Askja (Herðubreið 3) – hiking around Askja – 080809

Toppfarar on a four day trip to the highlands in northeast of Iceland to hike the “queen of Icelandic mountains” Herðubreið. Here hiking around Lake Askja which is a big crater at about 220 m deep. This was a total of 24,9 km long walk up to 1.530 m for over 10 hours with a bath in Lake Víti and a lot of stroll on the way. Guess it would take 8 hours minimum for a good hiker to hike the whole way. This day the weather was perfect and the no way to describe the view tha whole way and the feelings one had while hiking through all the peaks and hills. One of the best hikes ever in my life.
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Search and resque in Reykjavik last night – read info:

I was taking photos last night of the sunset and the Octupus,Paul Allens boat( co founder of Microsoft ) Then suddenly the Coast guard Super Puma helicopter,came flying low over the seaside. The flew low,with search lights on and finally stopped near land,over a little boat. On the boat where 2 children and 3 adults sailing in and around Reykjavik. Then the motor stopped,and they where near land,and the boat got to close to land. Helicopter crew used the downwash from the helicopter,to push the boat away from the land. You can see that ,where i used lots of zoom. One man was lowered to the boat,and a rescue boat came from Reykjavik harbour. Many came to watch,and see what was happening. The time was about 23:00 hours local time. THe helicopter,landed nearby ,and shut off its engines. Two boats came to assist,and as you can see ,the weather was good . The search and rescue was succesful,and in the end , the boat,with the children was pulled to safety in Reykjavik harbour. And the children will not forget this adventure they had last night. Why and how the children got to be on the boat,is not known .
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