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Landmannalaugar, Iceland

Landmannalaugar is a famous volcanic region is central Iceland. This region is full of geothermal activity, hot pools, volcanic peaks and by its magnific colorful rhyolitic mountains. There is a small hut where you can sleep and cook, but you have to bring the food with you. Landmannalaugar is a very remote place (you can go by car, only with specially-adapted vehicles). It stays about 5 hours from Reykjavik. You will travel through lunar-like landscapes to get there, particularly close to Hekla or Eldgja. Close to the hut, stays the colorful valley of Jokulgil with many very hot (volcanic) and very cold (melting ice) pools. When the water mixes, you can swim although its a pleasant but strange mix of hot and cold currents. Here you find one black-greyish volcano, Blahnukur, with plenty of ash in its slopes. About one hour from the hut, lies Brennisteinsalda, the most colorful mountain and volcano in Iceland, with red, yellowish, grey and green colors. Even blue rocks you can find! You will cross a large lava field from its last eruption 500 years ago. And you will find a few craters full of sulphur vapours. In this place, you can climb and hike a lot, but the weather can be tricky and the trails risky. One of the major and famous trails leads to Thorsmork, 50km to the south, and it takes 3-4 days. Be careful when crossing the glacial rivers, it feels very close to your legs nd they change current fast. You also find a swamp place close to Brennisteinsalda with

Good News for Travelers in Europe

European travelers are expressing relief after news that the volcano in Iceland that was spewing ash over much of Europe is receding. In April, the massive plume of volcanic ash forced much of Europe’s airspace to close. Thousands of flights were cancelled, affecting at least 10 million passengers. MacKenzie Babb reports from London that the volcano’s diminished activity is welcome news, especially as peak vacation period approaches.
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Southern Iceland, shaped forces of nature

Southern Iceland, shaped forces of nature

Article by Dagur Jonsson

Iceland, in current scenario, is more connected to fun and adventure rather than dark and chilly days and nothing to do. It is a far better place for tourists now than it was two decades back. This mid-Atlantic European island is the closest neighbor to North America with flight duration of only four and a half hours. One thing can be said for sure. There are more than expected adventures and activities waiting for everyone. The most electrifying thing about Iceland is the weather. In January the temperature will very easily go below 0 degrees but still the Icelander’s welcome for every visitor is very warm in every season.

EggiðRugged and raw lava fields which are just few centuries old, gives a very warm welcome for visitors who arrive at Keflavík airport which is located in southern part of Iceland. These lava fields spread till the southwestern Reykjanes peninsula area. All in all it can be said that right from getting out of the airport, spectacular and amazing sights can be seen. Southern Iceland is full of surprises and new revelations on every step. Let us reveal some of those surprises.

Geothermal activities are very frequently visible in south Iceland in hot springs and especially the blue lagoons. Í bl.lóninu2Blue lagoon is probably the most illustrious bathing spot situated in the lava field. It is said that its water is full of minerals and that water is famous for health related qualities. South Iceland is the perfect destination for a day tour from Reykjavik and for those tourists who are short of time to explore the country in depth as it provides all opportunities for birdlife watching and whale watching along with some very well known sea shores.


South Iceland has variety of day tours to offer and that too from the capital Reykjavik. The tourist destination called “golden circle” is a must visit place for all the tourists coming to this part of Iceland. The main attraction is Thingvellir where it is believed that the earliest arrivers set an assembly way back in 930 A.D. this assembly is now called the oldest parliament of the world. This city of Thingvellir is also very famous for its natural beauty with a lake and numerous rifts that shows the signs of continental plates of America and Eurasia. Golden circle’s other two main attractions are the Gullfoss, “the golden falls” and the geothermal fields of Geysir. Gullfoss is a two tier waterfall in the gulch of the river Hvita and the hot springs are famous as it vomits boiling water and steam after every five minutes. Another geyser called “the old faithful” has started erupting again after sleeping for many years.

Landmannalaugar_poolLandmannalaugar is also very famous tourist destination as it is a hotbed of geothermal activities. It is also very famous for its springs and for colors of its landscapes and mountains. Situated in interiors in south Iceland is the Lakagigar crater series inland form Kirkjubaejerklaustur. It is famous as it produced the biggest lava flow in the historical times anywhere around the world. This event happened during the Skaftar eruptions in 1783.

All these forces of nature are responsible not only for shaping southern Iceland but also the life of the people living here. In earlier times, people here believed that the peak part of mount Hekla is the gate of hell.

Út í EyjarIn the southern most part, the Vestman Island is the home for continuous earthquakes. The history of southern Iceland is very rich and it is seen everywhere. Starting from range of Sage period farm houses at Stong it goes to the old bishop seat of Skalholt and also to the very popular regional museum at Skogar. All these are considered very unique in their respective fields.

Iceland is the perfect place for relieving yourself and taking a step on the European settlement and that too with a very electrifying, vigorous and a very ancient but a very personal living culture. You will feel as if you are in your home or your city as you are free to walk around, go shopping and exploring for new things.

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Ten Exciting Things To Do When Visiting Iceland

Ten Exciting Things To Do When Visiting Iceland

Article by Jonathan Williams

Should you happen to contemplate vacationing in Europe, you could give Iceland a try where nature that means more than beaches and resorts. Best of all, majority of the tourist spots the country can offer will require no entrance fees unlike in most other countries. Summer would be the best time to go there.

1.) Bláa Lónið

This is a famous health center with pool known as Blue Lagoon located in southwest Iceland. This happens to be a spa located in the center of lava filled with stunningly blue waters. One will find this place one of the warm spots in the country as opposed to the impression of a primarily snow-filled place that the country’s name implies.

2.) Gullfoss

One can try going east of the capital Reykjavik to be able to get to the Golden Falls. The breathtaking waterfall is fed by river known as Hvítá. This goes down a two-fold cascade to create one of the best waterfalls you could visit.

3.) Geysir and Strokkur

As mentioned earlier, Iceland is also home to several geothermal spots, and two of them are Geysir and Strokkur, which happens to be a few kilometers on the west of the Golden Falls. Between the two, it would be safer to go to Geysir since it hardly erupts, and Strokkur would do so every few minutes. But what a sight it would be and a picture worth taking only if you keep a safe distance.

4.) Skagafjordur

It is one of the cities in Iceland which offers several fun activities to tourists. One of the parks you will find here is the Historical Nature Park Island Drangey then you can go on to visit the Glaumbær, which happens to be a folk museum. And you will need to wonder no more what an icelandic horse looks like because this place is where they are bred. And yes, it’s also time to take the challenge of river rafting.

5.) Kerið

Here lies the sight of a lake within a volcano. Many times, what you will find in countries are both active and inactive volcanoes which would spew lava from time to time. This time, you get a lake instead of lava right inside the crater of a volcano.

6.) Þingvellir National Park

UNESCO has made this national park one of the world’s heritage sites for good reasons. This happens to be the place where you will find the movement of European and North American shelf plates while serving as the longest running parliamentary field there is. Again, this, too, is just about 35 miles off the capita’s east.

7.) Mývatn

On this spot, you will get to visit the desert Smajfall which gives out sulfuric steam coming from the ground. Here, you will also see Dimmuborgir which is also known as Gates of Hell or The Black City. But the name Mývatn actually refers to the lake which looks nothing like other lakes due to presence of special volcanic craters around it.

8.) Dettifoss

If you just came off the Jökulsárgljúfur National Park, you might want to check this place out afterwards. A powerful waterfall awaits you at Dettifoss. This happens to be one of the best all over Europe.

9.) Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights

Textbooks have talked about the midnight sun. It was even discussed in school. Iceland is the place to be to get to view this sight where the sun does not set at midnight, and you will not be able to find this occurrence in other countries.

10.) Vestmannaeyjar

When translated, the name means Westman Islands. It is actually a volcanic island with a wonderful collection of bird species and the biggest puffin colony you could find in Europe. That’s definitely something not to miss.

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4×4 Car Rental Fleet Doubled at Blue Car Rental Iceland

44 Car Rental Fleet Doubled at Blue Car Rental Iceland

Article by Jonathan Baker

Blue Car Rental, a family owned company, has recently doubled its fleet of 44 car hire for 2011. The car rental company in Iceland now offers customers three different 44 jeep options: Suzuki Jimny (manual transmission), Hyundai Tucson (automatic transmission), and Toyota Land Cruiser (automatic transmission). The car selection customers can choose from also includes economy-sized vehicles, station wagons and 7-seater mini vans.

Pick up locations are flexible, customers can choose where to get its rental car delivered, either on arrival, at their hotel, at the Blue Lagoon or at any other place of convenience. Blue Car Rental in Iceland offers pick up and drop off at any time during the whole day, 24/7. In most cases, customers prefer to have the rental car delivered on arrival to Iceland at Keflavik International Airport.

Numerous international media have listed Iceland as a top place to visit in 2011, due to the country’s incredible landscape and activities such as whale watching, river rafting, snowmobiling, and hiking. Travellers also have the opportunity to experience the exquisite Icelandic nature and must visit the Blue Lagoon, Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss, Geysir, Vatnajokull and surroundings, Asbyrgi and Dettifoss on their way around the island.

Renting a 44 / AWD jeep is recommended when touring the exquisite terrain of Iceland. The car rental focuses on providing 44 to tourists travelling to Iceland to experience the country’s surreal landscape.

Blue Car Rental was founded in 2010 and is located in Keflavik, Iceland. The company is a family business and offers service in that manner; customers experience is a top priority.

It concentrates on personalized service for its customers and offers a wide range of cars with a policy of safety, comfort, and space and quality service. The car fleet is combined with economy cars, middle-sized cars with large luggage space, station wagons, different sizes of 44 jeeps, mini vans for 7-9 passengers. Its pick up and drop off locations are flexible as we focus on meeting its customers’ needs and requests. For further information about 44 car hire in Iceland and Blue Car Rental in Iceland, please visit

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Blue Car Rental is a family business and offers service in that manner; customers experience is a top priority. For further information about 44 car hire in Iceland please visit

Tours in Iceland

Tours in Iceland

Article by Ingi Jón Sverrisson

Ice, clean air, adventure, cool bars etc make Iceland a topmost destination. The land of unknown surprises, Iceland provides you with so much to see and do such as swimming in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, Whitewater rafting, glacier and mountain snowmobiling and more. Taking advantage of a planned Iceland tour is a wonderful way to be sure you won’t miss anything. Touris offer various kinds of guided bus tours in Iceland and self guided car rental tours as well as all kinds of adventure tours, snowmobile tours, dog sledding tours and more.

Self drive tours in Iceland with pre booked accommodation are among the most popular options for touring this beautiful country. Touris offers a great selection of highland and lowland Self drive tour packages around Iceland, either by a regular car or by four wheel drive vehicle for most the adventurous wilderness travel experience in Iceland.

Iceland Super Jeep tours and snowmobile tours are available too, and are extremely popular with adventurous people who wish to travel to off the beaten track places, not accessible by ordinary cars. Icelandic glaciers and the uninhabited highlands of Iceland are today the most extensive wilderness area in Europe. Touris offers a great variety of highland tours and glacier tours to explore this Iceland wilderness.The tours in Iceland are magical and far different from what you have ever imagined. Filled with colorful wildflowers, Iceland surely has something for every member of your family. Touris offer you a great chance during Iceland tours to discover this beautiful island yourself with your family members and friends.The most used language of Iceland is “the Icelandic”. Icelandic landscape is entirely unique that you won’t find anywhere else. Touris offer you a great opportunity during Tours in Iceland to enjoy all kinds of weather in one day, sun, snowing, rain & even all together. An Iceland tour may let you experience all four seasons in one day. Isn’t it amazing?

Northern lights tours in Iceland are also an amazing tour experience. During the winter months and weather permitting Touris offer evening tours to search for this amazing and stunning sight, the Icelandic Northern Lights or Aurora borealis. People from all around the world visit the country during the winter to go on a Northern Lights tour in Iceland. This unique Icelandic natural phenomenon is a must see for every Iceland visitor during the winter, so make sure that you don´t miss the Northern Lights tour in Iceland.

From black sand beaches to white ice caps, glaciers to volcanoes, cliffs to dual folding waterfalls, dog sledging to whale watching, white water rafting to mountain hiking, the possibilities are not endless at all, but truly fascinating. Have fun! Take a trip to Iceland to know more!!!

About the Author

Ingi Jón Sverrisson is the Manager of TOURIS. He is an seasoned tour guide with years of experience in touring Icelands highlands and lowlands. Ingi Jón Sverrisson has long experience in planning and organizing all kinds of tours and activities for individuals and groups in Iceland.

A Simple Guide To Traveling In Iceland

A Simple Guide To Traveling In Iceland

Article by Gen Wright

Iceland is a very small country, with slightly over three hundred thousand people living in it. But being small doesn’t stop thousands of tourists from flocking to this beautiful country for sight seeing purposes. That is because the country is naturally endowed with many natural attractions, such as beautiful lakes, beaches, and hiking trails. One can expect to see breath-taking scenes of wide open fields, with horses grazing or galloping around, and beautiful bodies of water such as lakes, valleys and waterfalls.

The name itself may come across as kind of strange, because the country itself isn’t cold all year round. In fact, only about ten percent of the country is icy. The rest of the country is in somewhat mild weather, and it’s the perfect weather for tourists seeking a cooling vacation.

The greatest attraction about Iceland is that the country is left mostly unpolluted by human. As such, large parts of the country still contains many natural attractions. The country itself is well known for its low crime rate, which makes it safe for travelers to visit these beautiful sites with little worry. More active travelers may attempt to take on something more ambitious, like hiking or mountain biking.

In Iceland, the primary mode of transport is still the personal automobile. Almost everyone owns a car in Iceland. And drivers as young as seventeen years of age can own and drive a car on the roads of this tiny country. For a foreign visitor, perhaps it’s best to arrange for a rented car when visiting Iceland. This will help save lots of time, especially when traveling between various destinations and hotels. The roads are simple enough to navigate, and go round the entire island. Given the relatively small land surface of the country, it’s not easy to get lost. Hence, it is indeed a good idea to drive while in Iceland.

Speaking of hotels, accommodation is very well catered for in Iceland. The hotels in Iceland are generally categorized into five categories. You can find Hotels in Reykjavik, Hotels in the East, Hotels in the West, Hotels in the North, and Hotels in the South. Which hotel you want to stay in depends very much on the destinations you want to visit and your budget. For the greatest convenience, you may want to book a hotel in Reykjavik.

Reykjavik is Iceland’s capital, and it’s also where you can find the most number of hotels. There are different types of hotels that will suit your budget. If you are on a tight budget, you may wish to consider staying in a cabin hotel. A cabin hotel matches the natural environment of Iceland’s largely unpolluted environment. It will give you a more comfortable feeling overall.

If you wish to head further out to see other parts of the country, you may consider staying in one of the hotels located on North, South, East and West parts of the island. Despite the natural surroundings, hotels in Iceland comes equipped with modern facilities such as Internet access, parking facilities, and even conference facilities. So rest assured that you are not heading into the woods where you are cut off from the rest of this world!

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Volcano Tours and Cheap Holidays Provided by Iceland Total Website

Volcano Tours and Cheap Holidays Provided by Iceland Total Website

Adventure seekers looking to explore the recent volcanic eruption at the Eyjafjallajokull glacier, alongside other Iceland holidays in 2010 can do so via the online travel agency, The website offers incredible helicopter rides, bus tours, Jeep visits and snowmobile treks to see the volcano in all of its glory.

Leading online tour operators,, also allows travellers to choose between numerous holiday packages with various themes. Through the website you can book unique adventure tours and relaxing day trips, such as Northern Lights tours, horseback riding treks and day excursions to the natural spas of the Blue Lagoon. also offer cheap prices online through its website’s booking engine, allowing for ease-of-use and of course excellent value for money.

Furthermore, the complete Iceland Travel guide is featured on the website. This concise guide has information on popular attractions, including photos and videos from previous tours. is the perfect website to organise that trip of a lifetime to Iceland.

Run by Iceland Travel, Iceland Total is the largest travel agency and tour operator in Iceland, and is a part of the Icelandair Group.

Iceland Total has been providing on of the best travel services in Iceland for many years and as the time is passing by its services and quality of these services is increasing too which make it the best travel company in Iceland.

For more details and get further useful information regarding Iceland holidays and adventure tours visit Iceland Total website at is the largest online travel agency in Iceland which offers the best selection of Iceland vacations and holiday packages, tours, accommodation and car rentals. It is an online travel agency that enables you to book Iceland packages and day tours online. It is your one-stop-shop for cheap travel deals and special offers in Iceland. It is operated by Iceland Travel which is part of Icelandair Group. Book your Iceland holiday on Iceland Total and enjoy the best value for money available.