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Prophetic talk about Katla volcano in Iceland whilst on Sólheimajökull glacier on 1st March 2010

Our guide from Arctic Adventures, on the Sólheimajökull glacier, talks about Iceland’s Katla volcano being overdue for an eruption! This was on the 1st March 2010. On the 21st of March, a fissure volcano erupted within a stones throw of where we were stood and has created worries that Katla may erupt!

Vatnajokull Glacier hiking tour. First part – Glaciar Vatnajökull. Primera parte

Vatnajokull Glacier is the biggest glacier in Europe. We did a glacier hiking on crampons across Vatnajokull. First part. — Vatnajökull es el mayor glaciar de Islandia y uno de los más grandes de Europa. Esta situado en el Parque Nacional Skaftafell. Recorrimos durante una mañana parte de este glaciar.
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Glacier moraines in 6 peaks-hike in Tindfjallajökull – 110910

Hiking Club Toppfarar hiking six peaks in glacier Tindfjallajökull in september 2010 in a fair weather, warm and sunny in the beginning but then foggy and rainy and sunny in the end at the last two peaks. In this one we are hiking down in the valley between mountains passing glacier moraines with the ash from the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull earlier in 2010 covering all the ice. A magical surroundings in the fog.

Iceland Glaciers & Jokulsarlon Glacier lagoon | Icelandtotal.com

Glaciers cover ca. 11% of Iceland. The largest glaciers are located in the southern part of the country and in the central highlands, with Vatnajokull being the largest one and actually Europe’s largest glacier. Jokulsárlon lagoon, located at the south end of Vatnajokull glacier, is the largest and best known glacial lake in Iceland. Tours to glaciers and the Jokulsarlon lagoon are one of the most popular activities among Iceland travelers. To book a Glacier tour in Iceland, please visit Icelandtotal.com.
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Jokulsarlon – Glacier Lagoon

Iceland – Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is one of natures wonders where huge icebergs float around on their epic journey to the ocean. It had been raining a lot so the ice was very blue because the rainwater fills up the cracks in the ice and make the blue color more visible than ever. In the passed few years the lagoon has become the deepest lake in Iceland at 284 meters but the former deepest and now second deepest lake in Iceland is Askja which is approximately 217 meters deep. The lagoon is getting deeper every day since Breidamerkurjokull glacier which is part of Vatnajokull glacier is continuously melting faster and faster. The lakes surface was measured more than 22 sq. km. in 2009.

Glacier Ice Cream – Iceland

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Hike Iceland – My Commune with a Glacier

Hike Iceland – My Commune with a Glacier

Article by David Brooks

For all those nature lovers who also love a good adventure hike, you should check out Iceland. It is like a hiker’s paradise, especially if you love glaciers.

To me there is nothing better than getting outdoors and going for a nice long trek. I love the adventure, the physical challenge and exploring new places. I also have a certain proclivity towards glaciers. I think that they are amazing, though I have never actually seen one up close. Last month I got the chance to do just that.

I didn’t go to Iceland just for hiking, I was there on business. But over the weekend, I decided to get book a tour. There are several hiking and trekking tour companies in Iceland so it wasn’t hard. With the help of the front desk clerk at the hotel I was staying at, I got in touch with a company that offers tours right from Reykjavik; turns out that you don’t necessarily have to travel far to get out in nature or to commune with a glacier.

Anyways, I made my choice of tour operators and told them what I wanted to do. They suggested a tour that fit my time frame and desire to explore a glacier, in this case Solheimajokull glacier. I think this translates as “sun home glacier” at least I think that is what it translates to with my rough knowledge of Icelandic. This particular glacier is located about two hours away from the capital city.

The tour company picked me up from my hotel in the morning and off we went. I was amazed at how quickly we were in the country. Reykjavik is not a very big capital city and most of Iceland is uninhabited. When we arrived at the glacier, I instantly fell in love. The weather was picture perfect and the contrasting colors of blue sky and the white glacier were outstanding.

We took a few minutes to go over a safety brief, put on our extra clothes and crampons and then we were off. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and told us all kinds of facts about Iceland, glaciers and such. But, what I liked best was when everyone stopped talking. Rarely in our busy lives do we get to experience absolute silence and that was one of the early pleasures of this glacier tour. We all stopped walking and talking and there it was, total silence. I turned my face to the sun and just soaked up this moment.

Later, we got to explore some crevasses and beautiful blue-white ice sculptures. When you touch this kind of ice, you are amazed by how smooth it is like polished glass. We got to walk through long ridges that were like narrow ice hallways.

What struck me about this glacier was that it seemed to have a positive affect on everyone’s mood. It is kind of like the glacier is pumping out negative ions and it helps you feel content and grounded in that moment. I also think that the glacier, by the fact that it has been around for so long, imparts a certain sense of history and almost embodies a wise personality. Maybe it was just me, I tend to anthropomorphize everything.

One the way back to the city, our guide also stopped by two beautiful waterfalls, Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss. Being from the western US, I am not used to seeing so much water and I was struck by the raw power and beauty of these falls. Raw power and beauty is a good analogy for Iceland in general.

All-in-all I was very satisfied with my Iceland hiking tour experience. This particular tour wasn’t very strenuous, so if you want something more physical, you can choose Zyrtec online a different tour. I think that one day I would like to come back here and do one of their multi-day tours.

So, if you are looking for a new hiking adventure or just an Iceland day tours idea, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you to hike Iceland. Next time I am going to visit Skaftafell in the East for a longer trek.

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David Brooks is a customer service specialist at Blindsgalore.com, a internet retailer of window treatments, blinds, shutters and shades.