Whaling in Iceland – Part 2(5) – High Quality version (HQ), commercial hunting of whales

www.photoshow.org Please support this channel and Subscribe!!! Thank you for watching! High Quality version – Commercial Whaling in Iceland Pictures: www.photoshow.org Part 2 of 5: Video showing the landing and processing of the first whale that was caught Commercially for 21 years in Iceland on October 22. 2006. The whale was harpooned the day before. the Video is split into 5 segments.
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Vatnajokull Glacier hiking tour. First part – Glaciar Vatnajökull. Primera parte

Vatnajokull Glacier is the biggest glacier in Europe. We did a glacier hiking on crampons across Vatnajokull. First part. — Vatnajökull es el mayor glaciar de Islandia y uno de los más grandes de Europa. Esta situado en el Parque Nacional Skaftafell. Recorrimos durante una mañana parte de este glaciar.
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Landmannalaugar, Iceland

Landmannalaugar is a famous volcanic region is central Iceland. This region is full of geothermal activity, hot pools, volcanic peaks and by its magnific colorful rhyolitic mountains. There is a small hut where you can sleep and cook, but you have to bring the food with you. Landmannalaugar is a very remote place (you can go by car, only with specially-adapted vehicles). It stays about 5 hours from Reykjavik. You will travel through lunar-like landscapes to get there, particularly close to Hekla or Eldgja. Close to the hut, stays the colorful valley of Jokulgil with many very hot (volcanic) and very cold (melting ice) pools. When the water mixes, you can swim although its a pleasant but strange mix of hot and cold currents. Here you find one black-greyish volcano, Blahnukur, with plenty of ash in its slopes. About one hour from the hut, lies Brennisteinsalda, the most colorful mountain and volcano in Iceland, with red, yellowish, grey and green colors. Even blue rocks you can find! You will cross a large lava field from its last eruption 500 years ago. And you will find a few craters full of sulphur vapours. In this place, you can climb and hike a lot, but the weather can be tricky and the trails risky. One of the major and famous trails leads to Thorsmork, 50km to the south, and it takes 3-4 days. Be careful when crossing the glacial rivers, it feels very close to your legs nd they change current fast. You also find a swamp place close to Brennisteinsalda with

Iceland — Working on its Popularity for Travellers, Iceland ProTravel Supports Ad Campaign “Inspired by Iceland”

Iceland — Working on its Popularity for Travellers, Iceland ProTravel Supports Ad Campaign “Inspired by Iceland”

(PRWEB) July 9, 2010

‘Be inspired by Iceland’ is a project that the Icelandic Government and the tourist industry in Iceland have started and is aimed in showing the rest of the world that Iceland is safe to travel to.


Iceland – working on its popularity for travellers

The volcano Eyjafjallajökull has not only interfered in the air traffic around the globe. Since its active period from April 14th until end of May, which is the important booking season for tourism to Iceland, it has affected the bookings of travels to the country. UK as well as Scandinavian Tour operators have only seen few requests on holiday offers since the eruption had started and stopped.


After the financial crisis had hit Iceland badly, great hopes for a slight recovering here from were put into the tourism industry, which is the fourth largest field of Iceland’s economy after fishing, aluminium smelting and geothermal power.


‘Be inspired by Iceland’ is a project that the Icelandic Government and the tourist industry in Iceland have started and is aimed in showing the rest of the world that Iceland is safe to travel to, it is worth the travel and it is running business as usual in spite of the volcano affecting only a very small part of the country. Iceland ProTravel is one of more than 60 companies that is taking actively part in this project and supported the campaign financially.


All comments on this website http://www.inspiredbyiceland.com are very welcome as the aim is to have as many testimonials about travelling in Iceland as possible. Some comments are listed by known people who have spent their holidays in Iceland such as Viggo Mortensen or Yoko Ono.


Since the high season of tourism has started beginning of June, many travellers have now enjoyed their holidays in Iceland and experienced some beautiful summer days with up to 27°C in the east fjords and long days with midnight sun hitting the horizon. Travelling along the south coast, around Iceland or just a city break is again possible at interesting rates. Iceland ProTravel has a big variety of trips to this extraordinary island.


What can be expected in this country can be seen live through various webcams around the Island. Be it the Geyser area or the Volcano Eyjafjallajökull.


Visits to the ash area and to the crater have become an interesting feature in today’s requests for tailor made holidays. Trips to or around the volcanic area can be organized with driver-guides and special equipped vehicles. But also other activities such as Ocean swimming in the North Atlantic are becoming increasingly popular in Iceland. Devoted swimmers describe this affair as a refreshing bliss. Visit Nauthólsvík beach close to the City center, take a dip and afterwards relax in the hot outdoor pool close to the beach. With experienced outdoor guides who love their nature and see in Iceland a playground for their outdoor passion, all adventurers are in good hands. So now it is easy to even try Bodyboarding, snorkeling, diving in Lake Thingvallavatn, surfing in the North Atlantic or hiking to the summit of the highest peak.


More information on adventure trips, group tours, horse riding as well as self-drive tours, city breaks or whatever type one is searching for, is given by Mr. Eli Masson, sales & marketing manager of Iceland ProTravel in Reading.




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