The After Effects of the Iceland Volcano

The After Effects of the Iceland Volcano

The After Effects of the Iceland Volcano

Article by Michelle Stevens

It came and went and in-between caused damage that cost billions of pounds. The ash from the Iceland volcano was a freak of nature. It hasn’t caused damage like that before and possibly may not happen again. For the couple of weeks that it was spewing forth ash, the volcano brought Europe to a standstill.

The airlines were hit the heaviest. People couldn’t fly to or from many European countries. This meant millions and millions of people were left stranded. Many of these had to be compensated – the cost which went into the billions of pounds. For the already cash-strapped and debt-heavy airlines, this was the last thing they needed.

It just wasn’t the small people who were affected – international sporting events were dragged into this as well. Barcelona was playing Inter Milan in the Champions League and had to take a bus from Spain to Italy. This was a 17 hour bus ride that they had to take. In the 21st century, this is the last kind of thing that elite athletes are used to. Similarly Liverpool had to make their way to Madrid and Fulham had to go to Hamburg.

They had to get through it the same way everyone else did. Read books, read the newspapers, listen to music and play games. Games were a popular way of getting through it as they allow one to kill a lot of time as well as win things. Online casinos registered an increase in activity during the time the ash was in the air. Games such as poker and roulette experienced more activity.

Most of the affected travelers were British and it was estimated that the affect on air travel was greater than that of what happened following the September 11 terrorist attacks. This does make sense as the affect on air travel happened a lot longer than what occurred in September. It created issues that previously weren’t aware would be problems. For instance, Bangladesh travelers who had been flying and in transit in Brussels didn’t have visas for Belgium as they just thought they were stopping over there – just being the case, they weren’t able to leave the airport.

Likewise the same thing happened to Indian tourists who stopped over in Germany. Some British travelers faced the same issue in India and left the airport without having a visa. They got in trouble with the immigration authorities because of this but they are hoping that the complications regarding the volcano will be accepts as mitigating circumstances. You would hope that common sense will prevail.

Additionally international celebrities and world leaders were affected by the travel restrictions. The likes of Vladimir Putin, Jens Stoltenberg, Tony Blair and the Prince of Wales couldn’t go where they wanted to because of the impact of the ash. It is alleged that John Cleese took a taxi from Oslo to Brussels and paid around 3,300GBP for it. The journey took some 15 hours and took Cleese trough a number of countries.

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Michelle Stevens is a well known journalist that writes for many newspapers and online news sites. She has recently written a number of articles on the mathematical equations that help create the progressive jackpots that have become very popular lately.

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