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Landmannalaugar, Iceland

Landmannalaugar is a famous volcanic region is central Iceland. This region is full of geothermal activity, hot pools, volcanic peaks and by its magnific colorful rhyolitic mountains. There is a small hut where you can sleep and cook, but you have to bring the food with you. Landmannalaugar is a very remote place (you can go by car, only with specially-adapted vehicles). It stays about 5 hours from Reykjavik. You will travel through lunar-like landscapes to get there, particularly close to Hekla or Eldgja. Close to the hut, stays the colorful valley of Jokulgil with many very hot (volcanic) and very cold (melting ice) pools. When the water mixes, you can swim although its a pleasant but strange mix of hot and cold currents. Here you find one black-greyish volcano, Blahnukur, with plenty of ash in its slopes. About one hour from the hut, lies Brennisteinsalda, the most colorful mountain and volcano in Iceland, with red, yellowish, grey and green colors. Even blue rocks you can find! You will cross a large lava field from its last eruption 500 years ago. And you will find a few craters full of sulphur vapours. In this place, you can climb and hike a lot, but the weather can be tricky and the trails risky. One of the major and famous trails leads to Thorsmork, 50km to the south, and it takes 3-4 days. Be careful when crossing the glacial rivers, it feels very close to your legs nd they change current fast. You also find a swamp place close to Brennisteinsalda with