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Iceland — Working on its Popularity for Travellers, Iceland ProTravel Supports Ad Campaign “Inspired by Iceland”

Iceland — Working on its Popularity for Travellers, Iceland ProTravel Supports Ad Campaign “Inspired by Iceland”

(PRWEB) July 9, 2010

‘Be inspired by Iceland’ is a project that the Icelandic Government and the tourist industry in Iceland have started and is aimed in showing the rest of the world that Iceland is safe to travel to.

Iceland – working on its popularity for travellers

The volcano Eyjafjallajökull has not only interfered in the air traffic around the globe. Since its active period from April 14th until end of May, which is the important booking season for tourism to Iceland, it has affected the bookings of travels to the country. UK as well as Scandinavian Tour operators have only seen few requests on holiday offers since the eruption had started and stopped.

After the financial crisis had hit Iceland badly, great hopes for a slight recovering here from were put into the tourism industry, which is the fourth largest field of Iceland’s economy after fishing, aluminium smelting and geothermal power.

‘Be inspired by Iceland’ is a project that the Icelandic Government and the tourist industry in Iceland have started and is aimed in showing the rest of the world that Iceland is safe to travel to, it is worth the travel and it is running business as usual in spite of the volcano affecting only a very small part of the country. Iceland ProTravel is one of more than 60 companies that is taking actively part in this project and supported the campaign financially.

All comments on this website are very welcome as the aim is to have as many testimonials about travelling in Iceland as possible. Some comments are listed by known people who have spent their holidays in Iceland such as Viggo Mortensen or Yoko Ono.

Since the high season of tourism has started beginning of June, many travellers have now enjoyed their holidays in Iceland and experienced some beautiful summer days with up to 27¬įC in the east fjords and long days with midnight sun hitting the horizon. Travelling along the south coast, around Iceland or just a city break is again possible at interesting rates. Iceland ProTravel has a big variety of trips to this extraordinary island.

What can be expected in this country can be seen live through various webcams around the Island. Be it the Geyser area or the Volcano Eyjafjallajökull.

Visits to the ash area and to the crater have become an interesting feature in today’s requests for tailor made holidays. Trips to or around the volcanic area can be organized with driver-guides and special equipped vehicles. But also other activities such as Ocean swimming in the North Atlantic are becoming increasingly popular in Iceland. Devoted swimmers describe this affair as a refreshing bliss. Visit Nauthólsvík beach close to the City center, take a dip and afterwards relax in the hot outdoor pool close to the beach. With experienced outdoor guides who love their nature and see in Iceland a playground for their outdoor passion, all adventurers are in good hands. So now it is easy to even try Bodyboarding, snorkeling, diving in Lake Thingvallavatn, surfing in the North Atlantic or hiking to the summit of the highest peak.

More information on adventure trips, group tours, horse riding as well as self-drive tours, city breaks or whatever type one is searching for, is given by Mr. Eli Masson, sales & marketing manager of Iceland ProTravel in Reading.


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The Beauty And Diversity Of Iceland’s Many Hotels And Guesthouses

The Beauty And Diversity Of Iceland’s Many Hotels And Guesthouses

Article by Roger Hernandez

In the north Atlantic, roughly between Greenland and the United Kingdom, lays the small island-nation of Iceland. And no, it doesn’t get its name from being icy. Iceland has been named something different by each of the foreigners who landed on its coast, but in Norse languages, Iceland is spelled “Island.”

While Iceland has been blessed with all the hot water and geothermal energy a country could ever use, resources have never been their strong point. However, for several reasons, tourism has become a big economic cash cow for Iceland, right next to fish and sheep. There are mountains to climb, snow to ski, horses to ride, food to gorge on, glaciers to dog-sled, you get the picture. And of course, tourists have to have a place to stay.

Hotels abound in almost every city and town in Iceland. In fact, if there’s a gas station, there’s a hotel with half a mile. Fresynes makes it on the map even though the entire town consists of a gas station, a guesthouse and a hotel. Okay, it’s not a town. It’s a stop.

Guesthouses Dutas online are all the rage now. In the United States, people start internet businesses as a full-time job or to make a little money on the side. In Iceland, people open guesthouses. Farmers, gas station managers, graphic designers, everybody’s got a place for rent. These are usually the ones that are the nicest too.

Hospital rooms may seem small when they’re full of equipment, but when the building is renovated into a hostel, the bedrooms are suddenly roomy. A defunct nursing home turns into a fantastically homey guesthouse.

Building new buildings, especially after the severe economic traumas of 2008, is prohibitively expensive, and so Icelanders make full use of the phrase “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Actually, they fulfill the first three so well that “doing without” never comes into play. As you can see real estate investments in Iceland are very creative business.

Take Hotel Natur, for example. A new guesthouse across the Eyjafj√∂r√įur fjord from the northern city of Akureyri. Originally a cowshed, it’s now boasts twenty four splendidly furnished rooms with en suite bathrooms, a dining hall that would give most small restaurants a run for their money, conference facilities, and a hot tub. Not bad for a long, low building used for storing hay until 2005.

With all this accommodation at the ready, Iceland just needs more visitors. Southern Europeans like the Spaniards and Italians come in the winter. The summer is for Germans and Brits and Americans and a few Dutch tourists. Each group pretty much sticks to its season. However, Iceland is fantastic all year round. The attractions change, as does the daylight — in the winter it’s dark by 4:00 pm and in the summer it never gets dark — but the beauty of the country and the people are ever constant. Iceland is the world’s best kept secret for a saga-worthy vacation.

About the Author

Roger Hernandez is a keen world traveler and freelance writer. His wanderlust is fueled by his interest in real estate investing and he is a member of Lifestyles Unlimited real estate investing group.

Greenland Excursions from Iceland – Day Tours and Longer Tours

Greenland Excursions from Iceland – Day Tours and Longer Tours

Article by Ingi Jon Sverrisson

If you are a true travel addict, then Greenland must be a destination of lifetime for you. You may try out either the short trips or the longer tour packages for exploring the icy terrains of Greenland.

The shorter visit to the eastern parts of Greenland will provide you definite feels about the culture and people of the land. The modern frame houses and the traces of hunting societies make these tiny tours even more eventful. Approaching the Kulusuk islands by air is a real feast. The views of icebergs brushing the rocky coasts is a must watch for all curious tourists.

For experiencing the best journey, hire ‘Touris’ as your Iceland tour operator, they will arrange you a cozy and comfortable journey from Iceland to Greenland via Reykjavik. Taking out these few hours from the Iceland vacations will add up a lot to your travel experiences from this part of the world. Walk down the lanes of the Kulusuk village, the gorgeous atmosphere will surely make your day.

Try the handmade ornaments created by the village maidens, those are really priceless. This village has only 360 residents, getting to know them is an experience by itself. And if the weather allows you, you can also witness a native ceremony of primitive drum-dance. These incidents will not only make your tour moving, but also make you a more flourished person.

People, who are already in between their tours in Iceland, can also go for the longer excursions to Greenland. There are numerous packages offered based on the number of nights they want to spend in Greenland. The entire area of the Kulusuk Island has some real ecstasies in store for the nature lovers. If you are interested in discovering the core essence of the region, then the longer expeditions are more appropriate for you. ‘Touris’ will help you to get closer to panoramic atmosphere amidst the ice filled oceans of Greenland.

Other than the divine natural pleasures, you will also enjoy the artificial facilities like 24 hours service of telephone, and television in your hotel room. ‘Touris’ will also take care in making the tours interesting for the adventurous breeds. If you are daring enough, then attempt the hikes, sleigh riding across the mountains and glaciers of Greenland. ‘Touris’ has arranged packages involving all the basic needs of tourists. They are by far the preeminent service provider in this industry.

About the Author

Author’s info:Ingi Jon Sverrisson is the Manager of TOURIS. He is an seasoned tour guide with years of experience in touring Icelands highlands and lowlands. Ingi J√≥n Sverrisson has long experience in planning and organizing all kinds of tours and activities for individuals and groups in Iceland.

Adventurous Jeep Tours in Iceland – Glacier and Highland Adventures

Adventurous Jeep Tours in Iceland – Glacier and Highland Adventures

Article by Ingi Jon Sverrisson

Iceland is one of the most exciting places for passionate travellers. The journey in unfavourable circumstances through various extremities challenge the spirit of the traveller to push harder and harder. TOUR.IS is a premier Iceland tour operator responsible for organizing jeep tours making some of the remotest places accessible for tourists. Their jeeps give excellent service and hence it is chosen by hundreds of travellers in high and low season. The aim of the jeep tours is to help the tourists explore the true beauty of nature in Iceland and give the value of their money back in service.

Adventurous jeep tours in Iceland are full of excitement and fun. The condition of the roads is not up to the mark most of time and the jeeps ensure that minimum exhaustion comes from the journey. The specially modified jeeps can be run through the ice under favourable condition. This cannot be done with other vehicles and makes the journey full of fun. A Super Jeep tour is the experience of a lifetime because the travellers can stop at chosen places, come closer to the nature and indulge in activities like sleigh riding, whale watching etc.

The jeep tours provide extensive tour of Iceland. The path of journey is full of spectacular sight and scenery. Among the natural phenomena volcanic craters, hot springs, majestic waterfalls, glaciers are the most amazing things to watch. One jeep tour towards Thingvellir and another towards Thorsmork, cover most of the important areas. Iceland vacations are never complete without Super Jeep tours.

The adventurous jeep tours to the highlands and sights near volcano Hekla are full of material for nature lovers as well as those interested in geological science. A journey to Landmannalaugar, the most beautiful oasis in Iceland with mount Hekla and explosion crater Ljotipollur nearby is bound to turn your head with the wonders of nature. Tours in Iceland seem endlessly enthralling when riding the Super Jeeps of TOUR.IS.

TOUR.IS has emerged as the premier tour operator in Iceland. Their exhaustive tour plans are planned to give the tourists true satisfaction and the experience of a lifetime. The jeeps provided for journey into the terrains are well maintained as well as specially moderated to run efficiently on the unfavourable roads and give the travellers minimum exhaustion from journey. Tours in Iceland reaches new heights due to the full coverage on these trusted vehicles.

About the Author

Ingi Jon Sverrisson is the Manager of TOURIS. He is an seasoned tour guide with years of experience in touring Icelands highlands and lowlands. Ingi Jón Sverrisson has long experience in planning and organizing all kinds of tours and activities for individuals and groups in Iceland.

Enjoy Your Iceland Private Tours and Luxury Tours

Enjoy Your Iceland Private Tours and Luxury Tours

Article by Ingi Jon Sverrisson

The private tours in Iceland are there to take you to a journey of glory. These tours are specially arranged keeping in mind the comforts and requirements of the tourists, right from the time of their arrival till the departure. These are action packed packages including all facets that the perfect Iceland vacations should have. “” is a real expert in this field.

“” have it’s base in Reykjavik, but they are equally functional in all other parts of Iceland. You may be in your business trip or planning to steal some private times with your family, the private tour is the best option for you.

Iceland is the place of uninterrupted natural beauty. The most indispensable gain out of these tours is getting to know nature from a closer distance. Majority of the nature enthusiasts try these packages while spending their holidays in Iceland. If you are interested in activities like, Hiking, Sleigh Riding, Snowmobiling or Horse Riding, then also you will get the hottest offers from these private tours.

“” has planned a¬†wide variety of comprehensive and luxurious private tours to Iceland. Each of these packages start from a pick-up from the Keflavik airport and continues up to the departure of the tourists. In between these two “” arranges some exciting time for the people coming to Iceland. Availing any of these packages will provide you some of the most pleasant moments of your life.

These tours involve only the tourist and a professionally trained driver, who is also a qualified guide. This helps in keeping the group short and well-balanced. The guides also have profound knowledge of the environment, culture and inhabitants of Iceland. Car rental in Iceland was always a better option for travelling around the different enthralling locations, the private tours are only adding up new elements to this concept. You are getting everything in a single deal, starting from a car to a well qualified tourist guide. You can also go for self driven private tours, if you require more privacy.

Now let us come to the individual packages. You will get to pick from the luxury packages like, a 4 days’ private tour to South Iceland with or without a guide, or an 8 days’ tour to the Northern part of Iceland along with a driver guide. The immaculate blends of these offers makes “” the finest Iceland tour operator in this industry.

About the Author

Ingi Jon Sverrisson is the Manager of TOURIS. He is an seasoned tour guide with years of experience in touring Icelands highlands and lowlands. Ingi Jon Sverrisson has long experience in planning and organizing all kinds of tours and activities for individuals and groups in Iceland.

Enjoy Self Drive Tours – Car Rental Packages in Iceland

Enjoy Self Drive Tours – Car Rental Packages in Iceland

Article by Ingi Jon Sverrisson

A well planned tour to Iceland can be a perfect way for getting rid of the regular hassles of a stressed city life. One can hire the service of an Iceland tour operator that offers some good packages and organizes everything on behalf of you.

The Iceland vacations get a new dimension if they are enjoyed in self driven cars. In recent times, the self driven tours are becoming more and more popular among all the other transport services provided by the tour operators. Being among the top travel agents for organizing tours in Iceland, has a number of self-drive packages in store for you. They have planned these packages including accommodations in hotels, farmhouses and guest houses along with arrangements of car rental in Iceland. You will have a chance of getting more intimate to Iceland by availing any one of these invaluable offers.

You may be alone with your fiance or with your entire family; the self driven tours can be the best selection for you all. As a bonus you will get all kinds of facilities like delicious culinary and comfortable beds.

If you are adventurous, and independent in nature, then grab the opportunity of exploring this exciting region by driving on your own. will take care of all the other needs of the vacation. Now, let us have a look at the options offered by them.

The packages have tours designed to different parts of Iceland along with some major diversions, like the lowland sights, National Parks, Great Geysir region adorned by geysers and hot springs, Gullfoss, Glacial Lagoon and many more. These packages vary both in their routes and durations. Each of them will make you experience some of the most thrilling activities like sleigh riding, and snowmobiling on the glaciers of Iceland. Have the details from and decide which one to suit your requirements of an ideal tour to Iceland.

Rent a car from and they will surely provide you the models in best conditions. They are also extremely strict in maintaining the rules. Each of the tourists has to follow certain rules and regulations while going for these offers. You must be more than twenty years of age and have a proper driving license for getting the opportunity for availing the excitement of a self driven holiday in Iceland. However, all these precautions are taken only for the safety of the tourists.

About the Author

Ingi Jon Sverrisson is the Manager of TOUR.IS. He is an seasoned tour guide with years of experience in touring Icelands highlands and lowlands. Ingi Jón Sverrisson has long experience in planning and organizing all kinds of tours and activities for individuals and groups in Iceland.

Iceland Is Getting Bigger – Holidays To Iceland, A Geological Wonder

Iceland Is Getting Bigger – Holidays To Iceland, A Geological Wonder

Article by Vikki Beale

A growing number of visitors are taking Iceland holidays to see the country’s impressive collection of natural wonders – the kind you once heard about in a Geography classroom. The package holidays Iceland offers include walking on volcanoes and glaciers, swimming in hot pools, and seeing the place where the world gets wider.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Holidays to Iceland offer a rare opportunity to witness a phenomenon that is usually concealed by 3,400 metres of Atlantic waters. A mid-ocean ridge crosses dry land here, so Iceland holiday makers get to see the join of two continental plates and the canyons that form where the ground is splitting. This means that as the plates grow apart Iceland is getting wider at a rate of about 5 cm per year.

Working-up a Lava

This creative power is evident in the nearby island of Surtsey. The island rose from the ocean floor after a series of eruptions between 1963 and 1968. The “lava bombs” and volcanic material cooled and hardened to form one of the world’s newest landmasses, at one point growing at the rate of an acre per day. Unfortunately there will be no holidays to Iceland’s little brother; visits to Surtsey are restricted to those conducting scientific research.

Since a volcano erupts here an average of once every five years there are many chances for those on Iceland holidays to walk on a lava landscape: black rippled sheets of what once was lava, floods of basalt and ash, and fields of ‘scoria’, which are areas of uneven – almost bubbly – volcanic rock. Some of those who take holidays to Iceland talk about how much it looks like a moon landscape.

Hot & Cold Running Water

But it’s the eruptions occurring every five or ten minutes that will feature on the itineraries of most package holidays. Iceland is famous for its geysers, especially for those at the town of Geysir, after which the hot fountains are named. Some of these plumes spurt frequently; others do not show for years before blasting boiling water sixty metres into the air.

For the water moving in the other direction, Iceland delivers generously, too. The Gullfoss waterfall, and the ‘Queen of Iceland’ waterfall provide wonderful attractions for Iceland holidays; the thunderous Dettifoss goes one further, claiming the title of the most powerful waterfall in Europe. The volume of Iceland’s water system is enhanced by meltwater drawn from its glaciers. Glaciers, too, are water on the move in a sense, but their power is less obvious at a glance. Though they appear hardly to move, their sheer size and the magnitude of erosion that they force upon the landscape (such as the fjords) is difficult to ignore.

More than a tenth of Iceland’s area is covered by glaciers at some point during the year, so this provides ample opportunity for tourists to explore the strange and captivating ice-landscape. Iceland holidays might¬†include hikes across a glacier, or organised trips on snowmobiles or a tour in larger vehicles across the larger glacial areas.

When glaciers meet the ocean they put on yet another show. Seeing and hearing their ice walls crumble into the water is quite a spectacle and boat trips to see this happening in the fjords can be added to some specialist holidays. Iceland is always in flux it seems, whether it is melting, moving, exploding or growing, it makes itself a prize destination for seeing this world’s geological phenomena in force.

About the Author

Vikki Beale is a holiday expert for iceland2go, a specialist operator providing holidays to Iceland and Greenland. We provide luxury tailor-made itineraries and the finest package holidays Iceland can offer, with sights including glaciers, geysers, fjords, and the Northern Lights.

Tips for Those Considering a Vacation to Iceland

Tips for Those Considering a Vacation to Iceland

Article by David Brooks

I recommend visiting Iceland wholeheartedly but, there are some things you should know before you go.

First let me say, before I spew out all the negatives, that Iceland is a real gem of a country in more ways then I can say. But, the country is kind of an anomaly. It is small, very small and there are only about three hundred thousand Icelanders. That many people would make you would wonder how their economy survives. But it does and, in fact, they enjoy a very high standard of living. Iceland is also very beautiful, clean and exotic. The air is clean, the water is pure and the nature unspoiled. When the weather is good, enjoying the Icelandic outback is a world-class experience. Iceland is also a very modern place so you can enjoy all the amenities you are accustomed to. So, as I mentioned, if you are interested in visiting this beautiful land, here are some of the negatives you may want to be aware of.

First off I must mention the weather. Iceland’s weather is notoriously capricious. You can literally have four seasons in one day. That’s not just hyperbole; I have experienced it for myself. Also, it is almost never really warm. The average summer temperature is somewhere in the mid-to-high 50s. That isn’t to say that on occasion it can’t get warmer, that’s just the average. It can also rain in Iceland – a lot. You could go there and have rain for the whole vacation. So, come prepared for wind and rain and wear layers so you can modulate your temperature as the circumstance dictates.

The second big issue is that Iceland is galactically expensive. Food is three to four times the cost compared to America. This can come as a real shock for US visitors who are used to cheap food. This is less true for European tourists who are used to higher costs. Also, alcohol is very expensive. I believe that Iceland ranks right up there with the most expensive alcohol prices. If you drink, I would¬†recommend buying your booze in the duty free store before you enter the country. You will be limited to certain quantities. Once you are in the country you will need to find a “Vin Bud,” pronounced, “veen booth” which literally means “wine store.” The Icelandic government has a monopoly on all alcohol and these are state run stores. There are many scattered around Reykjavik and here and there around the country. They are not always open, like 7-11’s in the states so, keep this in mind. If you buy drinks at a restaurant be prepared to be shocked. A beer is at least and a glass of wine is anywhere between and up. Eating out is tremendously expensive. I would recommend shopping for most of your meals if you can.

Next is the cost of rental cars and hotels. If you plan on traveling outside of Reykjavik, you will need a car unless you want to take a bus tour or jeep tour. If you are just going to stay in the capital you can get around just fine with the bus system, or on foot. If you do rent a car you should know that gas in Iceland is, currently, about .00 per gallon. So, make sure your budget can handle it. Hotel rooms are outrageous, so if you are willing to lower your room expectations, I would recommend staying at a guesthouse. Most of the guesthouses have common showers and a common kitchen so you can cook. There are many in Reykjavik and many more scattered around out in the country.

I know that I am not painting a very pretty picture here. But, in truth, if you have traveled to Europe you already know about high prices. It’s just that Iceland seems to take it a step further. But, you can get by with a little less and the pay off is that you will get to experience a truly wonderfully unique country. What I am saying is that, despite the costs, it is worth going. Just be prepared.

There are many things to do in Iceland. You can take bus tours, jeep tours, hiking tours, and just about every other outdoor pleasure you can imagine. You can enjoy the wonderful spas and pools all over Reykjavik, visit museums, art galleries and more. The downtown area of Reykjavik is very charming and old world. Other areas are very modern and cutting edge. The Reykjavik nightlife is pretty much world famous, so if you like to party then this is a good destination for you.

I personally would recommend the jeep tours. These Iceland tours will take you out of the city to almost anywhere you want to go. They have themes and cool destinations; just bring a rain parka and a wad of Icelandic kronur. – David Brooks

About the Author

David Brooks is a customer service specialist at, a internet retailer of window treatments, blinds, shutters and shades.

A Vacation To Remember In Iceland

A Vacation To Remember In Iceland

Article by Jonathon Hardcastle

As a senior executive for a large multinational corporation, I have been assigned to nine different countries in five different continents over the last 20 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and adapting to new cultures. But perhaps my favorite perk of the job is that it allows me to have my annual vacations in some of the most exotic locations on the planet. My vacation last summer has to count as one of the most surprising and most pleasant of all. It may sound hard to believe, but I really had a grand time spending nearly three weeks in Iceland.

As the name implies, Iceland is constantly covered in ice as more than 11 percent of the country is covered by ice glaciers. I know, that doesn’t sound very cozy, but Iceland’s climate is surprisingly mild and filled with countless geothermal hot spots.

Located in Northern Europe, Iceland is actually a large mountainous island in the North Atlantic that comprises one of the most picturesque places you will ever see. It is never dark in Iceland and nearly the entire landscape is filled with beautiful and colorful wildflowers, especially around the hills that surround the island’s deep fjords. The view of the ocean, mountains and delicate grassy shores is spectacular and breath-taking.

The typical Iceland vacation starts with a cruise from one of the many ports of Europe. You will sail through the country’s beautiful deep natural harbors and witness its quaint farming villages perched delicately on the rocky shores.

Once in Iceland, you will have every opportunity to try their natural hot springs, which are known all over the world and are universally recognized as sort of a native national pastime. Like bears in hibernation, Icelanders enjoy spending most of the winter and much of the summer months blissfully soaking in these springs to pass the long months of night away in relative comfort. It seems like the entire island is filled with these natural hot springs.

Traveling by car around the countryside is a novel experience as well since there is only a single road that traverses the whole rim of the island and affords a majestic view of island’s barren and icy interior.

About the Author

Jonathon Hardcastle writes articles on many topics including Travel, Outdoors, and Recreation