Ljósufjöll 280810 – Down from Miðtindur.

The Hiking Club Toppfarar hiking Ljósufjöll in Snæfellsnes Iceland. Clear skies and sunny with warm and still weather. Total of 33 members hiked three highest peaks in Snæfellsnes, Gráni (1.006m), Bleikur (1.047m) and Miðtindur (1.067m) at a 16,8 km in 8:10 hrs. This was a golden hike with laughter all the way up and down again. In this video the rest of the group is coming down Miðtindur.
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Eyjafjallajokull Eruption Seen From Orbit (2010.03.24)

An ongoing volcano eruption on Eyjafjalla Glacier (Eyjafjallajokull) in Iceland. The volcanic eruption started on 21 March 2010 beneath the glacier, located on the southern tip of Iceland. Partially clear skies on 24 March enabled Meteosat-9 to catch a glimpse of the hot spot (the short line of very dark pixels). credit: EUMETSAT source: www.eumetsat.int
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