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“Hot rocks and puffins” Ahartry’s photos around Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Preview of Ahartry’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland Entry Title: “Hot rocks and puffins” Entry: “Slept in a bit. Spent morning doing email — I keep not sleeping well because I’m worried about work and everything I’ve been neglecting with projects there. But it’s too nice of a day to worry about it. So, we departed the hotel and headed for the ferry to the Westerman Islands — which are noted for their golf, their birdlife, and for the 1973 volcanic eruption that nearly eliminated the town and closed off the harbor. Since the town is now the biggest fishing port (and producer of a large proportion of Iceland’s exports), the end of the harbor would have spelled disaster for its inhabitants. Since we don’t golf and have only a passing interest in bird-watching, we intended to focus on the eruption remains. We had no difficulty getting ferry (or “Trebeck”) tickets, or seats in the lounge upstairs … but after the ferry departed, we decided to go outside to watch our approach to the islands. (It was, I should note, a short half-hour and very easy trip over. No seas at all…). As we neared the islands, we started to scare up the sealife. Most amusing were the puffins: they shot out the water looking very much like penguins … except that the puffins would then begin to fly. Pulling into the harbor, we could see where
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Tourism 101 – a weekend in the Icelandic highlands

What if you had a foreign friend coming over for just one weekend? But you have to test-drive a jeep the same weekend? No problem! Call up a few friends, buy lots and lots of diesel and head to the highlands! Baldur, Soffía, Elli, Eva, Einar and Tashi went for a 700+ km road trip to the inhabitable interior of Iceland, crossing rivers and mountains, bathing in hot streams and cold pools, eating BBQ-food and drinking beer. – I realice the music is a bit fast-paced for nature-scenes, but come on – who’d want to listen to Kenny G???
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Backcountry Ski Touring on Iceland’s Troll Peninsula with Bergmenn Mountain Guides

Bergmenn Mountain Guides in Iceland shot this little video teaser this April 2009 during a couple of days of backcountry Alpine Ski Touring on the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland. For more awesome footage from skiing in Iceland visit WWW.BERGMENN.COM where you will find heli ski and ski touring films from the Troll Peninsula, one of the world’s greatest unexplored ski destination. Bergmenn mountain Guides offer a variety of trips to suit every skiers ability be it cross country, alpine ski touring, heli skiing or climbing.

Lakagígar Highland Iceland

Part-10 Landmannalaugar Highland Laki or Lakagígar (Craters of Laki) is a volcanic fissure situated in the south of Iceland, not far from the canyon of Eldgjá and the small town Kirkjubæjarklaustur, in Skaftafell National Park. Laki is part of a volcanic system, centering on the Grímsvötn volcano and including the Eldgjá canyon and Katla volcano, and lies between the glaciers of Mýrdalsjökull and Vatnajökull, in an area of fissures which run in a south-west to north-east direction. In AD 934, the Laki system produced a very large volcanic eruption, as a flood basalt in the Eldgjá eruption, which released 19.6 cubic kilometres (4.7 cu mi) of lava. In 1783-1784, the system erupted again, from the Laki fissure and the adjoining Grímsvötn volcano, pouring out an estimated 14 km3 (3.4 cu mi) of basalt lava and clouds of poisonous hydrofluoric acid/sulfur-dioxide compounds that killed over 50% of Iceland’s livestock population, leading to famine which killed approximately 25% of the population. iceland extreme Pictures from Laki and Lakagígar craters in Iceland Here are some more pictures from some new trip this summer on trips with tourist and on my trike or ultralight: (Trip with Peter around Iceland, totally mad this guy, but he is pro!) Peter Hringferð Háifoss Landmannalaugar Fjadrárgljúfur Laki Vatnajökull Hrútárjökull Íshellir Lón Krossgil Hengifoss Kárahnjúkar Hálslón Laugavellir Kverkfjöll Kúluskítur Gjástykki
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Touratech – Iceland family trip with a motorbike

Young children and motorbike trips do not fit together? Martin Wickert, sales manager at Touratech AG, and his wife Katja show you that it is possible. With a little goodwill, an F 800 GS and an adapted sprinter they started a trip to Iceland with their little daughter Chiara in the summer of 2010. They did not only bring fascinating pictures home, but also proof that young children and motorbike trips do fit very
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Iceland Luxury Tours – Golden Circle Snowmobile Tour

We headed off at 9:00 AM and the weather was superb, the sun was coming up and no clouds visible. After visiting Thingvellir national park and the Geysir geothermal area we headed to Langjokull glacier where the snowmobiles waited purring in the crisp white snow reflected the sunlight. This video clip was shot on the way back down from Langjokull and you can see the Gullfoss area straight ahead right below the snowline. When we got back to Gullfoss we had the classic lamb meat soup at Gullfoss Café which was delicious as usual and then headed back to Reykjavik with a short stop at Kerid crater lake in Grimsnes.
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