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Tobegoesiceland’s photos around Úthlíð, Iceland

Preview of Tobegoesiceland’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: www.travelpod.com This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Úþlíð, Iceland Entry Title: “Field Trip 3./4. Tag” Entry: “die letzten tage waren nicht weniger spannend, auch wenn die ganze busfahrerei, wanderei und staunerei an den kräften zerrte. hauptziel des dritten tages war landmannalaugar. ein gebiet dessen berge meist aus rhyolit bestehen, was für island eher untypisch ist. hier zeigte sich ein sehr hübsches farbenspiel des verwitterten gesteins. die weichen farbtöne von gelb, rot und braun vermischten sich aus der ferne zu einer surreal wirkenden landschaft. (siehe bilder) am fuße eines erkalteten lavastroms lag unsere hütte welche sich direkt in der nähe eines natürlichen hot pots befand. so ließen wir bei 40° heißer wassertemperatur und sternenklarem himmel den abend ausklingen, das hat schon was. es ist weiterhin zu bemerken das ein sternenhimmel in dieser gegend nicht mit unserem verglichen werden kann. Man multipliziere die anzahl der sterne und sternschnuppen mit 10. bis auf einen zwischenstop bei den geysiren verbrachten wir den letzten tag hauptsächlich im bus. wir befanden uns schon relativ zentral in der pampa, abseits von jeder asphaltierten straße, und wollten abends in reykjavik ankommen. netter trip! bald mehr.” Read and see more at: www.travelpod.com Photos from this trip: 1. “. + 4. Tag” 2. “Landmannalaugar” 3

Touratech – Iceland family trip with a motorbike

Young children and motorbike trips do not fit together? Martin Wickert, sales manager at Touratech AG, and his wife Katja show you that it is possible. With a little goodwill, an F 800 GS and an adapted sprinter they started a trip to Iceland with their little daughter Chiara in the summer of 2010. They did not only bring fascinating pictures home, but also proof that young children and motorbike trips do fit very
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Seven interesting attractions of Iceland for a quick trip

Seven interesting attractions of Iceland for a quick trip

Article by Asberg Jonsson

Iceland is not too far from the eastern coast of North America and even more closer to Western Europe. Hence, its position between North America and Europe makes it a perfect weekend destination. In all, it can be said without any doubt that Iceland is a cool and an inexpensive place for an interesting holiday time. Following are some important and top tourist attractions in Iceland.

Lake Myvatn Conservation Area – this area was declared a special conservation area in 1974. Now it has become a major tourist attraction of Iceland because of some rare natural sights available in this area. This area is Iceland’s most active area in terms of geology. Bubbly mud flats, volcanic craters, newly formed lava fields, crowded bird life, blue lake, everything is present here. One of Europe’s fiercest and tallest waterfalls “the waterfall of god” is also in this park. This waterfall falls from the elevation of 163 meters.

The Vestmann islands – this area of Iceland is also known as the “paradise at the end of the world”. This place is worth watching because the youngest island of this world, “surtsey” is located here. This island appeared as in 1963, a volcano busted from the waves. Special tours are arranged for this particular part of Iceland.

Snaefellsnes peninsula/ Snaefellsjokull glacier – this glacier is around 60 kilometers far from the capital city. The notable thing is that still it is visible from Reykjavik. The peninsula of snaefellsnes is an eye-catching and supernatural landscape full of lava caves, waterfalls and hot springs. It is also a source of some very beautiful towns and farms. One can enjoy spectacular and extraordinary coastal views in this part of Iceland.

Thingvellir – this is Iceland’s most important place. This is the place where Iceland’s parliament was formed. One of the spectacular sites here is the cliff which is overlooking the parliament. Lake Thingvallavtn is another place to look for here. It is the world’s biggest supernatural lake and you can enjoy fishing there. Hiking through the wonderful landscapes of thingvellir is one of the major tourist attractions.

Blue lagoon – this destination has the honor to be the most clicked destination of Iceland. It is a man made lagoon and has a temperature of around 40 degree Celsius. It is believed there that its water has a blessing from god and can cure many diseases especially psoriasis. Whether it is summer or the winter, bathing in this lagoon is a breath taking experience. Geysers – this very famous natural tourist destination is located close to Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. It is overall a three square kilometer area. “Geyser spouting spring” the world’s largest geyser is situated here. Another small spring called ‘strokkur’ is the centre of attraction in this area. This small geyser erupts continuously at the intervals of five to ten minutes. This whole area is full of many small pools.

Skogar folk museum – This is a very famous museum and is another major landmark of Iceland. This museum has a collection of over six thousand articles connected to ancient Icelandic history.

These are seven most famous places one should go while on a tour to Iceland. Of course Iceland is full of amazing sites and sounds with breath taking natural beauty and ideally you should spend a much longer time in Iceland to truly feel the rich experience that this country gives out to its visitors.

About the Author

Asberg Jonsson is the manager of Iceland Visitor, a company specializing in packages for Vacation in Iceland and day tours in Iceland. For more information visit www.icelandvisitor.com

Iceland Customs – What You Should Know Before Your Trip to Iceland

Iceland Customs – What You Should Know Before Your Trip to Iceland

Article by Isabella Olsen

The Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland is littered with majestic volcanoes and glaciers. It is also a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, especially bird-watchers and whale-watchers. It is a dream come true for those who love outdoor adventure, as well, since it offers various activities such as horseback riding, skiing and whitewater rafting. Indeed, Iceland is a popular European tourist destination. Before you go on a trip there, though, it is good to learn some of the basic Iceland customs first.

Just like other countries in Europe, it is one of the customs in Iceland to shake hands and say ‘hello’. Kissing each other’s cheeks is acceptable, too, along with wishing each other happiness by saying ‘Sael’ (to a man) or ‘Saell’ (to a woman).

Another Iceland custom is to take off your shoes in the hallway when you enter someone’s home. Also, don’t be surprised if someone asks you to be a guest in his or her house since Icelanders love to have guests. Just make sure you bring a bouquet of flowers or a similar token of appreciation when you show up.

If you have been invited to dine, keep in mind that you don’t need to say grace or express gratitude before meals like the French or the Japanese. Rather, follow customs in Iceland by eating heartily then thanking your host afterwards by shaking his hand.

Keep in mind, too, that believing in mysterious or ‘hidden’ beings such as elves and trolls is part of the traditions in Iceland, so don’t bring up the subject about them casually. Indeed, most of the unique and sometimes bizarre rock formations in Iceland is attributed to elves or trolls, Elf ‘habitats’ are protected, as well.

Tipping, on the other hand, is not one of the Iceland customs, whether you’re in a hotel or a restaurant. This is something you’ll be happy to know since prices are relatively steep in Iceland compared to the countries in mainland Europe.

Are you planning on spending Christmas in Iceland? If so, make sure to practice saying ‘Gleileg jol gott og fars!’ first, which is the local Christmas greeting. Keep in mind, too, that it is part of the traditions in Iceland to have long Christmas holidays – 26 days, to be specific. There are 13 Santa Clauses, too!

These are just some of the most common Iceland customs. True, there may be no law requiring you to follow them, but there is no harm in doing so. In fact, you might just be rewarded with a rich cultural experience and a more meaningful trip to Iceland.

About the Author

Isabella Olsen is a writer for various travel magazines who has toured global tourist destinations, including Iceland, by car. To book your Iceland car hire or learn more about car rental worldwide, visit www.zencarhire.com.