Search Engine Marketing in Iceland

Search Engine Marketing in Iceland

Search Engine Marketing in Iceland

Article by David Brooks

Iceland is most likely not on your radar screen when it comes to search engine marketing, but don’t overlook this growing, prosperous country when it comes to client development.

I lived in Iceland for 2 years from 2004-2006 and during my time there I was quite surprised by the Icelandic economy. I was employed by a large engineering firm that was involved with large, multinational construction projects in the development and expansion of aluminum smelting plants as well as hydroelectric and geothermal power plants. I was hired to do business communications and marketing for this firm and along the way, once word got out that I specialized in Internet Marketing, I was approached by several companies interested in promoting their respective goods and services to the larger world.

Iceland is a very small country with a population of roughly 300,000 people. It is so small that it makes you wonder how they have such a strong economy. But what few people know is that Iceland has a very educated workforce, unique natural resources, deep involvement in high tech and genetic research and a growing tourism trade. What I discovered, in short, was that Iceland has a lot going for it.

One of the items that I was closely aligned with is the knowledge transfer of Iceland’s years developing geothermal power schemes. These power plants are a major part of what is fueling the economy. This source of cheap electricity has brought extensive development of power intensive industries like aluminum smelting. And, in a world of rising global energy costs, many countries are looking to exploit their geothermal power potential and they are tapping Icelandic engineering and power companies for their experience.

Software development is also strong in Iceland and I had the pleasure of working for a well-known game developer. They were hungry to market their online game to the larger world and I helped them develop an Internet Marketing strategy using natural and paid search. I worked with this company until they were large enough to contract with a large advertising agency. Now this company has combined with a large US game publisher and their collective futures are bright.

I also had, and continue to have, the pleasure of working for several companies in the tourism industry. Iceland, with its unique and beautiful nature, is fast becoming a popular tourist destination. These companies offer everything from hiking and trekking tours to jeep tours and overnight tours into the beautiful outback.

One of the great pleasures of working with companies in this far-off land is the personal nature in which business is conducted. Business is done face-to-face and personal networking is everything. And, Icelanders are so willing to help you make business connections. I have been in many meetings where, the person would say, “I know someone who could really use this service, let’s call him right now.” Meetings were very informal and top executives were available, responsive and approachable. And, due to the small size of this country, your reputation and name can spread fast. An additional bonus for is that pay rates in Iceland are quite high. I have even been told that I needed to raise my rates because Icelanders are used to paying top dollar for professional consulting, low hourly rates are almost seen as a sign of inexperience. That is not to say that I am advocating overcharging people or companies. But this was, at least to me, a valuable lesson in knowing the value of your experience. All-in-all, my time in Iceland was some of the most professionally rewarding years of my life.

The demand for Iceland search engine marketing is growing and DSB Internet Marketing is dedicated to offering professional SEO Consulting to this unique nation. – David Brooks

About the Author

David Brooks is a San Diego-based SEO consultant.

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