Ariel’s Journey Icelandic Horse Adventure Book

Icelandic Horse breeder Doug Kane has turned his passion for Icelandic Horses into book series. Ariels Journey, Book I of the Ice Horse Adventures Series, written by Kane, along with Christy Wood, was released by Blue Ink Press on November 1, 2008. Kane, a breeder of Icelandic Horses in Ohio, says that the stresses of his job as a design engineer eventually led to his discovering a new hobby horses. After beginning to take riding lessons, Kane became intrigued by Icelandic horses small, sweet-natured trail horses often described as fluffy, stocky magical-looking creatures. Kane later joined forces with Christy Wood, a lifelong horse enthusiast and writer from the Pacific Northwest, and the idea for a book series was born. Ariels Journey, the first of eight books in the Ice Horse Adventures Series, is the story of five teenage girls Kim, Darcy, Emily, Laura, and Andrea who put their everyday differences aside and set out on an overnight trail ride together in present-day Pennsylvania. Riding Icelandic Horses, the young riders will soon discover that these are no ordinary horses. The Ice Horses hold hidden abilities, wisdom, and knowledge. Through the magic of these exquisite horses, the girls embark on an extraordinary journey and travel back in time 800 years to 1200 AD Iceland. A mesmerizing story about triumph, spirit, and friendship, Ariels Journey is an enchanting tale that transcends, time, age, and place. Beautifully written, and resplendent with vivid imagery
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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