Iceland the land of adventure

Iceland on Track is here to make your holiday in Iceland the most thrilling and memorable of your life. Iceland on Track is a registered travel agent and tour operator which can organise individual elements of your holiday or the whole of your adventure from beginning to end. Based in the heart of the country Reykjavik, we offer a full range of customized travel services for luxury holidays to budget holidays. We are an internal travel agent, meaning we focus on your travel requirements whilst you are in Iceland. This enables us to deliver the best travel services in Iceland and customize them to your desires; ensuring a personalized, safe and unique holiday. Email or call now to speak to a Trip Advisor +354 899 5438/+354 895 0985

Icelandic Flatbread

Watch this audio slideshow on how ‘flatbraud’, traditional Icelandic flatbread—the oldest type of Icelandic bread—is made. Flatbread still enjoys widespread popularity in Iceland. It is usually served buttered and/or topped with ‘hangikjöt’ (smoked lamb), smoked salmon or trout and plays a big part in the upcoming Thorrablót mid-winter festivals.

Iceland Hotels

Iceland hotel, Centerhotel Klopp, in the center of Reykjavik has shops, cultural events, cafes, restaurants, nightlife and much more on your doorstep To see CenterHotel Klopp and other Icelandic hotels click then AZ destinations, click Iceland and finally Reykjavik. Attribution for some picture images used under common license. for details copy and paste links into Google Deivis… unhindered by talent…. Andreas Tille….wikipedia .com
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