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Discover the Ancient Wonders of Iceland

Discover the Ancient Wonders of Iceland

Article by Roy Witman

Viking ships and frigid ice expanses. Snowcapped mountains and rolling hillsides. Water, water and more water. You might imagine all these when someone mentions Iceland. While they are part of what you’ll find, the wonders of Iceland reach much farther. According to the Iceland Tourist Board website, Iceland is closer than you think, but far different than you ever imagined. Nothing could be truer!

Mystery, Myths and Mountains

Ancient legends of Leif Eriksson and other Vikings along with the Midnight Sun shroud Iceland in mystery. Stunning mountain ranges offer scenery similar to that found in the movie The Sound of Music during spring and majestic, jagged peaks during winter. All of these are true depictions of Iceland. However, over the years several myths about this gorgeous slice of nature have also developed. Let’s clear a few of those up.

Did you know:

  • Wintertime temperatures in several areas of Iceland are higher than those in New York City and other eastern seaboard towns.
  • Iceland is only a 5-hour flight from the east coast of the United States. That’s 1 hour shorter than flying from Boston to Seattle!
  • June, July and August offer nonstop fun because Iceland has daylight round the clock.
  • Iceland is virtually a pollution-free country being almost completely powered with geothermal and hydroelectric energy.
  • Iceland has the capability to grow delicious organic fruits and vegetables in greenhouses year round.

Celebrities Rave

Did you also know that celebrities including Saturday Night Live’s Will Forte and mega-star Jodie Foster rave about what fun they had in Iceland? Foster, in her interview with late-night host David Letterman, called Iceland “fantastic” and specifically named the lava fields, glaciers, whales, puffins, thermal pools and neon-blue water as some of her favorites.

While not considered a “celebrity,” the United Nations named Iceland the best country in the world to live. Quite impressive!

Nature At Her Best

If the outdoors is your thing, Iceland won’t disappoint! As Jodie Foster mentioned, glaciers and lava fields are very popular sights in Iceland. In addition, you’ll encounter spewing geysers and steaming solfataras, volcanoes, raging rivers and breathtaking waterfalls. Then there are the animals.

With the largest razorbill colony in the world, Iceland boasts a healthy and diverse bird population. Puffins, skua, eiders, Arctic terns, waders and other unique species are found all throughout the country. Add to that an excellent selection of whales, dolphins and porpoises and you’ve got a show sure to entertain your entire family.

From seasonal festivals to the world-famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa (known to cure skin diseases such as psoriasis!) to whitewater rafting, Iceland is a unique playground offering plenty for all to do and see. Since it’s closer (and warmer!) than you previously thought, why not make plans to cruise to Iceland for your next vacation?

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Ancient Jewellery – Icelandic and Viking Designs

Ancient Jewellery – Icelandic and Viking Designs

Article by Imran Ali

Modern and ancient jewellery from Iceland consisting of magic runes, volcano pearls and Viking symbols is quite popular all over the world. This type of jewellery is unique and alluring. People who like to collect antiques and collectibles would simple love this jewellery. There are beautiful pendants, rings and necklaces in this category made of 14k and 18k gold and silver. Some jewellery articles are also composed of Icelandic landscape and traditional Icelandic motifs. In addition to this, you can also locate an entire collection of lovely Viking jewellery including pendants against black magic, and beautiful bracelets made of pewter.

Magic runes have been used throughout the history in various forms of arts and cultures. These are also known order cialis as the alphabets of mystery and act as signs for foretelling and divination. Magic rune necklaces from Iceland are composed of pendants representing thunder, love, victory, trade and other concepts. These symbols are considered as lucky and people wear these necklaces to win over the heart of someone or to do a successful trade. Most of these pendants are made of solid silver and totally handcrafted. The dream symbol is quite popular among different magic runes. According to Icelandic folklore, if you wear this pendant all your dreams will come true when the moon is three nights old.

Other than magic runes, the golden trinity symbol is also quite popular in ancient jewellery from Iceland. Three crosses are used to create this unique symbol which represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Tri-color trinity pendants with yellow, white and rose gold look beautiful and attractive. Golden trinity earrings can also be found in this category. Natural Icelandic lava jewellery is highly appreciated in all parts of the world. This jewellery is expertly handmade by using Icelandic lava rocks and solid silver. The pendant is shaped like a tear drop which looks amazing.

Viking symbols like small ship, Viking with an axe or a sword, and Viking sword and shield are also commonly used in Icelandic Ancient jewellery. Lovely pendants are made by using these designs which come with silver chains. Viking jewellery also encompasses rings with runic inscriptions and brooches made of pewter. You can find wonderful work of cloisonné on these rings, pendants and brooches which is an ancient enamel process used to decorate jewellery articles. Symbols like Helm of Awe and Hammer of Thor are commonly seen in Viking jewellery from Iceland.

Among Ancient jewellery from Iceland, conventional silver pendants consisting of dragon, star and heart-shaped designs are also popular. These pendants are again made of solid silver with optional gemstones. Dragon and star are two of the most widely used motifs in ancient Icelandic jewellery. Pendants with maps of Iceland in gold and silver can also be located in this category. This lovely collection includes Alrun runes, Thors Hammer, and magic rune necklaces made of pure gold. The use of unique designs and interesting symbols is characteristic of Icelandic jewellery which is rarely seen in other types of ancient pendants and rings.

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