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Glacier moraines in 6 peaks-hike in Tindfjallajökull – 110910

Hiking Club Toppfarar hiking six peaks in glacier Tindfjallajökull in september 2010 in a fair weather, warm and sunny in the beginning but then foggy and rainy and sunny in the end at the last two peaks. In this one we are hiking down in the valley between mountains passing glacier moraines with the ash from the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull earlier in 2010 covering all the ice. A magical surroundings in the fog.

Iceland F910 – the blocky moraines

Coming from Askja, going west over the F910, you will first meet a sandy desert. Following is an area in which Vatnajokull melting water water could be flushing the route completely, when you’re out of this you come into the area with blocks of a moraine of the Vatnajokull glacier. These blocks are just big enough to make you drive slowly, no need for speed-camera’s here. When the camera turns right you will get a view on the flushed plains, where sandstorms reign. We had pretty cold and dry weather, therefore the plains are very dry and dusty. Driving over these blocks does not make you want to go fast.
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