Hvannadalshnúkur4 – 130510 – Top of Mt Sandfell.

TheHiking Club Toppfarar hiking the highest peak of Iceland in 2.110 m. Great trip on a splendid day with no wind and the sun shining on the way up and snowing on the way down. Total of 20 participants plus three guides from Glacier Guides hiked 26 km in 12:25 – 13:04 hrs. with ascendance of 2.030 m. In this video we have hiked the Mt Sandfell which is the first part of the hike and the group is resting in about 700 m height in a crispy still weather and great view… the crazy club members already nicknaming the guides which are realizing what kind of a high spirited group they are guiding 😉

Magnus & Julianna Interview w/ English Subs (Iceland Today)

Version 1, this is a rough version of the subs. Thanks to wizard55 for getting the translation and thanks to Siggah for making the translation. I did some editing to the translation script and added in some stuff. I don’t know Icelandic, so I used the numbers said to figure out which line went where. There is an [Unknown translation] at some point, but it sounds like Magnus say “Yes…,but…”. The video is from the interview uploaded by mizzglamour and the little dancing bit uploaded by marcelin2. Thanks. As you can see, I merged the 2 videos together, and got rid of some the commercial along with the commercial audio. A bigger version will be available at the forums I go to. Version 2 is available: www.youtube.com
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Jón Leifs: Geysir, preludio per orchestra op.51 (1961)

Jón Leifs (1899-1968): Geysir, preludio per orchestra op.51 (1961) — Iceland Symphony Orchestra diretta da Osmo Vänskä — The music published in our channel is exclusively dedicated to divulgation purposes and not commercial. This within a program shared to study classic educational music of the 1900’s (mostly Italian) which involves thousands of people around the world. If someone, for any reason, would deem that a video appearing in this channel violates the copyright, please inform us immediately before you submit a claim to Youtube, and it will be our care to remove immediately the video accordingly. Your collaboration will be appreciated.
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Sólheimar is a sustainable community where about 100 people live and work together. It was founded in 1930 by Sesselja Hreindís Sigmundsdóttir (1902-1974). Here the emphasis is on the growth and development of people and nature. Individuals are able to work, live and socialise in an environment that they may not have had the opportunity to experience elsewhere. Sólheimar runs on the concept of reverse integration: a society in which the needs of those with disabilities are central, and those with less disabilities adapt.
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Björk Biophilia iPad app review

www.submarinechannel.com We were very pleasantly surprised by Björk’s latest project, Biophilia. Björk stepped out of her comfort zone — if you can call it that — by adding the fascinating realm of musical interactivity to her signature mix of music, art, fashion and performance. The Icelandic siren beckons you into her evocative nebula of vector-esque graphics, where you create your own soundscapes by manipulating Björk’s musical structures. Biophilia combines visuals and sound in a new, fresh and immersive way. It is is visual music in the purest sense. To realize this project, Björk worked together with the accomplished media artist Scott Snibbe. Scott works in different fields, from the mobile platforms to physical motion-tracking installations for museums such as Moma & Whitney.