Grilling Lobster Tails

Grilling lobster tails is quick and easy thanks to this easy method from Chef Jason Hill. Many people are intimidated on how to cook lobster, but grilled lobster tails are an impressive and simple way to go. If you have a Maine lobster or other variety of lobster, simply split the tails in half and rinse under cool water. Lobster tail recipes are best when made with a scampi-style butter, garlic and parsley sauce. Hill’s recipe for grilled lobster tails uses this method, first by cooking lobster tails on the grill, and then by finishing them off in a saute pan. Side dishes for lobster dinner include garlic mashed potatoes and grilled corn on the cob. See Hill’s accompanying recipe for grilling corn on the cob. We hope this is one of the best lobster recipes you’ll try! Following are the ingredients you’ll need: 2 (8 oz.) lobster tails 2 tablespoons chive oil or extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon garlic-shallot puree (or 2 crushed garlic cloves) 1/2 stick butter 2 tablespoons fresh chopped parsley 2 cups water (use as needed) Salt and pepper (as desired) First, lay the lobster tail on its back. With your knife, set it on the tip of tail. Push knife down into meat and crack through the back of the shell. Gently pull meat apart from the shell, but not completely. Rinse lobster under cool water. Pat dry. Drizzle chive oil or olive oil over the meat. Cover and put in the refrigerator in 30 minutes. Preheat your outdoor gas grill. Place lobster tails, meat side down, on the
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