The Best Sites To Visit On A Holiday To Iceland

The Best Sites To Visit On A Holiday To Iceland

Article by Vikki Beale

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is perhaps the most well known attraction in Iceland and one of the most spectacular, in a destination known for its stunning natural beauty. Heated up by the adjacent geothermal power station, you should leave an entire day to fully appreciate the wonderment of this attraction on your holiday to Iceland, or why not stay overnight? You can choose from a range of in-water treatments or massages, which start at just 15 euros. The mud mask is provided throughout the resort and is said to contain many beneficial minerals. In the afternoon, you can enjoy an invigorating massage and sauna under the waterfall, before ending your evening with themed cocktails in the Lava bar.


Holidays to Iceland are popular with nature lovers due to the amazing glacieral scenery and nature-spotting opportunities that a specialist holiday in Iceland provides. Jokulsaron is simply breathtaking and the landscape here is awash with glaciers and icebergs. The name translates to glacieral river lagoon, and the area is formed by a glacial retreat, which stretches along for several miles. You can rent a small boat or kayak into the river and watch, amazed, as glaciers snap off around you. Even Hollywood has noticed the beauty of this area, and as a result two James Bond movies have been filmed here.


Its rugged terrain and wide open spaces has made Iceland a popular package holiday destination for the adventure crowd. In Iceland, you can try your hand at almost any sports from fly-fishing to free-fall diving, but a super jeep tour around the uninhabited area of Landmannalaugar is the best way to see the sites, whilst having a little fun. The area is made up of dormant volcanoes and features bubbling mud baths and impressive natural lava barriers, but it is Landmannalaugar’s dirt tracks, which are perfect for by 4X4 vehicles. The final river crossing at the end of your tour manages to be both thrilling and actually really quite scary.


No Iceland holiday is complete without taking a gander at the world’s biggest mammals, and Husavik is the best place to view whales in the country. Every species of whale can be spotted here from giant blues to magnificent humpbacks and friendly orcas. The area is also popular with porpoises, and white beaked dolphins will often follow your fishing boat, popping up regularly for photos. Whilst in Husavik be sure to visit the Whale Museum, a remnant from the times where whaling provided the town’s main source of income. You may be the coldest you’ve ever been in your life on a Husavik boat trip, but as each tour has a 95% success rate, who really cares?


Geysir is considered to be the oldest geyser in the world and dates back to 1294. It is a popular destination with visitors on a package holiday to Iceland, and although the spurting is largely sporadic the geyser roughly gushes around three times a day. The nearby geyser of Strokkur erupts more often; at heights of 20 metres about once every five minutes. But, the 60 metre spurts at Geysir are easily much more magnificent and no holiday to Iceland is complete without a visit here.

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Vikki Beale is a holiday expert for Iceland2Go, a specialist operator providing holidays to Iceland and Greenland. Iceland2go has a dedicated team of experienced travel consultants ready to share their knowledge and help you to plan and book your ideal holiday.

Towns and attractions of Iceland

Famous cities and attractions of Iceland

Article by Dagur Jonsson

Iceland is approximately 1O3.1OO square miles big. That makes it 2.5 times, the size of Denmark. Iceland has the reputation to be the most sparsely populated country of the European continent with only around 3 persons per square kilometer. The overall population of Iceland is more or less 295,OOO. Most of Iceland is vacant and more than sixty percent of total population lives in and around its capital city of Reykjavik. But this particular stat does not mean that tourism in Iceland is only limited to in and around Reykjavik. The beauty lies in every city and every place of this absolutely breathtaking country.

Iceland offers every attraction that a tourist dreams of seeing. Whether they are active volcanoes, biggest glaciers or hot springs, Iceland has everything for everyone. As told earlier, every city of Iceland deserves to be seen at least once; following are some known and unknown cities and destinations of Iceland.

Reykjavik- no doubt that Reykjavík is an important tourist destination of Iceland. Being the capital city of Iceland, this city of Reykjavík has always been a centre of attraction for tourists and it has got everything for every tourist. Reykjavik is full of surprises which start from beautiful nature, museums, and exhibitions to great viewpoints, awesome nightlife, first class restaurants and international fast food chains, shopping in shopping malls and small boutiques.

Keflavík-this city has its importance because it is called the entrance of Iceland. It is about one hour away from Reykjavik. Most visitors and tourists see it because it is the closest city to the international airport of Iceland.

The town of Hveragerdi- this town is about eight hours far from capital Reykjavik. This town has the overall population of 2100 people. It is also called the green and warm town. The specialty of this city is that the centre of the town is a geothermal area and this whole city is built around that. This is one most important tourist attraction of Hveragerdi

The village of Hnifsdalur- the main attraction of this small village situated in the valley of Skutulsfjordur is the mountain Bakkahyrna. The mountain leans over this tiny yet very beautiful place. This village is called by the name of the edge of that mountain that, if seen from the sea, has the shape as that of an edge of a knife.

Fjord patreksfjordur- these are two different names of a same place. This small city is about 6 hours drive from the capital Reykjavik. This area is Iceland’s most isolated area. But tourists can enjoy some natural beauty in the form of landscapes of fjords, islands, mountains and valleys.

Dalir area- this area is famous for a village called Budardalur. It is one the few, very exceptional villages in Iceland. It is situated along the sea coast but has no harbor. It is not a fishing village also.

The golden circle- this is the mot famous route of Iceland. The golden circle is the name given to a route taken by almost 90 percent of tourists who are on their vehicles. In very less time, travelers can feel the beauty of Thingvellir, the famous geothermal area of Iceland and superb Gullfoss waterfalls.

These were some of the famous cities and attractions of Iceland. But still Iceland has much more to offer and to be told. One important thing is that citizens of Scandinavian countries do not need a passport to enter or visit Iceland. Plus, citizens of around sixty countries do not need to have visa for at least three months of stay in Iceland. These and more similar offers are making Iceland more and more popular on world tourism map.

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Enjoy Self Drive Tours – Car Rental Packages in Iceland

Enjoy Self Drive Tours – Car Rental Packages in Iceland

Article by Ingi Jon Sverrisson

A well planned tour to Iceland can be a perfect way for getting rid of the regular hassles of a stressed city life. One can hire the service of an Iceland tour operator that offers some good packages and organizes everything on behalf of you.

The Iceland vacations get a new dimension if they are enjoyed in self driven cars. In recent times, the self driven tours are becoming more and more popular among all the other transport services provided by the tour operators. Being among the top travel agents for organizing tours in Iceland, has a number of self-drive packages in store for you. They have planned these packages including accommodations in hotels, farmhouses and guest houses along with arrangements of car rental in Iceland. You will have a chance of getting more intimate to Iceland by availing any one of these invaluable offers.

You may be alone with your fiance or with your entire family; the self driven tours can be the best selection for you all. As a bonus you will get all kinds of facilities like delicious culinary and comfortable beds.

If you are adventurous, and independent in nature, then grab the opportunity of exploring this exciting region by driving on your own. will take care of all the other needs of the vacation. Now, let us have a look at the options offered by them.

The packages have tours designed to different parts of Iceland along with some major diversions, like the lowland sights, National Parks, Great Geysir region adorned by geysers and hot springs, Gullfoss, Glacial Lagoon and many more. These packages vary both in their routes and durations. Each of them will make you experience some of the most thrilling activities like sleigh riding, and snowmobiling on the glaciers of Iceland. Have the details from and decide which one to suit your requirements of an ideal tour to Iceland.

Rent a car from and they will surely provide you the models in best conditions. They are also extremely strict in maintaining the rules. Each of the tourists has to follow certain rules and regulations while going for these offers. You must be more than twenty years of age and have a proper driving license for getting the opportunity for availing the excitement of a self driven holiday in Iceland. However, all these precautions are taken only for the safety of the tourists.

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Ingi Jon Sverrisson is the Manager of TOUR.IS. He is an seasoned tour guide with years of experience in touring Icelands highlands and lowlands. Ingi Jón Sverrisson has long experience in planning and organizing all kinds of tours and activities for individuals and groups in Iceland.

Iceland – a nation with rich history, beautiful people and breathtaking beauty

Iceland – a nation with rich history, beautiful people and breathtaking beauty

Article by Asberg Jonsson

Iceland though has a chilly name, is still known for the warmth that it exudes-be it its people or even its climate. It is a common perception that the Vikings were the first to settle in Iceland. But a few available documents after scrutiny have brought to light some newer facts. These documents speak of the people from British Isles being the first settlers in Iceland. Also the others suggest that the Icelanders are originally of Celtic origin. But the data on which these findings are based is very inconclusive and has many glitches. Hence this topic and the findings remain largely debatable.

Iceland has been ruled over by countries like Norway and Denmark. It is said that a Norwegian called Floki Vigerdason, who had settled here, named Iceland. Even the Icelandic law has drawn quite some inspiration from the Norwegian system.

Iceland is a very thinly populated country. But it is thanks to this that Iceland has been able to save the abounding natural beauty that it possesses. However it is a little costly, but still it is worth seeing and not giving a miss. It is exceptionally beautiful with all the geysers, waterfalls, volcanoes and hot water springs that dot its land all over. The best time to visit this country is the summer time. Wintertime is not very convenient especially for those who like to spend their time luxuriously and sightseeing. Nevertheless if you are one of those adventurous types, you will surely have plenty to do and see in Iceland. During winters say after august, Iceland is richly adorned with incredible scenic beauty. And for those who care to visit this place at around this time, they will surely not be short of any fond memories to take back home!

Iceland is a highly literate country with the literacy rate here being 99.9%. People here are passionate about poetry. Iceland has also produced a noble prizewinner in literature namely Halldor Kiljan Laxness. The most well known literary piece given to the world by Iceland are the ‘Sagas’. They have been written in the years 1180 AD to 1300 AD. These ‘Sagas’ have a detailed account of the history of Iceland, especially the heroes of Iceland who have been dealt with in them. These heroes have been glorified and all their fine qualities such as bravery, honesty, courage, etc have been extensively described in them.

Iceland has produced famous painters like Asgrimur Jonsson, Jon Stefansson, and Johannes Kjarval, the very popular sculptor Asmundur Sveinsson, the well-known opera singer Kristjan Johannsson and pop singer Bjork who sings for the rock band Sigur Ros.

Iceland is a self -declared nuclear free country. It is a part of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). But it has no military of its own and hence USA has taken the responsibility to take care of Iceland’s defense. Though as of today the US army’s presence in Iceland is zilch, it still remains committed to its responsibilities to help Iceland, in case the need arises.

It is also rich in wildlife. Fisheries was until recently one of Iceland’s most important businesses and it still does a lot to promote fisheries and also to protect the interests of its fishermen. But now the Icelandic industry has shifted to other sectors and is developing rapidly in that direction too. Iceland is known as one of the most developed countries in the world.

Iceland is always ready to embrace anyone who visits it and the people who do visit, will never want to leave such a loving and beautiful country!

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Asberg Jonsson is the manager of Iceland Visitor, a company specializing in packages for Vacation in Iceland and day tours in Iceland. For more information visit

Iceland Is Getting Bigger – Holidays To Iceland, A Geological Wonder

Iceland Is Getting Bigger – Holidays To Iceland, A Geological Wonder

Article by Vikki Beale

A growing number of visitors are taking Iceland holidays to see the country’s impressive collection of natural wonders – the kind you once heard about in a Geography classroom. The package holidays Iceland offers include walking on volcanoes and glaciers, swimming in hot pools, and seeing the place where the world gets wider.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Holidays to Iceland offer a rare opportunity to witness a phenomenon that is usually concealed by 3,400 metres of Atlantic waters. A mid-ocean ridge crosses dry land here, so Iceland holiday makers get to see the join of two continental plates and the canyons that form where the ground is splitting. This means that as the plates grow apart Iceland is getting wider at a rate of about 5 cm per year.

Working-up a Lava

This creative power is evident in the nearby island of Surtsey. The island rose from the ocean floor after a series of eruptions between 1963 and 1968. The “lava bombs” and volcanic material cooled and hardened to form one of the world’s newest landmasses, at one point growing at the rate of an acre per day. Unfortunately there will be no holidays to Iceland’s little brother; visits to Surtsey are restricted to those conducting scientific research.

Since a volcano erupts here an average of once every five years there are many chances for those on Iceland holidays to walk on a lava landscape: black rippled sheets of what once was lava, floods of basalt and ash, and fields of ‘scoria’, which are areas of uneven – almost bubbly – volcanic rock. Some of those who take holidays to Iceland talk about how much it looks like a moon landscape.

Hot & Cold Running Water

But it’s the eruptions occurring every five or ten minutes that will feature on the itineraries of most package holidays. Iceland is famous for its geysers, especially for those at the town of Geysir, after which the hot fountains are named. Some of these plumes spurt frequently; others do not show for years before blasting boiling water sixty metres into the air.

For the water moving in the other direction, Iceland delivers generously, too. The Gullfoss waterfall, and the ‘Queen of Iceland’ waterfall provide wonderful attractions for Iceland holidays; the thunderous Dettifoss goes one further, claiming the title of the most powerful waterfall in Europe. The volume of Iceland’s water system is enhanced by meltwater drawn from its glaciers. Glaciers, too, are water on the move in a sense, but their power is less obvious at a glance. Though they appear hardly to move, their sheer size and the magnitude of erosion that they force upon the landscape (such as the fjords) is difficult to ignore.

More than a tenth of Iceland’s area is covered by glaciers at some point during the year, so this provides ample opportunity for tourists to explore the strange and captivating ice-landscape. Iceland holidays might include hikes across a glacier, or organised trips on snowmobiles or a tour in larger vehicles across the larger glacial areas.

When glaciers meet the ocean they put on yet another show. Seeing and hearing their ice walls crumble into the water is quite a spectacle and boat trips to see this happening in the fjords can be added to some specialist holidays. Iceland is always in flux it seems, whether it is melting, moving, exploding or growing, it makes itself a prize destination for seeing this world’s geological phenomena in force.

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Vikki Beale is a holiday expert for iceland2go, a specialist operator providing holidays to Iceland and Greenland. We provide luxury tailor-made itineraries and the finest package holidays Iceland can offer, with sights including glaciers, geysers, fjords, and the Northern Lights.

Holiday in Iceland

Holiday in Iceland

Article by Nancy Eben

The little European country is renowned as the country of fire and ice. It is situated between the mainland of Europe and Greenland. The capital city is Reykjavik. Iceland is taken as the destination for lovebirds; there is folklore in Iceland, “if you have initiated your love in Paris then come Iceland to put the fire in it’. Home to numerous active volcanoes which have shiny ice caps; Iceland is inhabited by almost 0.3 million people who are spread around the coastal and urban areas of the country.

Iceland is a natural bequest as it has received a uniquely diversified geology. Its icecaps are the largest after Antarctica and Greenland and it is replete with hot water geysers, which offers panoramic view. Tour to Iceland is quite haute among young exhilarators nowadays. Comprised of fire and snow, the geologically young country calls you to enjoy the perfect blend of natural contrast.

It is considered as a paradise for hikers. National Parks and Conservation Areas around Iceland are quite appealing. Summers are supposed to best to spend holidays in Iceland. A holiday in Iceland can tempt you with numerous activities including Horse riding, fishing, sea-angling, water-rafting, kayaking, canoeing, snowmobile ride and many more.

If you are looking for more than you can take strolls in the scenic sanctuaries of the country; while spending holidays in Iceland, many people opt for boat trips. These are supposed to be the most pulsating activity for holidaymakers in Iceland. To take the complete pleasure of Iceland tourism, you can enjoy the speed of glacial torrents in the country. Whale watching and dolphin watching are another tantalizing activity in Iceland, which becomes breathtaking in mountainous backdrop.

If you are looking forward for a cultural enticement in Iceland, you can checkout local museums, turf farms, historical buildings of Reykjavik and local churches. These places have more than hundred sagas to tell.

What have you planned for this summer? You are going to board for which tourism destination? Confused? I have a suggestion; explore the bewilderment of snowy land. Iceland will be on high this summer, as travel agencies are offering the best deals on Iceland holiday packages. You can avail these Iceland tour packages either from your travel agent or from online Iceland Travel Guides. Apart from better deals in Iceland hotels, these travel assists in getting flight-tickets as well. What are you looking for; get your package booked today only.

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Rejuvenating guided bus tours in Iceland

Rejuvenating guided bus tours in Iceland

Article by Ingi Jón Sverrisson

Iceland’s dramatic scenery and landscapes make it an unforgettable holiday destination.

TOURIS offers a unique travel experience by conducting enterprising tours by our bus tour company. Whether your visit will be just a weekend or weeks, our bus tour operators will help you make the most of your stay in Iceland.

TOURIS offers a great variety of guided bus tours running from just a few hours to a full day.

For passengers joining the bus Iceland day tours from Reykjavik we offer a free pick up at all major hotels and guest houses in the city.

It could not be easier.

TOURIS has been the leading organizer of guided bus tours. Effectively operating one of the biggest bus fleets today, Iceland day tours makes TOURIS one of the largest organizers of bus tour operators both for individuals and groups.

The main purpose of the efficient service of our bus tour company is an affordable and flexible way for people to travel and sightsee. Our bus tour operators offer an excellent opportunity to reach the most remote places of Iceland by coach, which are not easily accessible by car.

Iceland has so much natural scenic beauty to offer along with plenty of diversity too. Choose one of our inexpensive Iceland day tours and you will get to see and experience geysers or natural hot springs.

Once you enroll in of our guided bus tours you can feast your eyes on glaciers and volcanos, beautiful mountains and fjords, highlands, valleys and miles of exotic vistas as far as your vision goes. If you contact our bus tour company in winters, we will take you to see the Northern Lights whereas in the summer time you can experience Iceland’s midnight sun.

TOURIS is Iceland’s premiere adventure bus tour company serving thousands of happy customers and helping them to explore the natural and unspoiled beauty of Iceland. We also offer a wide array of exciting guided bus tours all throughout the year!!

From your hotel or any other arranged pick up location, our bus tour operators will whisk you away to exciting places you have never seen!

TOURIS has made an ongoing commitment to quality and value, offering a wide assortment of affordable Iceland day tours to over 100 destinations. Our employees take pride in our well planned guided bus tours making special efforts to create itineraries, choosing accommodations and sightseeing destinations.

Whether you are traveling alone or with an entire group, TOURIS has a unique package that has been designed with you, the traveler, in mind.

About the Author

Ingi Jón Sverrisson is the Manager of TOURIS. He is an seasoned tour guide with years of experience in touring Icelands highlands and lowlands. Ingi Jón Sverrisson has long experience in planning and organizing all kinds og tours and activities for individuals and groups in Iceland.

Specialist Holidays in Iceland

Specialist Holidays in Iceland

Article by creative666

Residing in the isolated climes of the North Atlantic, the small nation of Iceland is a remarkable destination with something for just about everyone, no matter how niche their interests.

One of Iceland’s unique features is the Icelandic Horse which features a special fifth gait. The horse has been carefully protected by the Icelandic Government for decades; thanks to strict equine immigration laws (!) the horse has remained remarkably pure-bred. The horse is incredibly steady on the varied Icelandic landscape, and travelling through the natural splendour of the country on horseback is a wonderfully ‘Icelandic’ way to explore this stunning country.

Most trips on the Icelandic Horse are especially enjoyable as, by tradition, riders will ‘run’ with a free-running pack of horses, and most of the time riders will rotate between a few different horses. And after a long day in the saddle, what better way to relax than in a hot tub under the wide open skies?

Fishermen too will enjoy the natural bounty to be found in Iceland, especially in the North and Highland regions. Iceland offers some particularly fantastic freshwater fishing and has become a favourite fly fishing spot. One highlight is the ‘Hidden Lake,’ and as you might expect only a small number of Icelanders know of its location – the only way to get there is to join a fishing ‘tour’ with an expert guide. Once you reach this perfect hideaway, the exclusivity of the lake means you have a fantastic chance of catching a ‘monster brownie’ – ice age brown trout, bigger and wilder than the brown trout you may be used to. When conditions permit, the fishing here is truly incredible.

Also in recent years Iceland has become something of a wedding hotspot, and with a variety of settings from the quirky to the simply breathtaking, it is easy to find a poignant spot to exchange your vows. Options range from a traditional wedding in a tiny turf church overlooking lava fields and volcanic beaches, to an ‘adventurous’ wedding in a unique natural location, such as by a lake or alongside a waterfall. Iceland can provide the perfect base for a memorable wedding.

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Iceland holidays with Discover the World

Iceland Travel Ideas And Tips

Iceland Travel Ideas And Tips

Article by Graham McKenzie

Iceland is a mountainous island in the North Atlantic, located between Europe and North America. Although a bit austere, Iceland is a country of unreserved natural splendor.

The almost unreal beauty of lava eruptions, hot springs, geysers, fissures and glaciers make this land truly unique. Nordic and Celtic people settled Iceland in the 9th century, and in fact, Ing’fur Arnarson, a Norwegian Viking, founded the first settlement on the site known as present day Reykjavik, which is Iceland’s capital city.

The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, is one of the most famous attractions for tourists. Although it is thought these lights are only visible in winter, the truth is they can be seen all year long.

Another of Iceland’s attraction is the Midnight Sun. When this occurs in Scandinavia, during early summer months, the sun is visible at midnight. Its opposite is called the Polar Night, and occurs during the winter months.

At some point of their vacation, visitors usually find themselves in Reykjavik City. Iceland’s capital is thought to be one of the cleanest, greenest cities in the world. The nightlife in Reykjavik is vibrant, with an amazing variety of pubs, bars, cafes and dance halls.

In fact, live music is fast becoming a trademark of this city. You can find a concert on almost every night of the week. There is also a variety of local craft shops and Scandinavian designer stores in Reykjavik, and the Kringlan shopping mall is a popular draw for locals and tourists alike.

No trip to Iceland is complete unless you try one of the whale-watching tours. Surrounded by an ocean that provides a natural habitat for whales, dolphins and seals, Reykjavik is ideal for this activity. The tours will also take you past Puffin Island, as well.

Reykjavik’s landmark, the Perlan, or Pearl, is simply a must-do on any itinerary. Built in 1988 atop huge tanks, which store the natural hot water for heating the city, this rotating restaurant sits under a huge glass dome. The cuisine is top-notch, and the views breathtaking.

Is Viking history your thing? If so, check out some of Reykjavik’s museums. Also make sure to visit the Sun Voyager, which is a massive steel sculpture of a Viking ship. Created by Jon Gunnar Arnason, it can be found on Mt, Esja, and is best viewed at sunrise or sunset.

Another stop that is well worth making is the Restaurant Fjorugardurinn. Here you will experience a traditional Viking feast, amidst Viking decor. This unique eating establishment allows you to step back, and get a first-rate taste of Viking culture.

A very popular tourist attraction in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. This outdoor, geothermal seawater pool is approximately 45-minutes, by car, from Reykjavik. The fluorescent blue pool, covered in steam, stays at about 104-degrees all year long.

Iceland offers tourists a wide variety of inimitable experiences, all of which both enchant and awe. Both strikingly and strangely severe, a trip to Iceland is simply unforgettable.

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Graham McKenzie is the content coordinator for the leading UK Flight Comparison website, which offers detailed information on Booking a Flight.

Iceland’s Golden Circle Tour

Iceland’s Golden Circle Tour

Article by David Brooks

If you are planning a trip to Iceland, one of the tours you should look into is the golden circle tour. This will give you an experience of several of the country’s top tourist attractions.

Just what will you see on this tour? Generally, the “golden circle tour” consists of three prime locations, or attractions: Gullfoss, Geysir and Thingvellir National Park all located in southwest Iceland.

Gullfoss (which translates as “gold waterfall”, whereas, ‘gull’ is gold and ‘foss’ is waterfall) is probably the most famous waterfall in Iceland and the one you will often see pictures of. It is located on the Hvita (white) River. It is a powerful site and certainly worth seeing. The falls drop in two steps and then the river turns sharply to the left, forming a fairly narrow and steep canyon.

“Geysir” is a hot springs geyser located in an area called Haukadalur. We actually get our word, “geyser” in English from Icelandic. Specifically, this geyser is called strokkur, which means “boy.” If you have ever been to Yellowstone Park, then you kind of know what to expect. Strokkur is smaller than the one in Yellowstone but it is no less beautiful. What is also different about viewing the geyser in Iceland is the visitors can get quite a bit closer to it than American safety standards would dictate. I am not saying it isn’t safe, in fact this is something I like about Iceland as opposed to America: fewer rules, i.e. you are a grown up and can look after yourself.

Next up on the golden circle tour, though not necessarily in this order, is Thingvellir. Thingvellir is the site of the original Althing, Iceland’s first parliament. It dates back to 938 A.D. That’s right; Iceland had a parliamentary democracy over 1000 years ago. This site is also located about 40 minutes outside of the capital city, Reykjavik. Thingvellir is also a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Icelanders traditionally came from all over Iceland to this spot annually. People bartered goods, resolved civil matters and decided on laws. It was also quite a social gathering I imagine. The site is right on a volcanic rift and you can walk between the rifts. There’s a beautiful waterfall and deep pools of crystal clear water, all off which flows out into a rather large lake called Thingvellirvatn, or “the water of Thingvellir.”

There are a few ways you can see this tour. First, you can take a tour bus which is the most cost-effective way but certainly the least personal and intimate. You can also choose to book a tour with one of the many jeep tour companies. This option is much more adventurous, personal and unrestricted, especially in terms of time. The jeep tour option can be more fun because most likely they will take you off road to see what the tour bus patrons will not. The third option, and also the most expensive, is to rent a car, secure a map and do it all yourself. Don’t worry too much about getting lost. Iceland is pretty easy to get around in and there aren’t that many roads that you would get massively confused as you might in a metropolitan area.

If you are only going to be in Iceland for a short time, the golden circle tour is a good option. It will give you a decent overview of some of the country’s highlights. But don’t think that these attractions are necessarily the best Iceland has to offer, they aren’t. In fact, Iceland has hundreds, if not thousands of natural wonders. If you ever have the time and wherewithal, I would recommend spending a couple weeks camping, hiking and exploring this natural wonderland, it is one of the most pristine wildernesses left on earth.

If you are looking for things to do in Iceland and are short on time, try the Iceland golden circle tour, it is pretty good as far as Iceland tours go. If you want a different idea try the Langjokull super jeep tour Iceland. Have fun! – David Brooks

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