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Val Safari / Whale Safari – Iceland 22 july 2011

Man kan tycka att 12 min är i längsta laget men jag har då plockat ut godbitarna åt er ;o) You might think 12 minutes is long, but I have taken out the best parts for you ;o) Vi hade riktigt tur, både med väder och safarin i övrigt. Den lugna ljusa vattenytan var perfekt för valskådning ^.^ Vi såg 2 sorters val, Vikval och Tumlare, den senare lyckades jag inte fånga vare sig på bild eller film. En grupp Vitnosdelfiner visade sig också för oss. De flesta av valarna var Vikvalar på mycket nära håll dessutom. Stundom var vi helt omringade =oD På vägen tillbaka mot hamn stötte vi på något mycket sällsynt, en Brugd. De första bilderna är Brugdens nos som man ser. Man kan verkligen säga att vi hade en kanondag. Dagen efter ställdes turen in pga dåligt väder. **English We where extremly lucky, both weather wise and safari wise. The calm light surface in the bay was perfect for whale watching ^.^ We saw 2 kinds of whales, Minke whale and Harbour porpoise, the last mentioned I unfortunately didn’t get on photograph or video.We also saw a group of White-beaked Dolphins. Most of them we saw was Minke whales and very close to. Sometimes we was surrounded by them =oD On the way back to the harbor we run into a very rare one, a Barking shark (not harmful to man). The first frames is the sharks nose you see. You could say it was a lucky day over all. The day after the tour was canceled due to bad wheather. 2011-07-22
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Whale Watching In Iceland

Whale Watching In Iceland

Article by HolidaysIceland.com

The cool clear North Atlantic encircling Iceland is teeming with whales of various sizes and species. Already thousands of tourists have enjoyed whale watching from various sites around the country. The whale watching ports are all around the coastline of Iceland.

Whale Watching in Iceland is enjoyed by many thousands of visitors to Iceland each year. In the surrounding North Atlantic waters there are many different types of whales; Minke Whales, Killer Whales, Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales and of course the Humpback Whales. Witnessing a humpback whale leaping out of the water, can only be described as breath taking and an experience you will want to do again and again.

The North-east Iceland offers whale-watching trips on usually old fishing boats. Minke whales and white-beaked dolphins are regularly seen and occasionally humpback and blue whales. Husavik’s can boast the amazing Whale Museum, offering information on the history of whales in Iceland, ranging from full size skeletons to original whaling items as used by whalers from days gone by. Not to be missed if in Husavik

The climate does play a massive part in the whale watching industry, as many people will know, the Icelandic weather conditions can change in minutes. Also the recent reintroduction of commercial whaling in Iceland has also introduced further hazards for the whale watching industry.

Icelanders on the whole do not consume a great deal of whale meat, with many of the caught whales going abroad or the whale meat that remains in Iceland, being served up to tourists. However during celebrations such as Þorrablót (pronounced: Thorablot) whale is eaten as well as many other specialist dishes such as rúgbrauð – a rye-based bread, Hákarl – fermented shark meat all aprt of the famous Icelandic Cuisine

However, whale watching is something that should not be missed and will only enhance any holidays to Iceland

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