Flygsa and Tara

We love our horses as they are..We don’t care about the size..that’s our baby’s and we treet them like they deserve. And if you say something ugly about them, we don’t care, because that’s your problem 🙂 And you say your horse can’t to anyrhing!! Well look at these ones, different breed’s, different size and from different country’s. I hope that this video show you that the size don’t matter at all! People often say: ohh this horse is just stupid little pony and is never gonna do stuff like that. Or. This horse is too big to rear, he will just fall on his butt and you can’t teach him to bow because he’s to big? Well that’s not true. Flygsa can do that all and also Tara. Flygsa and Tara are gonna show you guys that the size and were they came from doesn’t matter. If you take the time to work with your horse and be patience, he will be able to do that all. Flygsa is an Icelandic horse and live’s in Iceland and she can do it. Tara is an Shetland Pony and live’s in Germany and she can do it. “Any horse can do anything if you take the time to work with them. It doesn’t matter what breed they are or what blood line they come.

Ljósufjöll 280810 – The peaks ahead.

The Hiking Club Toppfarar hiking Ljósufjöll in Snæfellsnes Iceland. Clear skies and sunny with warm and still weather. Total of 33 members hiked three highest peaks in Snæfellsnes, Gráni (1.006m), Bleikur (1.047m) and Miðtindur (1.067m) at a 16,8 km in 8:10 hrs. This was a golden hike with laughter all the way up and down again. In this video we are getting near the mountain ridge with all three peaks ahead of us, each of them in their own shape and colour, grey, pink and red !