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Thorsmork, Valahnukur, in Iceland

Thorsmork is an amazing landscape. It is one of the most remote regions in south Iceland, only acessible to special vehicles. The valley is located between two ice caps and volcanoes, and glacial rivers run in between. There is a birch forest in the valley and much vegetation. This place is very mystical, here we are at the top of Valahnukur, which marks the center of the Ignimbrite formed by a old eruption 54000 years ago. The slope is about half kilometer down, and is absolutely awesome. There are many strange rocks, amazing caves, frigid rivers that flood erratically, icefalls, deep cannyons; no wonder the places here have names as Thorsmork (after the god Thor) and Godaland (the land of the Gods). There are many legends about elfs and trolls, and in fact, for two ocasions, while hiking for about 6 hours we heard strange whispering noises! Accomodation is possible in two small huts in the valley; you must bring food and water with you. The climate is mild but very changeable. To the north you can see the volcanic landscape of Landmannalaugar with many volcanoes, with a famous hiking trail of 3 days called the Laugavetur. Valahnukur is an easy peak, about 1 hour up. These were two very lovely days!

Ljósufjöll 280810 – Down from Miðtindur.

The Hiking Club Toppfarar hiking Ljósufjöll in Snæfellsnes Iceland. Clear skies and sunny with warm and still weather. Total of 33 members hiked three highest peaks in Snæfellsnes, Gráni (1.006m), Bleikur (1.047m) and Miðtindur (1.067m) at a 16,8 km in 8:10 hrs. This was a golden hike with laughter all the way up and down again. In this video the rest of the group is coming down Miðtindur.
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Vestur-og Norðursúla 061110-Vestursúla lower peak

The mountain Hiking club Toppfarar in Iceland hiking two of four peaks of Botnssulur in a still and peacefull weather. Traditional way up but untraditional way down again along a nameless but very beautyfull waterfall and along the river Hvalskarðsá back to the cars. In this video we are hiking Vestursúla the lower peak.
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Arnarstapi Fishing Village

Arnarstapi, a fishing village in very interesting natural surroundings, with weird basalt columns, gorges and caves by the coast, in most of which there are populous sea-bird colonies. The most famous cliff is Gatklettur (Hole cliff), through which the sea spouts in stormy weather. The path to the caves is reached through a small gate above the harbour and goes along the top of the cliffs so one sees the caves, and the nesting birds, from above. Walking route to Hellnar. Further information on

Tourism 101 – a weekend in the Icelandic highlands

What if you had a foreign friend coming over for just one weekend? But you have to test-drive a jeep the same weekend? No problem! Call up a few friends, buy lots and lots of diesel and head to the highlands! Baldur, Soffía, Elli, Eva, Einar and Tashi went for a 700+ km road trip to the inhabitable interior of Iceland, crossing rivers and mountains, bathing in hot streams and cold pools, eating BBQ-food and drinking beer. – I realice the music is a bit fast-paced for nature-scenes, but come on – who’d want to listen to Kenny G???
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