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Iceland Vacations – An Escape to Fantasies

Iceland Vacations – An Escape to Fantasies

Article by Ingi

Ever fantasized of going on river rafting tours clubbed with spa vacation packages along with guided fishing trips or of a bus tour company making your vacation more comfortable by organizing self drive tours with a private tour guide. What if, on top of this you get travel incentive programs with a custom tour and that too to one of the most romantic honeymoon vacation spot.

Ah! Sounds crazy, no. True it is, yes it is. This and a lot more to explore and experience at an unforgettable, tailor-made Iceland excursion. Exotic and untouched, marvelous and unspoiled, peaceful and tranquil sceneries you experience during your Iceland vacations make it a lifetime experience. To add to it, you can also choose to go for Iceland Day tour through Reykjavik, the volcanic country of fire and ice, a magnificent old town famous for its nightlife and culture. It is a perfect blend of past and present which sways you off your feet.

You are a nature lover or an adventure sports freak, want to spend an evening alone or to party hard whole night, like to cool your heels on a guided fishing trip or to gain health benefits on fitness vacations, Iceland Holidays offers you all. A rocking nightlife, high-class restaurants, soothing spas, natural geysers, beautiful lakes, awesome lagoons and anything you can think of you get it all during your Iceland Holidays. To know more and to get pocket friendly Iceland Travel Packages you can visit us at

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Iceland Vacation Packages and City Breaks – Time to Breakaway

Iceland Vacation Packages and City Breaks – Time to Breakaway

Article by Ingi

Iceland is a beautiful country that shelters even more beautiful experiences. An icy paradise, Iceland promises a great time for vacationers. From the countryside scenic beauty to the exciting hustle and bustle of Iceland city breaks, travelers can enjoy each and every aspect of Iceland with vacation packages available. Iceland vacation packages generally offer Iceland City Breaks, Iceland Day Tours, unique vacation in Iceland and many more such travel incentive programs.

And natural beauty is not only what Iceland has. The great culture of this snowy nation comes with its own streak of exotica. Exploring Iceland comes best with signing up with a bus tour company that provides self-drive tours and car rentals so that travelers can enjoy the liberty of directing their Iceland holidays the way their heart desires. Because your heart will rule over mind as soon as you step into Iceland.

Iceland vacation packages are designed to offer the traveler the best possible trip of this snowy shelter wherein they try to include Iceland city breaks, adventure and leisure expeditions to countrysides, travel incentive programs, etc. Travelers planning for Iceland holidays should also consider the option of private tour guides. Usually Iceland vacation tour guides fix up everything – right from hiring a bus tour company Iceland day tours or vacations in Iceland, in general.

Why Choose a Bus Tour Company in Iceland?

For the d-i-ys out there, let’s make clear exploring Iceland will be much better if the local assistance is available. So always go for Iceland vacation packages that come with private tour guides or are a bus tour company. First things first, hire a bus tour company and know why it was the right decision. Read on:

• The biggest advantage of associating with a bus tour company in Iceland is that your transport in and around the country will be taken care of. There will be no inconvenience caused to travelers due to lack of commuting facility. Iceland holidays are to be enjoyed by traveling the length and the breadth of the country (at least a good part of it) for which ready transport will come in handy.

• Also Iceland bus tour companies provide private tour guides which are a further help to the tourists. Furthermore, ready transportation mean hassle free Iceland day tours.

• Many Iceland travel guides offer custom tours in which the vacationers can design their own itinerary. Custom tours are a great hit! These not only make sure that the travelers have great fun but also ensure saving time on unnecessary excursions or wanderings. With custom tours in Iceland you can enjoy all that interests you or your group.

• Another highlight of licensed Iceland travel guides and bus tour companies is that they even offer travel incentive programs. A corporate can buy the travel incentive program and treat the workforce to an unforgettable time in Iceland. These group travel incentive programs include many activities – outdoor and others – that build up the team spirit in a group.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, an authentic bus tour company strives that your Iceland holidays are full of Icelandic culture, art and essential experiences.

If you’re ready to visit this pristine icy palace, then hop on to a licensed bus tour company today! Visit today!!

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Ingi Jon Sverrisson is the Manager of TOURIS ( He is an seasoned tour guide with years of experience in touring Iceland highlands and lowlands. Ingi Jón Sverrisson has long experience in planning and organizing all kinds of tours and activities for individuals and groups in Iceland.