cancelled or delayed, thousands of passengers all stalled in the airport, unable to travel to their destinations, accordingly, the economic loss is rather tremendous. A lady with a shoulder bag gave us her complaints as follows

“My company is dealing with wholesale wedding dress business, and we also sell the little black dresses to the Japanese and Korean markets. I planned to fly to Seoul, but the continuous postponement of the flight spoilt my entire schedule. I phoned to the counterpart in Korea, they showed their full understanding, though unwillingly.” In fact, the economic loss is a lot more intensive than one can expect. With the large-scale cancellation of passenger and freight flights, the economic loss is said to be one to two percent to the GDP of Europe.

“The influence is unexpected and long-term”, a market manager noted, “we plan to deliver our goods to East Asia to take up the summer dress market quota, while we have to wait here and lose to our competitors”. He concluded. Still wedding dress. is their hot line.

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