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Looking to get away? Try a glacier hike in Iceland. Really.

Looking to get away? Try a glacier hike in Iceland. Really.

Article by Dan Patrick

Iceland-it’s not actually covered in Ice, that’s Greenland. Iceland, in fact, is mostly green.

Thoughts of Iceland, Ice-land to most Americans, conjures up images of frozen land, frozen people and glaciers. To be sure, it can be cold in Iceland and there are glaciers-some of the most incredible and accessible glaciers in the world, in fact-but glaciers cover only about 11% of the country.

Iceland is mostly unspoiled and natural, and you can get to the most incredible places quite easily, unlike many of the national parks and beautiful places in the U.S. Here, too often, ‘nature’ is available for your viewing pleasure from sunup to sundown, after you find a parking space, gain the blessing of a gate attendant, and wander down a trail with fences on two sides like pedestrian slot cars. A highly orchestrated nature experience isn’t a nature experience.

Things are different in Iceland. You can really get out there if you like. Whether you’re the find-it-yourself type and like to spend your vacation out of a rental car (or Holiday out of a car for hire if you’re from the UK), or if you prefer to connect with a local tour company to take you directly to the best spots – either way, you’ll see incredible landscapes. Keep in mind, ‘best spots’ is another concept where you’ll need to shift your thinking away from the familiar roadside turnout photo opp that first involves parking logistics and some form of waiting, to places where roads often have no barrier and you realize you don’t need a map to find a beautiful spot.

I’m a find-it-yourself type by nature, but over the years I’ve grown to enjoy the personal service of private or small group guided tours. I don’t need to worry about whether I’ve picked the best spot based on an outsiders quick education via brochures, web sites and airport conversations, nor do I want to share my experience with a busload of people in a large group tour.

I also like to experience a new place up-close and personally. Sure, you can visit a new place, and while you’re there, read about the history, the people, and the land, but you can do that from home in front of a computer! When I go someplace new, I want to do things that are not possible to do anywhere else, to go outside and touch things, hike the land, smell the air,…drink from a glacier!

Hiking, to me is nearly a religious experience. It’s the only thing I can do where I am equally comfortable in conversation, sharing the experience live and out loud with my wife or a friend, or silent, soaking it in at the highest bandwidth possible.

Check out a hiking experience with the local pros – they know the best places to take you and it’s not in a queue of 65 day-trippers going to the same spot-there are lots of great places to go and the guides adapt around your needs and desires.

Iceland hiking is like a distilled version of hiking elsewhere. The clean air, clean land, living landscape of tundra, volcanoes, glaciers, fjords and hot springs afford an unparalleled experience of nature. With direct flights from major US Metro airports and easy access to lodging and touring companies, an Iceland getaway is closer than you think.

About the Author

Dan is an outdoors and nature lover, recent convert to glacier hiking and tours in Iceland, and writer.

Arctic Iceland cruises?

What is there to see when stopping at Reykjavik on Arctic Iceland cruises?

Article by Dipika Patel

If you are looking for a holiday that will take you well off the beaten track, there are few better choices than heading north on Arctic, Iceland and Greenland cruises.

The image you have in your mind when you think about cruises is likely to be of sunning yourself in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, but you will also find plenty to enjoy in the north Atlantic and Arctic oceans, including the fascinating city of Reykjavik.

Iceland’s largest city – the most northerly capital in the world – is packed with interesting sights, including the spectacular Hallgrimskirkja church, City Hall and Hofdi House, the scene of the crucial 1986 summit meeting between presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.

You can also enjoy some peace and quiet on the shores of Tjornin, Reykjavik’s city centre lake, or take in the views over the capital’s brightly coloured traditional houses from the futuristic Perlan building.

Reykjavik is also a great place from which to explore Iceland’s glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls and geysers. The island has a rugged landscape with unusual sights at every turn, so you won’t have to travel far from the capital to experience something new.

Thingvellir National Park is a great example of the spectacular countryside you can expect to enjoy during your call in Iceland, with its lava plain and mountains covered in wild flowers, moss and birch trees.

Iceland has a number of geothermal areas, where you will find warm mud pools and geysers. One of the most famous of these is the Strokkur – a spectacular geyser that sprays jets of steam and hot water 16 metres into the air every ten minutes.

Another geothermal-related attraction is the Blue Lagoon, a vast outdoor spa. It is filled with beautiful blue mineral-rich seawater that is ideal for bathing and swimming. The water, which has a temperature of 37-39C, is said to have healing properties, but even if you don’t have any ailments, you are certain to find it a relaxing experience.

Iceland is one of the best places to see a volcano close up and you will be able to arrange a trip to Eyjafjallajokull during your cruise liner’s stop in Reykjavik. If you want to make it an extra special experience, you could even book a helicopter tour that will take you to four different volcanoes.

About the Author

If you are searching for something a little different for your next holiday, why not take a look at what Arctic, Iceland and Greenland cruises have to offer? To find the best voyages available get in touch with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines for full details.

Tours in Iceland

Tours in Iceland

Article by Ingi Jón Sverrisson

Ice, clean air, adventure, cool bars etc make Iceland a topmost destination. The land of unknown surprises, Iceland provides you with so much to see and do such as swimming in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, Whitewater rafting, glacier and mountain snowmobiling and more. Taking advantage of a planned Iceland tour is a wonderful way to be sure you won’t miss anything. Touris offer various kinds of guided bus tours in Iceland and self guided car rental tours as well as all kinds of adventure tours, snowmobile tours, dog sledding tours and more.

Self drive tours in Iceland with pre booked accommodation are among the most popular options for touring this beautiful country. Touris offers a great selection of highland and lowland Self drive tour packages around Iceland, either by a regular car or by four wheel drive vehicle for most the adventurous wilderness travel experience in Iceland.

Iceland Super Jeep tours and snowmobile tours are available too, and are extremely popular with adventurous people who wish to travel to off the beaten track places, not accessible by ordinary cars. Icelandic glaciers and the uninhabited highlands of Iceland are today the most extensive wilderness area in Europe. Touris offers a great variety of highland tours and glacier tours to explore this Iceland wilderness.The tours in Iceland are magical and far different from what you have ever imagined. Filled with colorful wildflowers, Iceland surely has something for every member of your family. Touris offer you a great chance during Iceland tours to discover this beautiful island yourself with your family members and friends.The most used language of Iceland is “the Icelandic”. Icelandic landscape is entirely unique that you won’t find anywhere else. Touris offer you a great opportunity during Tours in Iceland to enjoy all kinds of weather in one day, sun, snowing, rain & even all together. An Iceland tour may let you experience all four seasons in one day. Isn’t it amazing?

Northern lights tours in Iceland are also an amazing tour experience. During the winter months and weather permitting Touris offer evening tours to search for this amazing and stunning sight, the Icelandic Northern Lights or Aurora borealis. People from all around the world visit the country during the winter to go on a Northern Lights tour in Iceland. This unique Icelandic natural phenomenon is a must see for every Iceland visitor during the winter, so make sure that you don´t miss the Northern Lights tour in Iceland.

From black sand beaches to white ice caps, glaciers to volcanoes, cliffs to dual folding waterfalls, dog sledging to whale watching, white water rafting to mountain hiking, the possibilities are not endless at all, but truly fascinating. Have fun! Take a trip to Iceland to know more!!!

About the Author

Ingi Jón Sverrisson is the Manager of TOURIS. He is an seasoned tour guide with years of experience in touring Icelands highlands and lowlands. Ingi Jón Sverrisson has long experience in planning and organizing all kinds of tours and activities for individuals and groups in Iceland.

Iceland Travel – A Mesmerizing Journey to a Snowy Haven & Beyond

Iceland Travel – A Mesmerizing Journey to a Snowy Haven & Beyond

Article by Rose

An Iceland vacation is a great idea! This unique island country shows you how beautifully nature can create. Iceland is a country where travelers can find serenity, calm and peace of mind while having great fun going on mind blowing Iceland excursions. Such as bus tours, whale watching, exploring the South Coast and other breathtaking places and sights. So break free from the boring, everyday routine and get ready to rejuvenate yourself with an Iceland holiday!

Iceland is not only a beautiful and picture perfect country but its people are great hosts too. In your Iceland vacation you will discover the vastness and greatness of this oceanic country through them. Iceland is the second largest island after Great Britain in Europe and has everything that makes it a paradise for explorers. From adventurous tours and Iceland excursions to a peaceful typically Iceland holiday, a traveler can enjoy and connect to his or her true spirit on an Iceland travel tour.

To experience the beauty of this oceanic nation, travelers should opt for convenient and professional car rentals in Iceland as the country is full of awe-inspiring sights. These can only be enjoyed while traveling on road and not hopping from one city to another on a plane. There are numerous car rentals in Iceland, ideally, the Iceland travel package that you are planning on must include car rental service. If not then look for an Iceland vacation tour that is offering all including car rental in Iceland. Also if your travel agent is not able to incorporate the car rental service then he can always refer a registered or licensed car rental in Iceland.

Iceland Travel Vacation Packages – Worth Every Penny

An Iceland holiday is not only to be spent inside luxury hotels or enjoying a hot cuppa mocha looking at the dreamy dusk from a glass window but going out there and doing it all! And trust us, Iceland is like a playground for travel enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Thinking about the Westfjords already? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg or should we say Iceland?

Some Iceland holiday packages also include excursions to Greenland which makes it even more amazing! Trip to Greenland along with Iceland excursions is like experiencing some of the most precious moments of your life.

The delectable cuisine of Iceland is famous too for tickling many palates and pleasing the taste buds, so don’t forget to indulge in local delicacies while on an Iceland vacation. After cuisine, also ensure that you get a glimpse of the national parks, hot geysers and even the famous volcano – Strokkur. Car rentals in Iceland take you around willingly.

Always keep a check on the number of services and benefits provided to you by Iceland travel package providers. Ensure that neither any of the promised Iceland excursion is skipped, car rental in Iceland is guaranteed, etc. For an unforgettable Iceland holiday, choose the best travel agents.

The incredible Iceland vacation awaits you! Come be part of a snowy dream.

About the Author

Iceland vacation packages are easily available. These Iceland packages include a lot things – adventurous Iceland excursions, car rental in Iceland and many more. Travel agents have made Iceland holiday a lot more convenient.

Pure Adventures offers car rental in Iceland

Pure Adventures offers car rental in Iceland

Car Rental Company in Iceland, Pure Adventures offers a comprehensive catalogue of vehicles for car rental in Iceland to suit the needs of its clients for every kind of trip in Iceland.

Pure Adventures has a diverse range of cars to rent in Iceland, from the small Euro Cruiser for 2 persons to the very well-equipped and spacious 7 person Fiat Ducato. When travelling around the island in your own, Pure Adventures offers the most comprehensive choice around.

For adventure seekers, Pure Adventures offers Safari vehicles that can withstand the rugged Icelandic highlands, as well as offering luxury jeeps that can take everyone around in style and comfort. The car hire company also offers a full 24/7 phone assistance whole year round.

The car rental company in Iceland also provides self-drive packages, including everything from a weekend stopover with accommodation, to car journeys around the island. Each trip can be tailored to meet the client’s exact needs.

Pure Adventures is a family operated tour provider, offering customers its services for over 7 years. To find out more about car rental in Iceland, visit

Pure Adventures organizes tailor-made travel for discriminating visitors, whether as individuals or as groups. A family-run tour operator, we have a personal stake in making our clientele happy with car rental and their stay in Iceland. We use our experience as a family tour operator to assist our clients to get the best car rental in Iceland out their time here in Iceland.

When you take a vacation to Iceland, you’ll experience what nature is all about. We offer a wide variety of adventures, where transportation, accommodation, activities, dining and nature itself can give you a completely new perspective on life. All your basic travel needs are covered by our extensive service offerings? Your rest can be taken in a unique mountain resort, a lodge in the wilderness or at a cottage in places you never even imagined existed.

Contact: Pure Adventures – Car rental in Iceland Askalind 8, 201 Kópavogur, Iceland Give us a call or send us an e-mail to turn your ideas into reality: Phone: +354 577 1155 any time, we are available when you need us Fax: +354 588 0446 Regular Office hours: Monday – Friday 08:00 – 18:00 (GMT all year) Saturday 09:00 – 17:00 E-mail us: or

Pure Adventures organizes tailor-made travel for discriminating visitors, whether as individuals or as groups. A family-run tour operator, we have a personal stake in making our clientele happy with car rental and their stay in Iceland. We use our experience as a family tour operator to assist our clients to get the best car rental in Iceland out their time here in Iceland.