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Icelandic Skin Care at Your Fingertips

A World of Skin Care at Your Fingertips

Article by Elspeth Waters

Natural? Organic? Antioxidant-rich? Cheap and cheerful? With such a wealth of skin care products on offer and so many factors to consider, country of origin is not usually high up on the list. However, once you start looking, it can become alarmingly addictive. What home-grown cosmetics are Italian Vogue readers salivating over? And what does it really take to be a Grecian Goddess?


The Nordic countries may be short on skin-ageing sun for most of the year, but the extreme cold brings its own problems – namely, dry, lacklustre complexions. Iceland, in particular, has pioneered in the cosmetics field to overcome its citizens’ particular skin ills and thankfully increasing numbers of them are hitting our shores. The illustrious Dr Bragi is a biochemist with a penchant for age-defying marine life and his range includes highly concentrated amounts of his scar-healing and wrinkle squashing patented enzyme formula – ‘penzyme’. Tær Icelandic is a perennial favourite for sensitive souls. Rich in Iceland’s soothing Yarrow and other healing herbs, Tær’s Restore & Replenish and delicate Eye Contour Cream rarely disappoint. Gwyneth Paltrow is a reported fan of Moa The Green Balm, another multi-tasking dry-skin-saver. Legend goes, the founder Thury Gudmundsdóttir used the balm to heal her son’s third-degree burns when doctors had given up hope of any real recovery. The miracle formula is again resplendent in Yarrow, as well as Tea Tree Oil, and the mini version is the perfect size for travel skin emergencies.


With La La Land’s emphasis on anti-ageing, women’s beauty in North America is still a league ahead of us. Alongside stalwarts Avon and Elizabeth Arden, newer brands, such as celeb-favourites Kate Somerville and Sonya Dakar have become household names. Thanks to Oprah’s firm endorsement, Hope in a Jar from Philosophy has elevated the brand’s status and Bliss products are must-haves for anyone who can’t afford the cha-ching price of a facial at the New York spa… and even for those who can. Especially the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask; Steep Clean is a firm favourite too.


With such intense sun exposure, wrinkles are a prime concern for Aussies. Up the top end of the scale, Rebecca Körner has continued the family business of anti-ageing dermatology pioneered by her Austro-Hungarian grandmother in the early 1900s. The result is an underground brand that’s been exciting savvy beauty sleuths for a while now. Packed with killer antioxidants, Körner’s Loaded: The Anti-Ager is the cat’s pyjamas of anti-ageing skin products. All-natural Jurlique formulates its range of skin problem-solvers with organic and biodynamic ingredients, including preservatives. Recovery Gel, in particular, has earned cult status among beauty junkies. Animal-cruelty activists might not approve, but Golden Emu Oil has recently been recognised as one of those illusive multi-tasking beauty products that no women, or metrosexual man, should overlook. Packed with essential Omegas 3,6 and 9, it is both anti-ageing and a great stress-relieving, all-over body moisturiser that soothes tired and aching muscles. Demi Moore swears by it. Sun protection is a top priority, of course, and all-natural SPF brand Invisible Zinc is gaining notoriety for its range of clear and tinted moisturisers for face and body. Having a scantily clad Elle Macpherson fronting the campaign presumably hasn’t hindered their success either. A few co-ordinates over, in New Zealand, along with Manuka Honey and Flight of the Conchords, natives are also justly proud of Trilogy. Packed with Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids, these all-natural skin products smell so good you can almost taste the fresh mountain air infused into every jar.


Given their penchant for perfection (here we’d call it OCD, there it’s just normal), it is little wonder the Japanese love functional beauty products. As well as cute, kitch designs that have infiltrated make up departments all over the country, more luxury Japanese skin care brands are starting to make waves in the West. Cate Blanchett’s flawless visage has firmly put SK-II on the beauty map. Centred around a lesser-known vitamin-rich yeast form – Pitera – SK-II views skin care as a ritual, which is as much about visualising better skin as it is rubbing in any particular anti-ageing ingredients. Its facial treatment masks are particularly well-loved for their brightening and rejuvenating powers. Shiseido has the look and feel of an Eastern Clarins – clean lines but not overly clinical. The men’s range is hugely popular, especially the facial scrubs and moisturisers – uber-masculine in scent and branding, but effective solutions for the wrinkles and tired eyes that men are starting to care about, too. Designed for mature women, Suqqu is one of Japan’s fastest growing cosmetics lines. Already a backstage favourite, leading make up artist Mary Greenwell swears by its Lip Essence Cream for creating tantalizingly photogenic lips.


The youthful olive sheen of Mediterranean skin is the holy grail of complexions for many a pale English Rose; but complacent they are not – especially the Greeks, who have recently been storming ahead with beauty promises based upon the symbiosis between science and nature. Greece’s native antioxidant-packed pomegranate is a key component of super brand Korres Natural Products. Korres bases its body, hair and skin products on time-honoured homeopathic herbal combinations. Stocked in practically every pharmekia in the country, the brand signifies natural but decadent cosmetics for all. The body butters in fig and yoghurt are deliciously rich, while the Omega-rich Men’s Borage Cream helps give the perfect close shave. Recent UK favourite Rodial is also big on pomegranate power. Rodial’s founder Maria Hatzistefanis does not appear to have any physiological flaws, but maybe that’s because her range has got all ills covered: Tummy Tuck, Stretch Mark Eraser, Glamtox (the bottled alternative to Botox), each one pretty much does what it says on the tin. Glam Balm has become an on-the-go staple for everything from chapped lips and in-flight dehydration to Eczema and après-ski skin-tightening.


Founded in 1221, Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is one of the world’s oldest apothecaries and still a fixture in Florence. Renowned for its luxurious fragrances, soaps and candles, SMN’s facial waters and moisturisers add a touch of glamour to night-stands across the country too. Giorgio Armani is mostly synonymous with expertly-designed fashion and fragrances and high-end make up, but his Crema Nera and Skin Minerals ranges have made him a rightful player in the skin care arena – for both sexes – as well. Duty Free outlets have been all over Pupa Milano’s quirky make up compacts for years, but the company is trying to expand its remit with new skin care line Milk Therapy, which is rich in lactic probiotics and other reportedly beneficial skin-renewing nutrients. With their cartoon cow branding, they don’t look very grown up but your teenage nieces might thank you for them. While Borghese may be based in New York, its heart and soul are firmly entrenched in14th Century Tuscany, whose volcanic hills gave rise to the spa tradition of harnessing mineralised water. Borghese is famed for its mineral-rich exfoliating and restorative Fango mud masks. They really do bring the toxins out though so best to indulge a good few days before an important event!


France has long been synonymous with breath-taking beauty and fabulously graceful ageing. Admiringly, the elegant Francaises manage to keep their sculpted visages, while shunning the surgeon’s knife. Rumour has it they rely on facial massage rollers, such as Yuroll, as well as their favourite skin products, of course. Guinot, Yves Rocher, Decleor, Givenchy, Guerlain, Lancome, Sisley… not to mention Chanel and Clarins – the list of high-end Parisian skin care brands is vast and, according to the upper echelons, still vastly superior. While these brands want to appeal to your mother (hence the resistance to updating their ‘classic’ – read: dated – appearances), younger generations have come to rely on them too. No party girl worth her Bellinis would forego Guerlain Issima Midnight Secret, and Clarins Beauty Flash Balm has swiftly become a trusted pick-me up for young, stressed complexions. Cool new kids on the block include Doux Me, which is as mild as it sounds. Founded by the beautiful Caroline Wachsmuth, it’s 100% natural and organic skin care and blends essential oils like Rose and Neroli. Caroline’s signature anti-ageing skin concoction, Crème Caroline, smells like childhood walks in the forest.


Those concerned with air miles and such, fret not… an increasing number of superb brands are springing up here. Sophyto is the only Soil Association-certified organic line that works in harmony with your skin’s specific needs, making it perfect for all ages. The monodose Polyphenol Drops are made from specifically bred Hertfordshire apples, which fight toxic free radicals. REN is another slickly designed brand. The Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash is heaven-sent, while the Omega 3 Overnight Lipid Renewal Serum is guaranteed to improve any skin type. Sienna Miller has helped put her favourite 200-year old skin salve Butler’s Pommade Divine firmly back on the beauty editors’ radar. Its warming clove smell is gorgeously homely and, apparently, it saved the starlet from stunt-induced bruise hell.

About the Author

Elspeth Waters is the editor of Cult Beauty, a savvy independent online beauty boutique and guide, which cherry picks the best in global cosmetics, backed by consumer trial and expert opinion.

Southern Iceland, shaped forces of nature

Southern Iceland, shaped forces of nature

Article by Dagur Jonsson

Iceland, in current scenario, is more connected to fun and adventure rather than dark and chilly days and nothing to do. It is a far better place for tourists now than it was two decades back. This mid-Atlantic European island is the closest neighbor to North America with flight duration of only four and a half hours. One thing can be said for sure. There are more than expected adventures and activities waiting for everyone. The most electrifying thing about Iceland is the weather. In January the temperature will very easily go below 0 degrees but still the Icelander’s welcome for every visitor is very warm in every season.

EggiðRugged and raw lava fields which are just few centuries old, gives a very warm welcome for visitors who arrive at Keflavík airport which is located in southern part of Iceland. These lava fields spread till the southwestern Reykjanes peninsula area. All in all it can be said that right from getting out of the airport, spectacular and amazing sights can be seen. Southern Iceland is full of surprises and new revelations on every step. Let us reveal some of those surprises.

Geothermal activities are very frequently visible in south Iceland in hot springs and especially the blue lagoons. Í bl.lóninu2Blue lagoon is probably the most illustrious bathing spot situated in the lava field. It is said that its water is full of minerals and that water is famous for health related qualities. South Iceland is the perfect destination for a day tour from Reykjavik and for those tourists who are short of time to explore the country in depth as it provides all opportunities for birdlife watching and whale watching along with some very well known sea shores.


South Iceland has variety of day tours to offer and that too from the capital Reykjavik. The tourist destination called “golden circle” is a must visit place for all the tourists coming to this part of Iceland. The main attraction is Thingvellir where it is believed that the earliest arrivers set an assembly way back in 930 A.D. this assembly is now called the oldest parliament of the world. This city of Thingvellir is also very famous for its natural beauty with a lake and numerous rifts that shows the signs of continental plates of America and Eurasia. Golden circle’s other two main attractions are the Gullfoss, “the golden falls” and the geothermal fields of Geysir. Gullfoss is a two tier waterfall in the gulch of the river Hvita and the hot springs are famous as it vomits boiling water and steam after every five minutes. Another geyser called “the old faithful” has started erupting again after sleeping for many years.

Landmannalaugar_poolLandmannalaugar is also very famous tourist destination as it is a hotbed of geothermal activities. It is also very famous for its springs and for colors of its landscapes and mountains. Situated in interiors in south Iceland is the Lakagigar crater series inland form Kirkjubaejerklaustur. It is famous as it produced the biggest lava flow in the historical times anywhere around the world. This event happened during the Skaftar eruptions in 1783.

All these forces of nature are responsible not only for shaping southern Iceland but also the life of the people living here. In earlier times, people here believed that the peak part of mount Hekla is the gate of hell.

Út í EyjarIn the southern most part, the Vestman Island is the home for continuous earthquakes. The history of southern Iceland is very rich and it is seen everywhere. Starting from range of Sage period farm houses at Stong it goes to the old bishop seat of Skalholt and also to the very popular regional museum at Skogar. All these are considered very unique in their respective fields.

Iceland is the perfect place for relieving yourself and taking a step on the European settlement and that too with a very electrifying, vigorous and a very ancient but a very personal living culture. You will feel as if you are in your home or your city as you are free to walk around, go shopping and exploring for new things.

About the Author

Dagur Jonsson is the editor of Iceland Guest, a website specializing in tourist information for travelers to Iceland. For more information visit

Seven interesting attractions of Iceland for a quick trip

Seven interesting attractions of Iceland for a quick trip

Article by Asberg Jonsson

Iceland is not too far from the eastern coast of North America and even more closer to Western Europe. Hence, its position between North America and Europe makes it a perfect weekend destination. In all, it can be said without any doubt that Iceland is a cool and an inexpensive place for an interesting holiday time. Following are some important and top tourist attractions in Iceland.

Lake Myvatn Conservation Area – this area was declared a special conservation area in 1974. Now it has become a major tourist attraction of Iceland because of some rare natural sights available in this area. This area is Iceland’s most active area in terms of geology. Bubbly mud flats, volcanic craters, newly formed lava fields, crowded bird life, blue lake, everything is present here. One of Europe’s fiercest and tallest waterfalls “the waterfall of god” is also in this park. This waterfall falls from the elevation of 163 meters.

The Vestmann islands – this area of Iceland is also known as the “paradise at the end of the world”. This place is worth watching because the youngest island of this world, “surtsey” is located here. This island appeared as in 1963, a volcano busted from the waves. Special tours are arranged for this particular part of Iceland.

Snaefellsnes peninsula/ Snaefellsjokull glacier – this glacier is around 60 kilometers far from the capital city. The notable thing is that still it is visible from Reykjavik. The peninsula of snaefellsnes is an eye-catching and supernatural landscape full of lava caves, waterfalls and hot springs. It is also a source of some very beautiful towns and farms. One can enjoy spectacular and extraordinary coastal views in this part of Iceland.

Thingvellir – this is Iceland’s most important place. This is the place where Iceland’s parliament was formed. One of the spectacular sites here is the cliff which is overlooking the parliament. Lake Thingvallavtn is another place to look for here. It is the world’s biggest supernatural lake and you can enjoy fishing there. Hiking through the wonderful landscapes of thingvellir is one of the major tourist attractions.

Blue lagoon – this destination has the honor to be the most clicked destination of Iceland. It is a man made lagoon and has a temperature of around 40 degree Celsius. It is believed there that its water has a blessing from god and can cure many diseases especially psoriasis. Whether it is summer or the winter, bathing in this lagoon is a breath taking experience. Geysers – this very famous natural tourist destination is located close to Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. It is overall a three square kilometer area. “Geyser spouting spring” the world’s largest geyser is situated here. Another small spring called ‘strokkur’ is the centre of attraction in this area. This small geyser erupts continuously at the intervals of five to ten minutes. This whole area is full of many small pools.

Skogar folk museum – This is a very famous museum and is another major landmark of Iceland. This museum has a collection of over six thousand articles connected to ancient Icelandic history.

These are seven most famous places one should go while on a tour to Iceland. Of course Iceland is full of amazing sites and sounds with breath taking natural beauty and ideally you should spend a much longer time in Iceland to truly feel the rich experience that this country gives out to its visitors.

About the Author

Asberg Jonsson is the manager of Iceland Visitor, a company specializing in packages for Vacation in Iceland and day tours in Iceland. For more information visit

Ten Exciting Things To Do When Visiting Iceland

Ten Exciting Things To Do When Visiting Iceland

Article by Jonathan Williams

Should you happen to contemplate vacationing in Europe, you could give Iceland a try where nature that means more than beaches and resorts. Best of all, majority of the tourist spots the country can offer will require no entrance fees unlike in most other countries. Summer would be the best time to go there.

1.) Bláa Lónið

This is a famous health center with pool known as Blue Lagoon located in southwest Iceland. This happens to be a spa located in the center of lava filled with stunningly blue waters. One will find this place one of the warm spots in the country as opposed to the impression of a primarily snow-filled place that the country’s name implies.

2.) Gullfoss

One can try going east of the capital Reykjavik to be able to get to the Golden Falls. The breathtaking waterfall is fed by river known as Hvítá. This goes down a two-fold cascade to create one of the best waterfalls you could visit.

3.) Geysir and Strokkur

As mentioned earlier, Iceland is also home to several geothermal spots, and two of them are Geysir and Strokkur, which happens to be a few kilometers on the west of the Golden Falls. Between the two, it would be safer to go to Geysir since it hardly erupts, and Strokkur would do so every few minutes. But what a sight it would be and a picture worth taking only if you keep a safe distance.

4.) Skagafjordur

It is one of the cities in Iceland which offers several fun activities to tourists. One of the parks you will find here is the Historical Nature Park Island Drangey then you can go on to visit the Glaumbær, which happens to be a folk museum. And you will need to wonder no more what an icelandic horse looks like because this place is where they are bred. And yes, it’s also time to take the challenge of river rafting.

5.) Kerið

Here lies the sight of a lake within a volcano. Many times, what you will find in countries are both active and inactive volcanoes which would spew lava from time to time. This time, you get a lake instead of lava right inside the crater of a volcano.

6.) Þingvellir National Park

UNESCO has made this national park one of the world’s heritage sites for good reasons. This happens to be the place where you will find the movement of European and North American shelf plates while serving as the longest running parliamentary field there is. Again, this, too, is just about 35 miles off the capita’s east.

7.) Mývatn

On this spot, you will get to visit the desert Smajfall which gives out sulfuric steam coming from the ground. Here, you will also see Dimmuborgir which is also known as Gates of Hell or The Black City. But the name Mývatn actually refers to the lake which looks nothing like other lakes due to presence of special volcanic craters around it.

8.) Dettifoss

If you just came off the Jökulsárgljúfur National Park, you might want to check this place out afterwards. A powerful waterfall awaits you at Dettifoss. This happens to be one of the best all over Europe.

9.) Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights

Textbooks have talked about the midnight sun. It was even discussed in school. Iceland is the place to be to get to view this sight where the sun does not set at midnight, and you will not be able to find this occurrence in other countries.

10.) Vestmannaeyjar

When translated, the name means Westman Islands. It is actually a volcanic island with a wonderful collection of bird species and the biggest puffin colony you could find in Europe. That’s definitely something not to miss.

About the Author

Jonathan Williams is the travel writer for Destination Guide TV – the place to share travel videos. Visit to view or share Iceland travel videos.

Feel the Heat in Iceland

Feel the Heat in Iceland

Article by Lina Lindlom

Do you like the idea of spoiling yourself with pleasure whilst experiencing some of Iceland’s most attractive sights? Iceland’s steamy spas and thermal pools offer a relaxing, revitalizing, invigorating and exciting experience! And as a traditional part of Icelandic culture the pools are a great way to meet and relax with the locals.

Here are five of the top thermal spa and pool destinations in Iceland.

1. The Blue Lagoon Spa

The Blue Lagoon is possibly Iceland’s most popular single tourist attraction. And yes, the water really is blue, The silica mud and blue-green algae content of the water are said to have health promoting effects. In fact, Blue Lagoon skin care products are sold all over the world. Open all year round, the spa has every facility you could wish for to make your visit enjoyable. Reachable in less than an hour by car or excursion coach from Reykjavik. The spa is located on a lava field close to the fishing village of Grindavik.

2. Landmannalaugar Hot Springs

Set in the beautiful volcanic southern highlands of Iceland, the Landamannalaugar area is enclosed by a rainbow of colorful mountains. This natural thermal pool is located next to a mountain hut and facilities are spartan. However, the hot, mineral rich waters are no less enjoyable or invigorating for that! Road access is only possible in summer, when there is a daily bus service from Reykjavik.

3. Myvatn Nature Baths

The Lake Myvatn nature reserve in the volcanic north of Iceland is a paradise for water birds living on the lake, river and surrounding wetlands. In this picturesque setting, the Myvatn Nature Baths blends in well with the natural environment. The outstanding feature here is the geothermal lagoon with it’s relaxing, soothing, mineral rich waters. The center features modern, comfortable facilities and a cafeteria. Open all year round.

4. Nautholsvik Thermal Beach

Iceland is not known for it’s beach life, the sand being black and the water somewhat icy. However, on the Reykjavik coastline at Nautholsvik, an artificial thermal beach has been created complete with golden sand, a thermal pool and hot tubs. Naturally hot geothermal water flows into the ocean here, so even taking a dip in the Arctic waves can be fun. Facilities and refreshments are also available (open in summer only).

5. Spa City Reykjavik

The city of Reykjavik boasts several geothermal swimming pools and health spas. These are appreciated and frequented as much by locals as by tourists. Outdoor thermal swimming pools include those at Breidholts, Vesturbaejar and Grafarvogs. They are open the whole year and all feature hot tubs and steam baths. Guests at the wellness spas of Planet Reykjavik Day Spa, the Saga Heilsa and Spa and also the Nordica Hotel can expect to be thoroughly pampered. The large and opulent Laugar Spa Resort combines both pool and wellness facilities for the whole family.

(c) Copyright 2008 by Lina Lindlom for

About the Author

Lina Lindlom writes about travel to Iceland and the Nordic countries for her website

Exploring Iceland

Exploring Iceland

Article by Marty

When planning a trip to a foreign country, typically Iceland is not the first place that comes to mind. One may think of Iceland as a cold, dreary, lonely and isolated place but this is just not true.

Iceland is an extremely beautiful country, rich with culture and scenery. The fact that it is geologically and volcanically active plays a big part in defining the landscape of this Nordic country. With volcanoes, geysers, natural hot springs, waterfalls, and geothermal pools; Iceland is anything but ice.

If you prefer outdoor activities, Iceland may be for you. There are rivers for white water rafting and kayaking, though according to the Iceland Tourist Board’s website, kayaking is not native to the country, the many natural waterways are ideally suited for the sport. You will also find deep sea fishing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and skiing for other popular activities in Iceland.

During summer months, you can play golf at one of the many golf courses throughout the island. In the month of June, 24-hour golf is available, as the sun does not set at that time. Hiking is a popular summer pastime in Iceland, as is swimming, horseback riding, and bike riding (available for rent in most towns).

One of the most popular things to do is a trip to the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa in the youngest lava field in western Iceland. There are many things to do while there, from bathing in the lagoon, relaxing under a waterfall, treating yourself to an outdoor massage, or walking around and just enjoying the beauty of your surroundings.

Whale watching safaris are also available to visitors. Many species of whales are usually spotted on these tours, such as the orca whale, humpback, majestic fin and sei whales. Puffins, cormorants, gulls, kittiwakes and other sea birds tend to accompany the tours as well. The safaris are only available from May through September.

Reykjavik is rich in culture and cuisine. There are many art galleries and museums dedicated to most hobbies and interests. The Iceland Symphony orchestra performs year round as does the Opera and the Theater. There are many activities throughout the year in Reykjavik like the Winter Lights Festival, The Iceland Food & Fun Festival both held in late February, Beer Day on March 1, the Arts Festival in May and more.

If you have never considered a trip to Iceland before, perhaps now is the time.

About the Author

Marty is an experienced world traveler who loves to share his passion for travel with the world. A resident of Portland, Maine and a graduate from the University of New Hampshire, Marty is passionate about sports, writing and travel.

Arctic Iceland cruises?

What is there to see when stopping at Reykjavik on Arctic Iceland cruises?

Article by Dipika Patel

If you are looking for a holiday that will take you well off the beaten track, there are few better choices than heading north on Arctic, Iceland and Greenland cruises.

The image you have in your mind when you think about cruises is likely to be of sunning yourself in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, but you will also find plenty to enjoy in the north Atlantic and Arctic oceans, including the fascinating city of Reykjavik.

Iceland’s largest city – the most northerly capital in the world – is packed with interesting sights, including the spectacular Hallgrimskirkja church, City Hall and Hofdi House, the scene of the crucial 1986 summit meeting between presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.

You can also enjoy some peace and quiet on the shores of Tjornin, Reykjavik’s city centre lake, or take in the views over the capital’s brightly coloured traditional houses from the futuristic Perlan building.

Reykjavik is also a great place from which to explore Iceland’s glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls and geysers. The island has a rugged landscape with unusual sights at every turn, so you won’t have to travel far from the capital to experience something new.

Thingvellir National Park is a great example of the spectacular countryside you can expect to enjoy during your call in Iceland, with its lava plain and mountains covered in wild flowers, moss and birch trees.

Iceland has a number of geothermal areas, where you will find warm mud pools and geysers. One of the most famous of these is the Strokkur – a spectacular geyser that sprays jets of steam and hot water 16 metres into the air every ten minutes.

Another geothermal-related attraction is the Blue Lagoon, a vast outdoor spa. It is filled with beautiful blue mineral-rich seawater that is ideal for bathing and swimming. The water, which has a temperature of 37-39C, is said to have healing properties, but even if you don’t have any ailments, you are certain to find it a relaxing experience.

Iceland is one of the best places to see a volcano close up and you will be able to arrange a trip to Eyjafjallajokull during your cruise liner’s stop in Reykjavik. If you want to make it an extra special experience, you could even book a helicopter tour that will take you to four different volcanoes.

About the Author

If you are searching for something a little different for your next holiday, why not take a look at what Arctic, Iceland and Greenland cruises have to offer? To find the best voyages available get in touch with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines for full details.

Day Tours from Maunin Olara Holiday Cottage Iceland

Day Tours from Maunin Olara Holiday Cottage Iceland

Daytours from  www.holidaycottageiceland  Maunin Olara


Visit The Blue lagoon: Get onto the main road, take the second exit from the  roundabout and get onto   road no 38. Drive along this until you  get on to  route 427, this is a gravel road,  but will not be  problematic. En route  visit Strandarkirkja  – this is a beautiful, small church that Icelanders believe helps bring good luck.  You will then  come to Krisuvik, which is an intersting stop for veiwing  some  hot springs, but these are not for swimming in as it is an old sulphure mine.  Keep on 427 west bound to Grindavik and on 426 you wil find the SPA Blue Lagoon.  For the return journey, take route no  41 the  Keflavik – Reykjavik road and then on to route 1 towards  Maunin Olara.


Geysir and Gullfoss:  Take road 1 eastbound, then  turn left onto road 35,  stay on 35 to Geysir, this is approx one hour drive. A  further few km takes you  to Gullfoss waterfall.  On your way back,  get over to route 37, via Laugarvatn and on to the new 365, This will  take you to lake Thingvellir, and then on 36 down towards Selfoss and Hveragerdi.


Seljalandsfoss and Thorsmork National Park

On R 1 eastbound drive through Selfoss and on  another 60 minutes till you reach the waterfall Seljalandsfoss. This is  an intersting waterfall where one can walk behind the water.  You are now also  on r 249 which, given you have a 44 vehicle, you can drive across a few rivers to the bottom of the valley.  You will now surrounded by three glaciers, Myrdalsjokull, Tindfjallajokull and the most famous of the all, Eyjafjallajökull.  Do go carefully here, and we suggest you go in a convoy with other 44‘s, or hire a guide – as rivers can be diffucult or at times  impassible.

Staying in Hveragerdi

You will find a lovely  swimming pool in Hveragerdi.  It is very clean, well maintained, warm water and options of 2 hot tubs  with different tempratures. There is also a steambath and good showers.  For indoor  swimming facilities and hot tubs,  go to the NLFI health centre where there is also a vegetarian restaurant.  Wander around the greenhouses in town and see how the Icelanders make the most of their geothermal powers.   If you are interested in hiking and swiming in natural geothermal water,  the obvious thing to do is to drive to the bottom of Reykjadalur and go for a  40 minutes walk each way to the warm water.   Bring your own swimmwear and towel as you will be in nature with no facilities.



Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body and Soul – Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body and Soul – Blue Lagoon, Iceland

On the southern coast of the Icelandic Reykjanes peninsula, lies Grindavík, a beautiful fishing town that has come to be the center of activity for many looking to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul. The Blue Lagoon, famous for its healing power is located just three miles away from the center of town. People travel from all over the globe to take a relaxing dip in the geothermal seawater present in the Lagoon. It is touted for its positive effects on the skin; many claim that it also has the ability to cure a number of ailments. While that may or may not be true, one thing is for sure: combined with the fresh air and natural beauty of the surroundings, the midnight sun, and the peaceful atmosphere, the Blue Lagoon is a great place to ease the tensions and stresses brought on by everyday life.

The Lagoon is a result of the extreme environment that Iceland enjoys. The active ingredients present in the seawater include a number of minerals, silica and algae. These all have a positive effect on the skin, and promote an overall sense of wellness and beauty. A soak in the warm, mineral rich waters has a positive affect on all who have the opportunity to enjoy it. In addition, the Blue Lagoon Spa offers a number of services that enhance a visit to the Lagoon. Guests to the spa can enjoy time in a sauna that overlooks the lagoon, or have a nice steam bath in a lava cave. Another steam bath boasts white walls that resemble the famous silica mud, present naturally in the Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon waterfall affords guests the opportunity to receive an energizing, natural massage. Several treatments and massages designed to take place while bathing in the Lagoon are offered, creating the most relaxing experience. Silica mud is also readily available, which is a major part the rejuvenation process.

For those who want to take a little bit of the Blue Lagoon home with them, a number of face and body care products are available. These capture the natural elements of the geothermal seawater, the minerals, silica, and algae, and allow you to enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. The Blue Lagoon is the ultimate place to pamper yourself. Here you can sit back, relax, enjoy the amazing beauty of the Icelandic countryside, all while receiving the proper treatment you deserve in one of the most amazing natural environments on the planet.

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland is famous for its healing power and is a great place to ease the tensions and stresses. Iceland Travel – ProtoTravels offers reliable travel booking services to destinations of your choice.