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Arnarstapi Fishing Village

Arnarstapi, a fishing village in very interesting natural surroundings, with weird basalt columns, gorges and caves by the coast, in most of which there are populous sea-bird colonies. The most famous cliff is Gatklettur (Hole cliff), through which the sea spouts in stormy weather. The path to the caves is reached through a small gate above the harbour and goes along the top of the cliffs so one sees the caves, and the nesting birds, from above. Walking route to Hellnar. Further information on


In „Postcard from Iceland” You get the visual, and historic highlights of Iceland brought to life with its pure energy Enchanting scenes from the unique and lunar landscapes are mixed with facts from the history of Iceland and the spirit of the supernatural as well as modern culture, Reykjavik’s night life etc. This is a postcard that conveys the unique experience of Iceland; more meaningful than any other postcard you have ever sent. Postcard from Iceland is brought to life by the enterprising generation of Icelandic creative people: director Kristjan Kristjansson and actresses, Halla Vilhjalmsdottir. Bonus Features: * Photos * The BLUE LAGOON infomercial * The Icelandair flight history * Made in Iceland fashion spot * Icelandic glacial water infomercial

Private Guides and Private Tours in Iceland

Private Guides and Private Tours in Iceland

Article by Ingi Jon Sverrisson

Private Tours in Iceland

TOUR.IS arranges a range of comprehensive Iceland private tours for individuals or small groups. Our private tour guide can also arranges a pick-up at arrival at Keflavik Airport and drop-off at departure. We are prepared to make a tailor made proposals of how to spend your time in Iceland with the aim of getting the utmost out of your stay.

For a more comfortable private guided tours, we also operate vehicles, suitable for both the paved roads and for rough highland trails. We are experts at arranging unusual itineraries for your stay in Iceland. Let us plan your next private guided tour in Iceland.

Enjoy the Freedom – Book your Iceland private tours

Whether you are for an instance on a business trip or prefer to plan a part of your stay yourself, our private tour guide can also organize a day trips or part of your stay in Iceland.

TOUR.IS base is in Reykjavik but we operate in all of Iceland. We provide you an extensive collection of Iceland private tours with a professional guide so that you don’t miss anything.

Our proposed itineraries can be adjusted to your personal interests in order to get the most out of your stay in Iceland. The main attraction for most visitors is the beautiful and mostly unspoiled nature of Iceland.

While some visitors may have special interests, like Bird Watching, Hiking, Horse riding, the Viking Period, Icelandic Sagas or Geology, to name a few – and we will of course fit in your special interest when making your own special itinerary.

Our private guided tours for small groups or individuals are mostly based on the “Driver-Guide” concept, which means that our guides are also experienced professional drivers, with extensive knowledge of various subjects such as History, Geology, Fauna and Flora, Arts and contemporary Iceland.

All our private tours in Iceland are carefully selected in order to allow our clients to enjoy as much of Iceland’s unique landscape as possible. Detailed proposals and quotations for tailor made tours will be made upon request.

About the Author

Ingi Jon Sverrisson is the Manager of TOURIS. He is an seasoned tour guide with years of experience in touring Icelands highlands and lowlands. Ingi Jon Sverrisson has long experience in planning and organizing all kinds of tours and activities for individuals and groups in Iceland.

Towns and attractions of Iceland

Famous cities and attractions of Iceland

Article by Dagur Jonsson

Iceland is approximately 1O3.1OO square miles big. That makes it 2.5 times, the size of Denmark. Iceland has the reputation to be the most sparsely populated country of the European continent with only around 3 persons per square kilometer. The overall population of Iceland is more or less 295,OOO. Most of Iceland is vacant and more than sixty percent of total population lives in and around its capital city of Reykjavik. But this particular stat does not mean that tourism in Iceland is only limited to in and around Reykjavik. The beauty lies in every city and every place of this absolutely breathtaking country.

Iceland offers every attraction that a tourist dreams of seeing. Whether they are active volcanoes, biggest glaciers or hot springs, Iceland has everything for everyone. As told earlier, every city of Iceland deserves to be seen at least once; following are some known and unknown cities and destinations of Iceland.

Reykjavik- no doubt that Reykjavík is an important tourist destination of Iceland. Being the capital city of Iceland, this city of Reykjavík has always been a centre of attraction for tourists and it has got everything for every tourist. Reykjavik is full of surprises which start from beautiful nature, museums, and exhibitions to great viewpoints, awesome nightlife, first class restaurants and international fast food chains, shopping in shopping malls and small boutiques.

Keflavík-this city has its importance because it is called the entrance of Iceland. It is about one hour away from Reykjavik. Most visitors and tourists see it because it is the closest city to the international airport of Iceland.

The town of Hveragerdi- this town is about eight hours far from capital Reykjavik. This town has the overall population of 2100 people. It is also called the green and warm town. The specialty of this city is that the centre of the town is a geothermal area and this whole city is built around that. This is one most important tourist attraction of Hveragerdi

The village of Hnifsdalur- the main attraction of this small village situated in the valley of Skutulsfjordur is the mountain Bakkahyrna. The mountain leans over this tiny yet very beautiful place. This village is called by the name of the edge of that mountain that, if seen from the sea, has the shape as that of an edge of a knife.

Fjord patreksfjordur- these are two different names of a same place. This small city is about 6 hours drive from the capital Reykjavik. This area is Iceland’s most isolated area. But tourists can enjoy some natural beauty in the form of landscapes of fjords, islands, mountains and valleys.

Dalir area- this area is famous for a village called Budardalur. It is one the few, very exceptional villages in Iceland. It is situated along the sea coast but has no harbor. It is not a fishing village also.

The golden circle- this is the mot famous route of Iceland. The golden circle is the name given to a route taken by almost 90 percent of tourists who are on their vehicles. In very less time, travelers can feel the beauty of Thingvellir, the famous geothermal area of Iceland and superb Gullfoss waterfalls.

These were some of the famous cities and attractions of Iceland. But still Iceland has much more to offer and to be told. One important thing is that citizens of Scandinavian countries do not need a passport to enter or visit Iceland. Plus, citizens of around sixty countries do not need to have visa for at least three months of stay in Iceland. These and more similar offers are making Iceland more and more popular on world tourism map.

About the Author

Dagur Jonsson is the editor of Iceland Guest, a website specializing in tourist information for travelers to Iceland. For more information visit

Holiday in Iceland

Holiday in Iceland

Article by Nancy Eben

The little European country is renowned as the country of fire and ice. It is situated between the mainland of Europe and Greenland. The capital city is Reykjavik. Iceland is taken as the destination for lovebirds; there is folklore in Iceland, “if you have initiated your love in Paris then come Iceland to put the fire in it’. Home to numerous active volcanoes which have shiny ice caps; Iceland is inhabited by almost 0.3 million people who are spread around the coastal and urban areas of the country.

Iceland is a natural bequest as it has received a uniquely diversified geology. Its icecaps are the largest after Antarctica and Greenland and it is replete with hot water geysers, which offers panoramic view. Tour to Iceland is quite haute among young exhilarators nowadays. Comprised of fire and snow, the geologically young country calls you to enjoy the perfect blend of natural contrast.

It is considered as a paradise for hikers. National Parks and Conservation Areas around Iceland are quite appealing. Summers are supposed to best to spend holidays in Iceland. A holiday in Iceland can tempt you with numerous activities including Horse riding, fishing, sea-angling, water-rafting, kayaking, canoeing, snowmobile ride and many more.

If you are looking for more than you can take strolls in the scenic sanctuaries of the country; while spending holidays in Iceland, many people opt for boat trips. These are supposed to be the most pulsating activity for holidaymakers in Iceland. To take the complete pleasure of Iceland tourism, you can enjoy the speed of glacial torrents in the country. Whale watching and dolphin watching are another tantalizing activity in Iceland, which becomes breathtaking in mountainous backdrop.

If you are looking forward for a cultural enticement in Iceland, you can checkout local museums, turf farms, historical buildings of Reykjavik and local churches. These places have more than hundred sagas to tell.

What have you planned for this summer? You are going to board for which tourism destination? Confused? I have a suggestion; explore the bewilderment of snowy land. Iceland will be on high this summer, as travel agencies are offering the best deals on Iceland holiday packages. You can avail these Iceland tour packages either from your travel agent or from online Iceland Travel Guides. Apart from better deals in Iceland hotels, these travel assists in getting flight-tickets as well. What are you looking for; get your package booked today only.

About the Author

By:- Nacy EbenIceland Hotels

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Maunin Olara Icelandic Holiday Cottages

Maunin Olara Icelandic Holiday Cottages

The little European country is renowned as the country of fire and ice. It is situated between the mainland of Europe and Greenland. The capital city is Reykjavik.
Home to numerous active volcanoes which have shiny ice caps; Iceland is inhabited by almost 0.3 million people who are spread around the coastal and urban areas of the country.

Iceland is a natural bequest as it has received a uniquely diversified geology. Its icecaps are the largest after Antarctica and Greenland and it is replete with hot water geysers, which offers panoramic view. Comprised of fire and snow, the geologically young country calls you to enjoy the perfect blend of natural contrast.

It is considered as a paradise for hikers. The mountains and valleys that cross Iceland are quite appealing. Summer is the perfect time to visit Iceland, and can tempt you with numerous activities including Horse riding, fishing, sea-angling, water-rafting, kayaking, canoeing, snowmobile ride and many more.

If you’re looking for a place to stay the Maunin Olara holiday cottage offers the perfect place to stay while you explore all Iceland’s attractions. Our beautiful heated timber built cottage has the capacity to sleep nine so there is plenty of room for the whole family.

The cottage is fully furnished with full amenities, includingTV with DVD player,washing machine, a sauna and large gas barbeque.

The town of Selfoss is only a brief walk away (about 10 minutes) with the village of Eyrarbakki, a lovely little village withthe most traditional Icelandic houses only about 20 minutes drive. Hveragerdi the local town is 35 km (about thirty minutes from Reykjavik). This Town contains all the local amenities you could need including bank, post office, supermarket and petrol station. There are as well as a varity of cafes and resturants perfect for those who want to eat out.

Getting Around On Your Iceland Holidays

Getting Around On Your Iceland Holidays

Article by Vikki Beale

Iceland has an abundance of extraordinary landscapes and sights to take in along its coast. With natural spectacles such as geysers, lagoons, glaciers, fjords and volcanoes the question is which modes of travel will you use to see it all on your holidays to Iceland?

Getting Around on your Iceland Holidays

‘Around’ is the right word. There’s a great deal to see on and near Iceland’s coastlines so you’ll find that the coach tours for Iceland holidays won’t stray more than eighty kilometres from the sea. Along the coast you might come across a gleaming transparent ice-boulder lying on a coal-black beach. Or you might see waters filled with drifting turquoise tinted icebergs. And the great capital of Reykjavik (a ‘must see’ on your holidays to Iceland) rests on the glassy waters of Faxaflói Bay. It is linked to the other cities and the other coastal sights by a huge ring road that threads around the edge of the country.

Since no-one lives far inland there are only a couple of roads that cross the interior, and access to these is seasonal. The coach tours will get you in far enough to visit the sights popular on Iceland holidays, such as the Waterfalls at Gullfoss and the dramatic hot springs at Geysir. But beyond these, Iceland becomes difficult to negotiate. To penetrate the country’s inner frontier – in search of the lava fields, volcanic craters, deserts and mountain scenery – you’ll need to climb aboard a different kind of transport.

Big Wheels and Hooves

This is indeed a country of unusual and extreme landscapes, so the more specialist holidays to Iceland will involve some extreme vehicles to help you see more of it. Many people are mistaken in thinking that the whole of Iceland is buried under a deep wall of snow, but for the parts that really are, you will need a vehicle made for the job.

Commonly, operators of Iceland holidays use specialist 44 vehicles known as ‘Super Jeeps’ to transport visitors between the sights. These are powerful rovers with bulbous wheels that bound and charge through the snow drifts, making the ride as exciting as the scenery. You might drive these inland to the lava fields or through another of the formidable terrains in Iceland. Holidays can be relaxing here too though, with horseback treks for those places hard to reach on foot. Equally, a stroll near the lakes of the Thingvellir National Park suggests a more leisurely pace, and perhaps you’ll enjoy a dip into a natural hot pool.

Wings and Fins

Some specialist holidays in Iceland feature a plane tour of the island. This makes it possible to witness the amazing variety of the countryside within a single day. A fly-drive tour can be tailor-made to show the highlights of Iceland, and package holiday itineraries exist which let you see all of the country’s regions within two weeks.

Just in case you forget you’re on an island, you should include a boat trip. There’s Whale Watching from Husavik Harbour, and in the summer months when the fjords are clear of ice, the boats can take you to where the glaciers spill from the land into the sea.

Of course, you may choose not to stay constantly mobile. There’s plenty to keep you in Reykjavík for a few days. But if you still haven’t had enough excitement on your Iceland holidays, there are always the snowmobiles to try!

About the Author

Vikki Beale is a holiday expert for iceland2go, a specialist operator providing holidays to Iceland and Greenland. Iceland2go has a dedicated team of experienced travel consultants ready to share their knowledge to create the perfect tailor-made itineraries and finest package holidays Iceland offers, with sights including glaciers, geysers, fjords, and the Northern Lights.

Iceland Holidays for Cheap through Iceland Total Website

Iceland Holidays for Cheap through Iceland Total Website

Thrill seekers wishing to see the recent volcanic eruption at the Eyjafjallajokull glacier, alongside other Iceland holidays in 2010, can through the excellent online travel agency The website offers a multitude of Iceland holiday ideas, such as self drive holidays, car rentals, vacation packages, flights, accommodation, day tours and activities.

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Operated by Iceland Travel, Iceland Total is the biggest travel agency and tour operator in Iceland, and is part of the Icelandair Group.

Iceland Total is has been providing the best travel services in Iceland for many years and as the time is passing by its services and quality of these services is increasing too which make it the best travel company in Iceland. So if you are planning to go on a vacation in Iceland and want to enjoy the best time of your life then you do not need to look further than Iceland Total.

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