Iceland, an experience of a lifetime

Iceland, an experience of a lifetime

Iceland, an experience of a lifetime

Article by Asberg Jonsson

As the name suggests, most part of Iceland is covered by snow. It is recorded that almost eleven percent of Iceland’s total area is covered by snow and ice glaciers larger than life. It may sound very unfriendly and inhospitable but the fact is that the weather here in Iceland is very cozy and easy going. It suits tourists from any part of the world.

Iceland is located in northern most part of Europe. It is basically an island in north of Atlantic Ocean but a place one would wish to go again and again, if visited once. Entire Iceland is full of surprises for the tourists that pour down there whole year. There is a typical start to Iceland’s tour, but surprises come in wholesale once you enter Iceland. Some of the surprises are mentioned below.

Volcanoes – around the central plateau, there are more than one hundred volcanoes. Out of these almost forty are active. According to stats, there is a major volcanic eruption in every five years in Iceland. But, still Icelandic volcanoes remain one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe.

HeklaMount Hekla is the most famous active volcano of Iceland. The last eruption in this volcano was recorded in the year 2000. Other famous active volcanoes are Grimsvotn, Katla, Askja and Krafla.



Vatnajokull – this is Europe’s biggest glacier and Iceland’s major tourist attraction. Its size is about 8300 square kilometers and it covers about 8 percent of Iceland’s total land. It is the highest point in Iceland. Its highest point is named hvannadalshnukur and is about 2119 meters above sea level.

thingvellir-99-26186Thingvellir national park – this park is one of the most visited places in Iceland. The fact that this park is situated in volcanic landscape makes it even more popular. During eruptions lava flows with the border of Iceland’s largest lake. One can see “the very rare” signs of tectonic plate’s movements.


Blue lagoon – it is also one of the most visited places in Iceland. The special fact about it is that it is a natural pool of hot water with temperature between 37 and 40 degree Celsius. Its location between moss covered lava fields makes it the most photographed place of Iceland. Blue lagoon is also famous for its beneficial effects on health. This is another reason why it attracts people from all around the world.

Northern lights of Iceland – perhaps, this is Iceland’s top tourist destination in summers. The reason why is because Iceland is the perfect destination to watch these northern lights or “aurora borealis”, popularly called in Iceland. It is nature’s most spectacular and surprising event. Iceland has the privilege to be in the most active part of this magic of nature. But these northern lights are visible only on the nights when the skies are all clear.

Gullfoss waterfalls of Iceland – people of Iceland believe that this waterfall is the most beautiful place on earth. They are one hundred percent right. Gullfoss is a double folding waterfall and one of the very few in the world. It thunders around thirty two meters over the fault towards its gorge. Its gorge is 2.5 kilometers long and as deep as seventy meters at some places.

Grjótaþorp?Reykjavik: the capital – how can one forget Reykjavik, when on a tour to Iceland? It is one of the world’s most clean and peaceful cities. It has got a blend of contemporary and modern architecture. All colored in low and some bright paint, this city appears very friendly for tourists. It has got some old-fashioned buildings of eighteenth and nineteenth century. This presents the ancient side of this city.

Iceland is full of natural surprises and everyone should go their at least once in their lifetime to experience what you have never experienced and will never experience again in any other destination of the world.

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