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Hvannadalshnúkur4 – 130510 – Top of Mt Sandfell.

TheHiking Club Toppfarar hiking the highest peak of Iceland in 2.110 m. Great trip on a splendid day with no wind and the sun shining on the way up and snowing on the way down. Total of 20 participants plus three guides from Glacier Guides hiked 26 km in 12:25 – 13:04 hrs. with ascendance of 2.030 m. In this video we have hiked the Mt Sandfell which is the first part of the hike and the group is resting in about 700 m height in a crispy still weather and great view… the crazy club members already nicknaming the guides which are realizing what kind of a high spirited group they are guiding 😉

A Brief Tour of Majestic Iceland

A Brief Tour of Majestic Iceland

Article by Bjorn Olav Jonsson

Fríkirkjan um kvöld

Reykjavik, being the capital city of Iceland always stays the centre of attraction among the tourists visiting this small but very beautiful and natural country. All the attractions of the city of Reykjavik are packed within the very small area. The very popular tourist destinations of this city are Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral, Asmundasafn and Kjarvalsstadir museum and not to mention the Perlan building which can show you the entire city from the top view.

Another very popular thing connected with Iceland is the golden circle route. It is a very popular tourist route which includes visits to some of the most popular tourism destination of Iceland such as Thingvellir national park, the Geysir area, the Gullfoss, Skalhat and the Kerid.

Thingvellir national park is considered the lap of Iceland’s politics. It was here that Iceland’s politics came into being. At this very place, world’s first parliament came into existence in 930 A.D. Not only because of this reason, but Thingvellir is also very popular as it has very bright historic background and one of the most attractive places in entire Iceland.

Next stop to this golden circle route is the Geysir area. This area is well-known because geo-thermal springs are located here and pulls huge crowd towards themselves. In this part of the world, it appears as if earth is still not fully primed and is boiling. Huge amount of steam swirls above the colorful puddles which are full of mud. This mud is also used for medical purposes. During the peak period of their boil, these geysers can go up to the height of 30 meters.

Next is the Gullfoss in the golden circle. This is not very far from the geysers. One will be amazed to see such a difference in nature in such a short distance. The crystal clear water of river Hvita falls from the height of more than 32 meters into a very narrow canyon. If you are lucky enough to witness this place on a pleasant day in summer season, you can see some outstanding views of rainbows created by the vapors arising from the falling water. In winter season, some areas of this waterfall is frozen which gives huge increase in the beauty of this area.

Next stop Skalhat village holds a very important position in the history of Iceland. This is the place where Icelandic bishops have their royal seat in ancient era. Kerid is the next stop in this golden circle tourism route. It was once a very dangerous looking volcano crater but now, by the courtesy of Mother Nature, it has been converted into a very beautiful underworld lake with the green appearing water.

Other than these very popular sights, Iceland is full of many other surprises for all its guests. There is another route known as the silver circle route which covers the most amazing destinations of western coast. Some of them are Hvalfjordur fjord, which is the biggest in the Iceland, Dieldatunguhver, which is the most powerful geo thermal spring in entire Europe and Reykholt, which is considered as the cultural capital of Iceland.

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Things to Do on Holidays in Iceland

Things to Do on Holidays in Iceland

Article by Suzel taber shaw

Europe has always been a favourite holiday spot for people from across the world. There are many areas in Europe that are hotspots for tourism and one such place that is growing in popularity year on year is Iceland. With its many Fjords, majestic mountains, blue lagoons and beautifully clean cities Iceland is an amazing place to spend your holiday.

Finding a perfect location to stay in Iceland is not that difficult, but making sure that you get to all the places you want to see in comfort can be a much trickier task. Exotic Iceland really makes the perfect destination for any holiday, and good planning is essential. The interior mainly consists of a plateau characterized by sand fields, mountains and glaciers, while many big glacial rivers flow to the sea through the lowlands.

Known as the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland is home to many volcanic mountains and glaciers which provide magnificent scenery for tourists. You can even get away from the city noise and chill out on one of the luxury beaches of Iceland. It is an island country located in the North Atlantic Ocean between mainland Europe and Greenland. There are ample opportunities for the budding photographer to snap rare birds, wildlife in its natural environment or the beautiful rolling landscapes that make Iceland a favourite holiday choice to the many visitors that return there every year. If you have never spent a holiday in Iceland then you are truly missing out on a wonderful experience and a most relaxing time. There are many choices of luxury hotel accommodation with the very best amenities. Whatever you decide make sure that you investigate the many opportunities that Iceland has to offer for holidaymakers. Beautiful scenic views and fresh sea air will revive even the most tired traveller and help recharge the batteries.

There are many Things to Do on Holidays in Iceland like whale-watching, kayaking and horseback riding. You can indulge in exciting activities or you can just relax and enjoy the surroundings and have a peaceful holiday. You can also explore the Island and see all the wildlife or take a boat trip and indulge in some fishing or a cruise through some of the fjords. is a website that specialises in holidays to Iceland and the surrounding countries, and is full of information regarding each location as well as having friendly staff more than willing to share their own experiences and knowledge of the area.

Talk to Taber Holidays and let them help you plan your perfect holiday to Iceland.

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Iceland Tours to See Natural Wonders

Iceland Tours to See Natural Wonders

Article by Vikki Beale

Escorted tours to Iceland’s unusual countryside are a great way to discover this wonderful landscape. You can take tours of Iceland’s valleys, fjords, lava fields, mountains, waterfalls and geysers, as well as its cultural sites. Iceland guided tours provide a perfect introduction to this interesting destination.

Iceland’s countryside seems always to be changing. A field of ice one day could be a lake the next; a waterfall may be an icy trickle one day and a roaring stream another. Depending on the season, fjords may be dotted with islands among serene waters or jammed with strange sculptures of floating ice. With a landscape in flux, escorted tours to Iceland’s landmarks and geographical features are one of the best ways to learn about the interesting things you will see in this amazing country.

The Glaciers, Geysers & Waterfalls Tour

An example of a six-day escorted tour to Iceland is the ‘Glaciers, Geysers and Waterfalls’ tour, which packs many natural wonders into your Iceland holiday. You’ll tour Iceland’s national parks on the southern shore, including the breathtaking Skaftafell.

Skaftafell is a vast protected area with large volcanic mountains, open plains and the giant Vatnajökull, which is the largest mass of ice you are ever likely to see (unless you make it to the Arctic or Antarctic). Being the largest icecap in Europe, Iceland tours are sure to take you to see the dramatic glacial spurs at its edge.

Iceland guided tours will take you to the Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon in Skaftafell. On a sunny day, if you position yourself at the correct angle to the sun, the light will catch the sediments in the water and make the lagoon appear a spectacular turquoise. The icebergs can be many colours: sometimes they will appear dazzling white, or tainted with black volcanic dust, or glowing a bright blue. If the temperature is right you may see crystalline, clear ice shapes in the water.

In Hot Water

After all that ice, you may want your Iceland guided tour to warm you up a little. For this, you’ll visit a geothermal pool for an open air swim in waters heated by underground volcanic rock. This is a fun activity, and a common feature on many escorted tours to Iceland.


The main waterfall you will see on Iceland guided tours is Gullfoss. Be amazed at the large volumes of water that fall over Gulfoss’s staggered steps and hammer into a deep crevice in the ground. As you can imagine, it is a popular site for visitors.

Planning an Iceland Tour

There’s no need to worry about organising accommodation since it will be arranged as part of the tours. Iceland’s tour guides speak English and are able to explain what you are seeing, describing the geological or cultural significance of the many landmarks you will come across.

Some operators of escorted tours to Iceland are able to adapt or modify their itineraries to suit what you would like to see, and have tour managers who will create an itinerary especially for you. This means you can put together tailor made Iceland tours based upon your choice of the destinations mentioned earlier, as well as many more.

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Vikki Beale is a holiday expert for iceland2go, a specialist operator providing a selection of itineraries for the best tours Iceland can provide. We arrange luxury holidays and tailor-made escorted tours to Iceland and Greenland, with sights including glaciers, geysers, fjords, and the Northern Lights.

Top 10 Iceland Attractions and Things to Do

Top 10 Iceland Attractions and Things to Do

Article by Nia Peters

The outdoors person will love visiting Iceland. This country has some of the most dramatic landscapes caused by volcanic eruptions. Some parts of the country are a result of glaciers, while other parts haven’t changed since the time of the Vikings.

Reykjavik the capital is surrounded by water, and offers visitors a large choice of boat tours that take people out whale watching. Many different types of whales are found in these waters as well as dolphins and porpoises. Make sure to choose a trip that takes you near the islands where there are large colonies of puffins.

An exciting way to see Iceland is by air. There are tour companies that take people up for a unique look at the entire area from the sky. This is a great way to see some of the most beautiful parts of the country. Most companies will tailor a trip to whatever your needs might be. A great idea for a family outing is to go on one of these excursions.

One of the most relaxing things to do in Iceland is to visit the thermal spas and pools. In Reykjavik they are found all over the city and offer a wonderful way for the traveler to kick back and relax. No matter what the weather, these geothermal springs are always warm and open to the public. For a special treat, visit the Blue Lagoon which is fed by hot mineral water from beneath the earth.

If you are an outdoors person and want to be active on your vacation Iceland offers it all, from horseback riding to trekking through vast areas of wilderness filled with wildlife. Iceland has three national parks for visitors to explore. The main one for visitors to see is Vatnajökull National Park, which is the largest park in all of Europe. It covers nearly 11% of Iceland and visitors will see the effects of fire and ice competing with each other over the ages.

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is a city that is as cosmopolitan as any on the continent. Minutes away from the city, the traveler will find a beautiful countryside where a number of activities can be found for the adventuresome traveler. Midnight golf is a popular activity just as glacier trekking is, and it can all be found just minutes away from the capital.

If fine dining needs to be part of your vacation, this country has fine dining with some of the most imaginative cuisine you will find anywhere. If nightlife is what you’re looking for, this city is known for having one of the hottest nightlife scenes in Europe.

The city is also filled with culture. From historical sites to museums and theater, the cultural scene is full of life and energy. Iceland is no different than any other cosmopolitan city. There are festivals, exhibitions and plenty of things for a visitor to do and see.

A diverse country, Iceland has beautiful landscapes and a countryside that beckon the outdoor traveler. This truly is a city where there is something for everyone. The people are warm and friendly and love to share their country and culture with visitors. Iceland can truly be a very memorable vacation.

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What “Inspired By Iceland” is trying to Achieve

What “Inspired Iceland” is trying to Achieve

Article by David Brooks

Iceland is a country that relies on tourism and ever since the volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajokull, travel to Iceland has dropped precipitously. Enter Inspired by Iceland.

Eyjafjallajokull (translated means: island mountain glacier) started erupting in April 2010 and, as we all know, disrupted air travel for weeks, stranding tens of thousands of unlucky souls. This cost the airlines billions of dollars and has also cost the numerous businesses in Iceland who rely on tourism. Einar Torfi Finnsson, Chief Marketing Officer of Icelandic Mountain Guides says,…”tour bookings, since the eruption began dropped immediately. But, even though air travel has resumed to near normal levels, people aren’t coming to Iceland for holidays.” Einar went on to say, “people have the perception that somehow Iceland is a disaster zone and that travelling here would be unsafe or somehow unpleasant. This is not the case. Though there was damage to local farms and a few roads, for the most part Iceland is operating as normal.”

I know this first hand. I had the opportunity to travel to Iceland in late May and am happy to report that I spent a fair amount of time wondering where all the damage was. The only evidence I saw was the bridge, located very near Eyjafjallajokull, that was purposely torn-down, in sections, by engineers (to allow flood waters to pass by the bridge without completely destroying it). This bridge is about 2 hours south of Reykjavik and I passed over this bridge on my way to Skaftafell National Park. It was along this section of Iceland’s ring road, heading south, that I noticed the most damage, mostly in the form of pervasive ash.

But, still I was left to wonder, where was all the damage? What is all the media hype about? Back in the US, watching the news coverage of the volcanic eruption would leave you to believe that Iceland was experiencing some kind of armageddon. I am not trying to make light of the disruption to air travel – that was like armageddon. But in Iceland, just one month after the eruption began, there was little direct evidence of any damage.

Enter Inspired by Iceland. This marketing campaign/project was started by the actor Viggo Mortensen and a few others to get people coming back to Iceland by sharing their own stories about how Iceland has inspired them. Apparently, Iceland has some powerful allies; in the short period of time the site has up, it has accumulated hundreds of stories, videos, and photos from everyday travelers to politicians, stars and powerful business people – all trying to spread the message that Iceland is still here and still beautiful. The project was funded by the Icelandic Tourist Association.

And, Iceland tends to inspire. You can’t help it. Iceland reminds people that the earth was once wild and clean and beautiful. Iceland has clean air, clean water, unique and exotic landscapes, and open spaces so you can be alone with your thoughts and nature. Or, if you want to party like you have two livers, Reykjavik, the capital city has a rather infamous nightlife. Either way, Inspired by Iceland urges people to come experience Iceland first hand, then share your experience with others.

So, what inspired me? I did two Iceland tours. One where I got to ride in a super jeep onto a glacier and the other, a glacier-hike day tour near Skaftafell National park. They were both amazing experiences. – David Brooks

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David Brooks is an Iceland travel enthusiast and part-time writer.