In „Postcard from Iceland” You get the visual, and historic highlights of Iceland brought to life with its pure energy Enchanting scenes from the unique and lunar landscapes are mixed with facts from the history of Iceland and the spirit of the supernatural as well as modern culture, Reykjavik’s night life etc. This is a postcard that conveys the unique experience of Iceland; more meaningful than any other postcard you have ever sent. Postcard from Iceland is brought to life by the enterprising generation of Icelandic creative people: director Kristjan Kristjansson and actresses, Halla Vilhjalmsdottir. Bonus Features: * Photos * The BLUE LAGOON infomercial * The Icelandair flight history * Made in Iceland fashion spot * Icelandic glacial water infomercial

“Hot rocks and puffins” Ahartry’s photos around Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Preview of Ahartry’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland Entry Title: “Hot rocks and puffins” Entry: “Slept in a bit. Spent morning doing email — I keep not sleeping well because I’m worried about work and everything I’ve been neglecting with projects there. But it’s too nice of a day to worry about it. So, we departed the hotel and headed for the ferry to the Westerman Islands — which are noted for their golf, their birdlife, and for the 1973 volcanic eruption that nearly eliminated the town and closed off the harbor. Since the town is now the biggest fishing port (and producer of a large proportion of Iceland’s exports), the end of the harbor would have spelled disaster for its inhabitants. Since we don’t golf and have only a passing interest in bird-watching, we intended to focus on the eruption remains. We had no difficulty getting ferry (or “Trebeck”) tickets, or seats in the lounge upstairs … but after the ferry departed, we decided to go outside to watch our approach to the islands. (It was, I should note, a short half-hour and very easy trip over. No seas at all…). As we neared the islands, we started to scare up the sealife. Most amusing were the puffins: they shot out the water looking very much like penguins … except that the puffins would then begin to fly. Pulling into the harbor, we could see where
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Tourism 101 – a weekend in the Icelandic highlands

What if you had a foreign friend coming over for just one weekend? But you have to test-drive a jeep the same weekend? No problem! Call up a few friends, buy lots and lots of diesel and head to the highlands! Baldur, Soffía, Elli, Eva, Einar and Tashi went for a 700+ km road trip to the inhabitable interior of Iceland, crossing rivers and mountains, bathing in hot streams and cold pools, eating BBQ-food and drinking beer. – I realice the music is a bit fast-paced for nature-scenes, but come on – who’d want to listen to Kenny G???
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Backcountry Ski Touring on Iceland’s Troll Peninsula with Bergmenn Mountain Guides

Bergmenn Mountain Guides in Iceland shot this little video teaser this April 2009 during a couple of days of backcountry Alpine Ski Touring on the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland. For more awesome footage from skiing in Iceland visit WWW.BERGMENN.COM where you will find heli ski and ski touring films from the Troll Peninsula, one of the world’s greatest unexplored ski destination. Bergmenn mountain Guides offer a variety of trips to suit every skiers ability be it cross country, alpine ski touring, heli skiing or climbing.

The Sleepless In Reykjavik WebTv Series – Episode 2

The second installment of the Sleepless In Reykjavik WebTv Series, a new music webtv series that focuses on Icelandic music “The new webTV series entitled Sleepless In Reykjavík has been unleashed on the internet. The brainchild of filmmaker and music fanatic Gunnar B. Guðbjörnsson and his music producer / audio whizz brother Hlynur Guðbjörnsson, “I started the show because I love music,” states Gunnar. “I can’t play or sing a note to save my life but I’m good with visuals so this is my contribution to the scene. My brother on the other hand is one of the most talented dubsteb music composers in iceland so I’m pretty lucky — and envious of course. The show is dedicated to all Icelandic music with no emphasis on any specific genre, just good music from wherever it’s coming from.” The show will be aired roughly once a month from now on (no specific date) and the SIR crew plan to be a presence at Iceland’s many festivals and backstage at concerts.” For more information, please visit the Sleepless In Reykjavik website To support us, please visit: