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The Best Sites To Visit On A Holiday To Iceland

The Best Sites To Visit On A Holiday To Iceland

Article by Vikki Beale

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is perhaps the most well known attraction in Iceland and one of the most spectacular, in a destination known for its stunning natural beauty. Heated up by the adjacent geothermal power station, you should leave an entire day to fully appreciate the wonderment of this attraction on your holiday to Iceland, or why not stay overnight? You can choose from a range of in-water treatments or massages, which start at just 15 euros. The mud mask is provided throughout the resort and is said to contain many beneficial minerals. In the afternoon, you can enjoy an invigorating massage and sauna under the waterfall, before ending your evening with themed cocktails in the Lava bar.


Holidays to Iceland are popular with nature lovers due to the amazing glacieral scenery and nature-spotting opportunities that a specialist holiday in Iceland provides. Jokulsaron is simply breathtaking and the landscape here is awash with glaciers and icebergs. The name translates to glacieral river lagoon, and the area is formed by a glacial retreat, which stretches along for several miles. You can rent a small boat or kayak into the river and watch, amazed, as glaciers snap off around you. Even Hollywood has noticed the beauty of this area, and as a result two James Bond movies have been filmed here.


Its rugged terrain and wide open spaces has made Iceland a popular package holiday destination for the adventure crowd. In Iceland, you can try your hand at almost any sports from fly-fishing to free-fall diving, but a super jeep tour around the uninhabited area of Landmannalaugar is the best way to see the sites, whilst having a little fun. The area is made up of dormant volcanoes and features bubbling mud baths and impressive natural lava barriers, but it is Landmannalaugar’s dirt tracks, which are perfect for by 4X4 vehicles. The final river crossing at the end of your tour manages to be both thrilling and actually really quite scary.


No Iceland holiday is complete without taking a gander at the world’s biggest mammals, and Husavik is the best place to view whales in the country. Every species of whale can be spotted here from giant blues to magnificent humpbacks and friendly orcas. The area is also popular with porpoises, and white beaked dolphins will often follow your fishing boat, popping up regularly for photos. Whilst in Husavik be sure to visit the Whale Museum, a remnant from the times where whaling provided the town’s main source of income. You may be the coldest you’ve ever been in your life on a Husavik boat trip, but as each tour has a 95% success rate, who really cares?


Geysir is considered to be the oldest geyser in the world and dates back to 1294. It is a popular destination with visitors on a package holiday to Iceland, and although the spurting is largely sporadic the geyser roughly gushes around three times a day. The nearby geyser of Strokkur erupts more often; at heights of 20 metres about once every five minutes. But, the 60 metre spurts at Geysir are easily much more magnificent and no holiday to Iceland is complete without a visit here.

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Vikki Beale is a holiday expert for Iceland2Go, a specialist operator providing holidays to Iceland and Greenland. Iceland2go has a dedicated team of experienced travel consultants ready to share their knowledge and help you to plan and book your ideal holiday.

The Best Guide to Your Iceland Tour

The Best Guide to Your Iceland Tour

Article by David H. Urmann

Iceland is a wonderful island vacation destination in the mid-Atlantic. A typical Iceland tour offers many fascinating sites and a memorable Iceland vacation experience.

Iceland is now considered as one of the best places in the world to visit. In fact, it is deemed as one amongst the top 10 Best Value Destinations for 2010. Other top destinations are Thailand, Las Vegas and London among others. For the best time in this mid-Atlantic island, take advantage of an Iceland tour and package right in the hotel of your choice.

As a tourist destination, Icelandic airlines offer a flight time of no more than 5 hours from New York. Once you arrive, a wide array of relaxing indulgences and pampering can be achieved throughout your Iceland vacation. A nice place to consider in Iceland is Reykjavik. It is the vibrant capital city of Iceland located on the northernmost section of the island. Aside from the noted safe ambiance, it has an efficient and compact bus system.

If you want to have a grand time in your Iceland tour, try feeding the ducks and swans along City Hall’s Tjorin Pond; see great views of the city on top of Hallgrimskirkia Church; explore the colorful Vesturbaer as well as the Thingholt neighborhoods; and check out some of the artistic venues the city of Reykjavik can offer.

Of course, a Reykjavik, Iceland vacation isn’t complete without trying out one of the many outdoor geo-thermal pools of the city. Grown-ups will adore the whirlpools or “hot spots” while kids have water slides and inflatable toys to play with. If you want the real treat, go to Laugar Spa and treat yourself to a series of relaxing Spa treatments.

Aside from this world class city, another place to enjoy in your Iceland tour is Kopavogur Town. It has many cultural sites, sports venues and leisure facilities. This also goes for Hafnarfjordur and its lava field while Mosfellsbaer is known for its summer farmer’s market and horseback riding activities.

Iceland Accommodations

Iceland can offer various accommodation packages to suit all budgets and tastes. They even offer special discounts not only to senior citizens but also to kids and people with disabilities. Most of the hotels in Iceland represent that typical Scandinavian charm but still vary in location, size and personality. In this city and the countryside areas, there are family-owned accommodations and hotels of international chains. Aside from catering to your Iceland tour, most of these hotels can cater to large groups whether it’s for a conference, business convention or other special occasions.

However, make sure that you check with the hotel regarding their schedule of lodging because there are some hotels that are only open in the summer. You can also check with the hotel regarding other concerns like rooms that have views of the cliffs, rivers, mountains or sea.

Their double rooms are oftentimes featured as one room having 2 single beds so better specify during your booking if you want a room with a double bed. Although some hotels include a buffet breakfast in their package, most hotels don’t include this. Hence, most hotels offer parking facilities and can even assist you with your Iceland tour and excursion.

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