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Vatnajokull Glacier hiking tour. First part – Glaciar Vatnajökull. Primera parte

Vatnajokull Glacier is the biggest glacier in Europe. We did a glacier hiking on crampons across Vatnajokull. First part. — Vatnajökull es el mayor glaciar de Islandia y uno de los más grandes de Europa. Esta situado en el Parque Nacional Skaftafell. Recorrimos durante una mañana parte de este glaciar.
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Askja (Herðubreið 3) – hiking around Askja – 080809

Toppfarar on a four day trip to the highlands in northeast of Iceland to hike the “queen of Icelandic mountains” Herðubreið. Here hiking around Lake Askja which is a big crater at about 220 m deep. This was a total of 24,9 km long walk up to 1.530 m for over 10 hours with a bath in Lake Víti and a lot of stroll on the way. Guess it would take 8 hours minimum for a good hiker to hike the whole way. This day the weather was perfect and the no way to describe the view tha whole way and the feelings one had while hiking through all the peaks and hills. One of the best hikes ever in my life.
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Ljósufjöll 280810 – Hiking back with great view to Ljósufjöll.

The Hiking Club Toppfarar hiking Ljósufjöll in Snæfellsnes Iceland. Clear skies and sunny with warm and still weather. Total of 33 members hiked three highest peaks in Snæfellsnes, Gráni (1.006m), Bleikur (1.047m) and Miðtindur (1.067m) at a 16,8 km in 8:10 hrs. This was a golden hike with laughter all the way up and down again. In this video we are hiking back through the lava with great view back on Ljósufjöll.
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