Alexandra Chernyshova – “Please go” – new video

Beautifull icelandic landscape, drammatic weather, spooky old bridge and touching sensitive Alexandra´s voice in a new music video – ” PLEASE GO” Music and lyrics by Alexandra Chernyshova Video and editing by Jon Hilmarsson Dress from MaryAlex, Ukraine Records label – DreamVoices, Iceland ”

I would like to introduce my new CD * You and only you* which was published in june 2011. This CD included in the beautifull photobook by Jon Hilmarsson with pictures of icelandic nature.There are 101 photos on 96 pages.Names of places and text are both in English and Icelandic. Á geisladiskunum eru 10 lög/ 10 songs on the CD: 1. You and only you – Music and lyrics by A.Chernyshova 2. Please go – Music and lyrics by A.Chernyshova 3. Somewhere over the Rainbow- Music by H.Arlen,lyrics by E.Harburg 4. Time to Say Goodbye – Music by F.Sartori, lyrics by L.Quearantotto 5. Pie Jesu – Music and lyrics by Lloyd Webber 6. Tears
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Ólöf Arnalds performs Moldin

We had the great pleasure of getting together with Icelandic wonder, Ólöf Arnalds as she performed this great version of Moldin. She is amazing. Make sure you check out her other acoustic song in the next videos and the interview. If you don’t know her check her out at and of course check out the magazine that brings this all to you at and follow us at