Icelands’ biggest airport lies on the Reykjanes penensula, near a few small towns.

The name Keflavik Airport takes after the biggest of these towns.

Actually Keflavik is the old name for a part of what now is called Reykjanesbær (The Town of Reykjanes).


Sólsetur í Grófinni júlí 2015

Hotel Berg





Icelandair Hotels in Keflavik


tréskúlptúr á flughótel kef A sculpture of wood inside the hotel

hótel keflavík

Hotel Keflavik

hótel keilir við hafnargötu

Hotel Keilir

A10 hótel


Hotel A 10 Deluxe


A10 Hótel í KEF

Hot tub outside the hotel – warm all year around.

Hjónaherbergi í A10 KEF

View from one of the rooms

Norðurljósasalur í A10 KEF

And what they call the Northern Light Lounge




bed & breakfasts



and a great outdoor swimmingpool.

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