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“Golden Circle Tour – My Iceland adventure” Tiresidedown’s photos around Reykjav√≠k, Iceland

A TripAdvisor‚ĄĘ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Reykjav√≠k, Iceland by TravelPod blogger Tiresidedown titled “Golden Circle Tour – My Iceland adventure”. TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor‚ĄĘ. Tiresidedown’s travel blog entry: “A few months ago, I took a trip to¬†Iceland with my business partner. Though he used to live there and has traveled to Reykjavik many times, the trip was my first. Indeed, it was my first international flight at all. Getting to Reykjavik from San Diego was a rather long trip in two parts. I generally have patience for flying and the second leg of the trip there was on IcelandAir with handy tv screens for¬†in-flight movies. So, about thirty minutes of iPod audio book, all the magazines in sight, two trips through Skymall, about an hour of fitful half-sleep, a few meals and a few movies, and bam! it’s like you just show up. After we arrived, the time change was an adjustment. It helps if you’re an early sleeper like my friend Dave – I however am more of a night owl and the transition took a few days. The days are still useful days though, and the jet lag is just a by-product of going a significant way around the world. To keep this entry from being my full trip; I’ll skip to the chase! We were downtown and saw the Iceland Travel Market; these guys were great and helped me figure out the best trip for the time, money and interests we had. We packed in three things and did the famous Golden Circle tour. Link to Golden Circle Tour here. Though there
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Iceland Adventure A Motorcycle Tour of Iceland

A motorcycling paradise unlike anywhere else on earth. Three Motorcycles, 30 days and 3000 miles of exhilarating riding through raging rivers, breathtaking fjords and expansive lava fields. Join us on this incredible journey across a land forged by fire and honed by ice. Majestically, the island rises above the waves to greet the traveler approaching from the sea, stirring his heart like some heroic strain of old, touched by eternity, laden with destiny. We greeted Iceland with a picture perfect landing as our ship slipped into the narrow fjord, breaking its own reflection in the clear, deep blue waters. Adventure awaited us. New knobby tires transformed our motorcycles into dirt chewing, backcountry beasts. We were ready to explore this remote island perched atop the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Calm fjords and soothing hot pools define her enchanting beauty while steaming geysers and jagged mountains betray her seething core. Birds and whales were our companions, gravel and water our playground. Filled with a desire to experience all that Iceland had to offer, we set out on a 30-day, 3000 mile adventure on the land of fire and ice. One does not travel half the way around the world with a motorcycle as baggage without possessing high expectations as to the outcome of the journey.
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Discover the Ancient Wonders of Iceland

Discover the Ancient Wonders of Iceland

Article by Roy Witman

Viking ships and frigid ice expanses. Snowcapped mountains and rolling hillsides. Water, water and more water. You might imagine all these when someone mentions Iceland. While they are part of what you’ll find, the wonders of Iceland reach much farther. According to the Iceland Tourist Board website, Iceland is closer than you think, but far different than you ever imagined. Nothing could be truer!

Mystery, Myths and Mountains

Ancient legends of Leif Eriksson and other Vikings along with the Midnight Sun shroud Iceland in mystery. Stunning mountain ranges offer scenery similar to that found in the movie The Sound of Music during spring and majestic, jagged peaks during winter. All of these are true depictions of Iceland. However, over the years several myths about this gorgeous slice of nature have also developed. Let’s clear a few of those up.

Did you know:

  • Wintertime temperatures in several areas of Iceland are higher than those in New York City and other eastern seaboard towns.
  • Iceland is only a 5-hour flight from the east coast of the United States. That’s 1 hour shorter than flying from Boston to Seattle!
  • June, July and August offer nonstop fun because Iceland has daylight round the clock.
  • Iceland is virtually a pollution-free country being almost completely powered with geothermal and hydroelectric energy.
  • Iceland has the capability to grow delicious organic fruits and vegetables in greenhouses year round.

Celebrities Rave

Did you also know that celebrities including Saturday Night Live’s Will Forte and mega-star Jodie Foster rave about what fun they had in Iceland? Foster, in her interview with late-night host David Letterman, called Iceland “fantastic” and specifically named the lava fields, glaciers, whales, puffins, thermal pools and neon-blue water as some of her favorites.

While not considered a “celebrity,” the United Nations named Iceland the best country in the world to live. Quite impressive!

Nature At Her Best

If the outdoors is your thing, Iceland won’t disappoint! As Jodie Foster mentioned, glaciers and lava fields are very popular sights in Iceland. In addition, you’ll encounter spewing¬†geysers and steaming solfataras, volcanoes, raging rivers and breathtaking waterfalls. Then there are the animals.

With the largest razorbill colony in the world, Iceland boasts a healthy and diverse bird population. Puffins, skua, eiders, Arctic terns, waders and other unique species are found all throughout the country. Add to that an excellent selection of whales, dolphins and porpoises and you’ve got a show sure to entertain your entire family.

From seasonal festivals to the world-famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa (known to cure skin diseases such as psoriasis!) to whitewater rafting, Iceland is a unique playground offering plenty for all to do and see. Since it’s closer (and warmer!) than you previously thought, why not make plans to cruise to Iceland for your next vacation?

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Roy Witman is Vice-President of Cruise Vacation Center at offering the best deals including Mediterranean cruises. You’ll find their service exceptional! √ā¬© 2008, All Rights Reserved

The Best Sites To Visit On A Holiday To Iceland

The Best Sites To Visit On A Holiday To Iceland

Article by Vikki Beale

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is perhaps the most well known attraction in Iceland and one of the most spectacular, in a destination known for its stunning natural beauty. Heated up by the adjacent geothermal power station, you should leave an entire day to fully appreciate the wonderment of this attraction on your holiday to Iceland, or why not stay overnight? You can choose from a range of in-water treatments or massages, which start at just 15 euros. The mud mask is provided throughout the resort and is said to contain many beneficial minerals. In the afternoon, you can enjoy an invigorating massage and sauna under the waterfall, before ending your evening with themed cocktails in the Lava bar.


Holidays to Iceland are popular with nature lovers due to the amazing glacieral scenery and nature-spotting opportunities that a specialist holiday in Iceland provides. Jokulsaron is simply breathtaking and the landscape here is awash with glaciers and icebergs. The name translates to glacieral river lagoon, and the area is formed by a glacial retreat, which stretches along for several miles. You can rent a small boat or kayak into the river and watch, amazed, as glaciers snap off around you. Even Hollywood has noticed the beauty of this area, and as a result two James Bond movies have been filmed here.


Its rugged terrain and wide open spaces has made Iceland a popular package holiday destination for the adventure crowd. In Iceland, you can try your hand at almost any sports from fly-fishing to free-fall diving, but a super¬†jeep tour around the uninhabited area of Landmannalaugar is the best way to see the sites, whilst having a little fun. The area is made up of dormant volcanoes and features bubbling mud baths and impressive natural lava barriers, but it is Landmannalaugar’s dirt tracks, which are perfect for by 4X4 vehicles. The final river crossing at the end of your tour manages to be both thrilling and actually really quite scary.


No Iceland holiday is complete without taking a gander at the world’s biggest mammals, and Husavik is the best place to view whales in the country. Every species of whale can be spotted here from giant blues to magnificent humpbacks and friendly orcas. The area is also popular with porpoises, and white beaked dolphins will often follow your fishing boat, popping up regularly for photos. Whilst in Husavik be sure to visit the Whale Museum, a remnant from the times where whaling provided the town’s main source of income. You may be the coldest you’ve ever been in your life on a Husavik boat trip, but as each tour has a 95% success rate, who really cares?


Geysir is considered to be the oldest geyser in the world and dates back to 1294. It is a popular destination with visitors on a package holiday to Iceland, and although the spurting is largely sporadic the geyser roughly gushes around three times a day. The nearby geyser of Strokkur erupts more often; at heights of 20 metres about once every five minutes. But, the 60 metre spurts at Geysir are easily much more magnificent and no holiday to Iceland is complete without a visit here.

About the Author

Vikki Beale is a holiday expert for Iceland2Go, a specialist operator providing holidays to Iceland and Greenland. Iceland2go has a dedicated team of experienced travel consultants ready to share their knowledge and help you to plan and book your ideal holiday.

Iceland Is Getting Bigger – Holidays To Iceland, A Geological Wonder

Iceland Is Getting Bigger – Holidays To Iceland, A Geological Wonder

Article by Vikki Beale

A growing number of visitors are taking Iceland holidays to see the country’s impressive collection of natural wonders – the kind you once heard about in a Geography classroom. The package holidays Iceland offers include walking on volcanoes and glaciers, swimming in hot pools, and seeing the place where the world gets wider.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Holidays to Iceland offer a rare opportunity to witness a phenomenon that is usually concealed by 3,400 metres of Atlantic waters. A mid-ocean ridge crosses dry land here, so Iceland holiday makers get to see the join of two continental plates and the canyons that form where the ground is splitting. This means that as the plates grow apart Iceland is getting wider at a rate of about 5 cm per year.

Working-up a Lava

This creative power is evident in the nearby island of Surtsey. The island rose from the ocean floor after a series of eruptions between 1963 and 1968. The “lava bombs” and volcanic material cooled and hardened to form one of the world’s newest landmasses, at one point growing at the rate of an acre per day. Unfortunately there will be no holidays to Iceland’s little brother; visits to Surtsey are restricted to those conducting scientific research.

Since a volcano erupts here an average of once every five years there are many chances for those on Iceland holidays to walk on a lava landscape: black rippled sheets of what once was lava, floods of basalt and ash, and fields of ‘scoria’, which are areas of uneven – almost bubbly – volcanic rock. Some of those who take holidays to Iceland talk about how much it looks like a moon landscape.

Hot & Cold Running Water

But it’s the eruptions occurring every five or ten minutes that will feature on the itineraries of most package holidays. Iceland is famous for its geysers, especially for those at the town of Geysir, after which the hot fountains are named. Some of these plumes spurt frequently; others do not show for years before blasting boiling water sixty metres into the air.

For the water moving in the other direction, Iceland delivers generously, too. The Gullfoss waterfall, and the ‘Queen of Iceland’ waterfall provide wonderful attractions for Iceland holidays; the thunderous Dettifoss goes one further, claiming the title of the most powerful waterfall in Europe. The volume of Iceland’s water system is enhanced by meltwater drawn from its glaciers. Glaciers, too, are water on the move in a sense, but their power is less obvious at a glance. Though they appear hardly to move, their sheer size and the magnitude of erosion that they force upon the landscape (such as the fjords) is difficult to ignore.

More than a tenth of Iceland’s area is covered by glaciers at some point during the year, so this provides ample opportunity for tourists to explore the strange and captivating ice-landscape. Iceland holidays might¬†include hikes across a glacier, or organised trips on snowmobiles or a tour in larger vehicles across the larger glacial areas.

When glaciers meet the ocean they put on yet another show. Seeing and hearing their ice walls crumble into the water is quite a spectacle and boat trips to see this happening in the fjords can be added to some specialist holidays. Iceland is always in flux it seems, whether it is melting, moving, exploding or growing, it makes itself a prize destination for seeing this world’s geological phenomena in force.

About the Author

Vikki Beale is a holiday expert for iceland2go, a specialist operator providing holidays to Iceland and Greenland. We provide luxury tailor-made itineraries and the finest package holidays Iceland can offer, with sights including glaciers, geysers, fjords, and the Northern Lights.

Boat Trips to Experience on a Reykjavik Holiday

Boat Trips to Experience on a Reykjavik Holiday

Article by Vikki Beale

On a city break to Reykjavik you will discover that the mainland offers plenty to see and do in terms of visitor attractions. However, if you want to experience a different side to Reykjavik on your holiday then take a boat trip and explore the city from the water:

Puffin Express

The Puffin Express is one of few animal spotting trips that can successfully boast a 100% success rate, but if you take this trip whilst on your city break to Reykjavik you are guaranteed to spot not one but hundreds of colourful sea puffins.

The boat leaves Reykjavik four times a day and journeys to the rocky Atlantic islands of Akurey and Lundey, which are well known for their vibrant birdlife. There are estimated to be around 10 million puffins in Iceland, making them the country’s most common bird.

Because of the rocky nature of Akurey and Lundey you will not be able to dock on these islands on your Reykjavik holiday, but the specially adapted vessel is built with bird watching in mind and as well as puffins you are likely to spot Arctic Terns, Black Guillemots and even the occasional seal.

If you haven’t fallen in love with the puffins on your day trip from Reykjavik, then you might be tempted by one of the local dishes. Although they are a protected species in the United Kingdom and North America, this protection doesn’t extend to Iceland, and you will find puffin heart eaten raw is the local delicacy.

Whale Watching

Many people take holidays to Reykjavik in Iceland with whale watching in mind and who can blame them. Reykjavik is one of the best places in the world to spot whales and you are likely to spot a number of different species of whale on your Reykjavik holiday. From humpbacks and blue whales to sperm whales and orcas, over 20 different species of cetaceans can be spotted of the Icelandic coast where krill and plankton are plentiful.

If you want to take a whale watching trip whilst on your city break to Reykjavik then make your way to the harbour where you’ll find a number of different operators offering excursions boasting high success rates. Included in the cost of your whale watching experience is a ticket to the Whale Watching Centre, a floating exhibition centre located on Reykjavik harbour. This exciting centre provides visitors with fascinating facts about the mammals they are likely to spot on their boat trip and also boasts a souvenir shop, where you can stock up on toys of your favourite cetacean.

Sea Fishing

On your city break to Reykjavik why not do something completely different and try your hand at sea angling. Fish in Reykjavik harbour are plentiful and on a trip aboard the 44-foot pleasure boat ‘Gestur’ you can try your hand at catching cod, haddock, pollock and catfish. The luckier of you may even manage to catch an elusive halibut. The Gestur is fully stocked with a grill so after you’ve caught your fish you can try your hand at cooking it. The fully stocked bar on board will not only provide the perfect accompaniment to your fish supper but will also help in protecting you from the cold Icelandic elements on your Reykjavik holiday.

About the Author

Vikki Beale is a holiday expert for iceland2go, a specialist operator providing a selection of itineraries for the best city breaks to Reykjavik. We arrange luxury tailor-made holidays to Iceland, Reykjavik and Greenland, with sights including glaciers, geysers, fjords, and the Northern Lights.

Exploring Iceland

Exploring Iceland

When planning a trip to a foreign country, typically Iceland is not the first place that comes to mind. One may think of Iceland as a cold, dreary, lonely and isolated place but this is just not true.

Iceland is an extremely beautiful country, rich with culture and scenery. The fact that it is geologically and volcanically active plays a big part in defining the landscape of this Nordic country. With volcanoes, geysers, natural hot springs, waterfalls, and geothermal pools; Iceland is anything but ice.

If you prefer outdoor activities, Iceland may be for you. There are rivers for white water rafting and kayaking, though according to the Iceland Tourist Board’s website, kayaking is not native to the country, the many natural waterways are ideally suited for the sport. You will also find deep sea fishing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and skiing for other popular activities in Iceland.

During summer months, you can play golf at one of the many golf courses throughout the island. In the month of June, 24-hour golf is available, as the sun does not set at that time. Hiking is a popular summer pastime in Iceland, as is swimming, horseback riding, and bike riding (available for rent in most towns).

One of the most popular things to do is a trip to the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa in the youngest lava field in western Iceland. There are many things to do while there, from bathing in the lagoon, relaxing under a waterfall, treating yourself to an outdoor massage, or walking around and just enjoying the beauty of your surroundings.

Whale watching safaris are also available to visitors. Many species of whales are usually spotted on these tours, such as the orca whale, humpback, majestic fin and sei whales. Puffins, cormorants, gulls, kittiwakes and other sea birds tend to accompany the tours as well. The safaris are only available from May through September.

Reykjavik is rich in culture and cuisine. There are many art galleries and museums dedicated to most hobbies and interests. The Iceland Symphony orchestra performs year round as does the Opera and the Theater. There are many activities throughout the year in Reykjavik like the Winter Lights Festival, The Iceland Food & Fun Festival both held in late February, Beer Day on March 1, the Arts Festival in May and more.

If you have never considered a trip to Iceland before, perhaps now is the time.

Marty is an experienced world traveler who loves to share his passion for travel with the world. A resident of Portland, Maine and a graduate from the University of New Hampshire, Marty is passionate about sports, writing and travel.