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Icelandic Christmas: December 24th

This is it. This is the last video. I remember hearing this song as a little kid, sitting down on the Living room sofa and staring at the tree with all the presents under it and looking into the kitchen, where my dad was hard at work, preparing the Christmas Turkey. I looked out the window and all I saw was black. It was pitch black outside even though It was only about 17:20 in the evening. As I looked out the window…It suddenly began to snow. Little puffs of white slowly drifted down to the ground behind the window. What I felt at that moment, I can only describe as the spirit of Christmas itself. The complete and utter happiness, calmness and all around love I felt was overwhelming. I felt incredible. I hope you will find this feeling this year too. Have a merry christmas everyone.

Icelandic horse – no bridle (and no arena)

Couldnt tell me I was love when I needed it When, all I ever wanted was love. Should a told me just me because! Im worth receiving it But all I ever wanted was love Theres is something awkward about the selflessness it takes to Give love and the good that it makes you! True love can never really forsake you But it took a little while just for me to see! I had to lose myself so I could love you better I had to lose myself, had to lose myself so I could love you better Had to lose myself, had to lose myself So I could love you better Had to lose myself in love And thats just the way it is True horsemanship is based on deep connection between the horse and human. Our inner state is reflecting on our horses. To be a good partner and leader for my horse it starts with my autentic self. When I am present and congurent I am ready to expirience the horse potential. Love is the foundtation. Open your heart. My blog: www.taktur.blogspot.com

Icelandic Folklore

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