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www.youtube.com OR YTUB Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajokull triggering bigger volcano Katla Christ’s words to the bride disclosing his magnificence, and about how all things proceed according to his designs, with the exception of sinners’ wretched souls. Figurative examples are given concerning all this. Also, about how the will must be guarded in one’s actions. BOOK 4Chapter 67 SAINT BRIDGET PATRON SAINT OF EUROPE FINAL PART Second, God’s unchanging plan appears in trees, because sweet trees bear sweet fruit and bitter trees the opposite. A date has both a sweet pulp and a hard stone. Similarly, it has been foreseen from all eternity that wherever the Holy Spirit dwells, there all worldly delight turns vile, and all worldly honor becomes burdensome. In such a heart, however, there is so much strength and hardiness from the Holy Spirit that it is not cast down by any adversity nor overly elated by any success. It has been similarly foreseen from all eternity that wherever the devil’s briar is, the fruit will be red on the outside but all unclean and full of prickles on the inside. Thus, while there is momentary and apparent sweetness in the devil’s delight, it is full of thorns and tribulations, because the more someone gets entangled in the world, the more heavily that person is weighed down by the burden of the account to be rendered. And so, just as every tree produces its fruit according to the kind of roots and trunk it has, so too every person is judged according to

Prophetic talk about Katla volcano in Iceland whilst on Sólheimajökull glacier on 1st March 2010

Our guide from Arctic Adventures, on the Sólheimajökull glacier, talks about Iceland’s Katla volcano being overdue for an eruption! This was on the 1st March 2010. On the 21st of March, a fissure volcano erupted within a stones throw of where we were stood and has created worries that Katla may erupt!

Volcano in Iceland. Drive to the eruption

We drove up Myrdalsjokull glacier, on the south coast of Iceland, to the volcano at Fimmvorduhals. A spectacular display of the raw power of nature. For this trip we used well equipped 500 horsepower Dodge Ram diesel boasting 49″ tires among other goodies. The music is by Pete Tosh, Ka Da TA Eftirmiðdaginn 29. mars 2010 ókum við upp Sólheimajökul og svo til vesturs að Fimmvörðuhálsi. Náðum gosinu í ljósaskiptunum. Hraunáin niður í Hrunagil er stórkostleg og á einni klukkustund gjörbreyttist hún í nokkurs konar flúðir. Ferðin var farin á Dodge Ram 2500, vel útbúnum til jöklaferða (sem er meira en hægt var að segja um marga ferðamennina á jöklinum, því miður).

Icelandic Volcano 15.04.10 no chemtrails today

Icelandic Volcano Erupts no chemtrails today .. Icelands Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Grounds Planes In & Out Of UK 15. 04.10 “With all the talk about Iceland’s volcanoes, this is just a bit of a no news item, but at Mammoth, they have had two quakes measuring 1.9 in the area. This is a bit more than most of them so I am watching to see if there is anything bigger to come. Most likely they are techtonic. The quakes keep happening, but there isn’t much to discuss…yet. :-)” “Somehow I think this is more then just ice movemenet since it is farly deep down and seems to be getting more intense by the day and hour. And why are the volcnoes of Iceland being monitored by meterologists or weather people? It is not normally there field of study.” !!! Posted by: Chance Metz | March 4, 2010 6:54 PM “Well, it certainly is exciting but we’ve seen a lot of earthquake swarms before that haven’t resulted in an eruption so let’s see. Some of the recent quakes really are quite shallow (2 km) and the RSAM plots show the typical rise you’d expect before an eruption. I wonder if the scientists have other more local signs that we don’t know of that would indicate magma is nearing the surface. BTW here is the link for one of the RSAM plots: hraun.vedur.is Posted by: bruce stout | March 5, 2010 6:50 AM All Above From: scienceblogs.com Icelandic Volcano Erupts So No Sun Reflecting Chemtrails or Contrails TodayTo Be Seen All Day Long !! We’ve Had Clear Blue Skies With NORMAL Fair Weather Clouds All
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What Iceland’s Volcano Eruption Brings to the World?

What Iceland’s Volcano Eruption Brings to the World?

Article by Avivi

When asked what film is the best seller since the year of 2009, most film fans will give you this answer, “it must be the film 2012.” This is the truth, even though those who show no interest or too busy to go to the cinema must have ever heard of this disastrous film to date. The film is shot with high-definition video cameras and the cliff-hanging scenes of the end of the earth worldwide can shock and move each audience to the core. It’s so stirring and vivid, thus making audience believe in the Mayanism, on which the film is said to be inspired from.

The continual earthquakes since the beginning of this year are also believed to the forceful evidence of the end of the world. Some pessimistic believers even begin to drone through their lives. Admittedly, these are extreme cases and most of us are still living our daily lives as usual. However, it never rains but pours. The recent volcano eruption in Iceland is little less than pouring oil onto the fire, lending support to those doomsday-believers.

What Iceland’s volcano eruption suggest to the world? Are we virtually at the merge of our extinction? The answer is “Definitely Not.” In spite of this, we have to admit to the fact that severe losses are seen every day with the continuing of the volcano eruption The first threat goes to the local citizens of Iceland. Clouds of ash shadowed the sky over the country, thus giving rise to severe environmental problems. In addition, the heat even made a glacier melt and hundreds of people are facing the danger of being submerged by the imminent flood.

Apart from these explicit harms the volcano eruption causes, some potential negative effects are also in existence. For example, as the clouds of volcano ash spread over the sky, almost all the fights in Europe have been cancelled or delayed, thousands of passengers all stalled in the airport, unable to travel to their destinations, accordingly, the economic loss is rather tremendous. A lady with a shoulder bag gave us her complaints as follows

“My company is dealing with wholesale wedding dress business, and we also sell the little black dresses to the Japanese and Korean markets. I planned to fly to Seoul, but the continuous postponement of the flight spoilt my entire schedule. I phoned to the counterpart in Korea, they showed their full understanding, though unwillingly.” In fact, the economic loss is a lot more intensive than one can expect. With the large-scale cancellation of passenger and freight flights, the economic loss is said to be one to two percent to the GDP of Europe.

“The influence is unexpected and long-term”, a market manager noted, “we plan to deliver our goods to East Asia to take up the summer dress market quota, while we have to wait here and lose to our competitors”. He concluded. Still wedding dress. is their hot line.

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The Icelandic Volcano and Holiday Planning

The Icelandic Volcano and Holiday Planning

Article by Patrick Omari
gos 2011

The Eyjafjallajokull volcano last erupted in 1821 for a period of 14 months and, according to records, every time it does so, it’s neighbor or “angry sister” Katla follows.

Katla, as is suggested by the name ‘angry sister’, is a larger and more violent volcano situated next to it’s Eyjafjallajokull. Currently scientists are monitoring the volcano for any signs of seismic activity similar to those recorded under Eyjafjallajokull just before it’s most recent eruption.

Katla has erupted 16 times since 930 and on different occasions has managed to tear chunks our of the glacier above it causing the Myrdalsjokull glaciers to break and discharge the same amount of water as would be from the amazon, nile and mississippi combined and also dispel smoke clouds so big that ash has been found to settle as far as Scotland.

In the past, the eruptions of both the volcanoes have caused disruption not only in Iceland but also for the whole of the Northern Hemisphere. Dust and sulphur from the ash clouds have been known to travel over much of Europe casting a haze over Norway, The Netherlands, the British Isles, France, Germany, Italy and Spain and according to records, past eruptions may have affected weather up until a few years after the event.

The most recent volcanic eruption has already caused noticeable disruption for holiday-makers, travelers, airlines, travel agents and the government. Initial signs of an eruption first started on 20th March 2010 and the second, more obvious phase started on the 14th April. This was the eruption that led to a huge ash cloud moving over much of Europe and consequently leading to the closure of UK airspace, airports and the cancellation of many inbound and outbound flights between the 15th and 20th April.

The decision to close the airspace above the UK was made as The National Air Traffic Service warned that the volcanic ash present in the cloud spreading across Europe posed a significant safety thready to aircraft.

It is unsure as to whether the volcano will erupt again and how much disruption will be caused in the future due to the ash clouds, which is why it is incredibly important to be stringent with any holiday plans that are made during this period and to make sure you are prepared for any eventuality.

Make sure to check with your travel agent, flight provider, airport parking provider, insurance company, holiday home, bank and whoever else may be involved win any aspect of your holiday to check their policies surrounding problems with traveling and the volcano. You do not want to be caught short if you end up stuck abroad or alternatively, stuck in the UK when you should be on holiday.

It is important to make sure you have an extra supply of money in a climate such as this, to ensure that if you are stuck abroad, need to change your flights, stay an extra night of couple of nights in different accommodation, make special arrangements to get home or in any other number of situations that may arise that it is possible to do so. It is also important to check companies policies on cancellations and amendments etc so that you are able to change your flights, extend your airport parking, extend your stay in a holiday home or change the dates of your holiday if you end up stuck at home.

All this extra care and hassle may seem an annoying addition to holiday planning stress but it will only make sure that you are prepared and if anything lead to a more relaxed and smooth running holiday.

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