What to See and Do When Visiting Iceland

What to See and Do When Visiting Iceland

A little background on myself: I am an American who, for work reasons, moved to Iceland and lived there for two years. It was a challenging but, overall, an experience that I treasure. In the time I was there I learned a lot about Iceland and experienced, first hand, all of what I write about in this article.


There’s only one international airport in Iceland so, you will be flying into Keflavik, a small city about 30 minutes south of Reykjavik, the capital. If you are just going to be in Iceland for a few hours due to a layover, you might want to consider going to the Blue Lagoon. It is about 15-20 minutes from the airport. The Blue Lagoon is a spa and its main attribute is a geothermal pond that you can bathe in. The water is emerald green and very relaxing. Icelanders believe that the mineral-rich water is healing. It certainly is soothing and the experience is unique.


If you are going to be staying in Iceland for a couple days, most likely you will be staying in Reykjavik. In this case, I would recommend seeing the downtown area, which can be done on foot, or by a tour bus. Reykjavik is a charming and beautiful city with bright colored roofs, narrow streets and bustling pedestrian activity. Next, I would highly recommend going to one of the city’s many pools. They are very affordable and one of the best things about living in Iceland. In fact, Reykjavik considers itself the spa capital of Europe. The pools are clean and numerous offering many hot pots, lap pools, steam baths, saunas and more. The cost is about , a bargain for such an expensive country.


The next thing I would highly recommend is taking a tour outside of the city to see Iceland’s unspoiled nature. You can take a bus or contract with one of the many jeep tour companies. The bus tours generally stick to the main roads and will take you to all the tourist hotspots: Gullfoss, Geysir, Thingvellir National Park and a few other well-known destinations. My feeling is that the bus tour option is not very interesting. It is like a glorified postcard. Instead, I would opt for the jeep tours which will take you off the beaten path, allowing you not only to see but to experience. These jeep tours range in length from 3 hours to overnight tours. You can choose a tour that fits you interests, for example you can go on a jeep tour that will take you to many of the more spectacular waterfalls. Or, you can opt to drive on a glacier and go snowmobiling. Or, you can take a tour that will allow you to explore lava fields and even climb into lava caves. I really believe that this is the best way to
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experience Iceland – firsthand, not seen through a bus window.


If you are going to be in Iceland for at least a week, I would recommend renting a car and driving the Ring Road. It is the only main highway in Iceland and it simply goes around the entire country. This trip will take you 2-3 days, depending on your pace. This kind of trip is an experience worth treasuring. Keep in mind that rentals cars are expensive and so is gas. When I was there, gas cost about .50/gallon. Food and lodging are also very expensive so consider staying in guesthouses and shopping for your food rather than eating-out for every meal.


In many ways, Iceland is like many Northern European countries. The capital city looks like other Scandinavian capitals, it has all the modern conveniences, the people speak English and, last but not least, it’s expensive. But, that’s where the similarities end. Iceland is unique in so many ways. First off, geologically, Iceland is very unique. It is a fairly young island that is still volcanically active. Due to this, Iceland is a hot bed (no pun intended) of geothermal activity. Icelanders use this hot water to produce electricity and heat their homes. Iceland is sparsely populated with a low overall population, approximately 300,000 people. Reykjavik is the capital city with approximately 120,000 people – not huge by any standards. Iceland has lots of glaciers; in fact it has the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajokull. Most of the interior is uninhabited and uninhabitable. So the cities, such as they are, have sprung up along the coastlines. Outside of Reykjavik, the next largest city is

Akueyri, which enjoys the distinction of the northernmost city in the world.


Iceland is clean and beautiful with amazing landscapes ranging from other-worldly lava fields to lush fields of moss, grasses and low-lying berry bushes to waterfalls, rivers and streams, mountains, glaciers and more. Trees are few and far between outside of the populated areas. Iceland has very clean air and water. You can safely drink water from many streams across the country – not something I would recommend in most of the world. Iceland is also a fun destination; Icelanders love to party and the club scene in Reykjavik is a must. Just don’t show up before 11:30 pm.

To recap, I recommend the Iceland day tour, the jeep tours not the bus tours, soaking in the hot pots, the Blue Lagoon and at least on night on the town, just bring your Alka-Seltzer. – David Brooks


Pure Adventures offers car rental in Iceland

Pure Adventures offers car rental in Iceland

Car Rental Company in Iceland, Pure Adventures offers a comprehensive catalogue of vehicles for car rental in Iceland to suit the needs of its clients for every kind of trip in Iceland.

Pure Adventures has a diverse range of cars to rent in Iceland, from the small Euro Cruiser for 2 persons to the very well-equipped and spacious 7 person Fiat Ducato. When travelling around the island in your own, Pure Adventures offers the most comprehensive choice around.

For adventure seekers, Pure Adventures offers Safari vehicles that can withstand the rugged Icelandic highlands, as well as offering luxury jeeps that can take everyone around in style and comfort. The car hire company also offers a full 24/7 phone assistance whole year round.

The car rental company in Iceland also provides self-drive packages, including everything from a weekend stopover with accommodation, to car journeys around the island. Each trip can be tailored to meet the client’s exact needs.

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When you take a vacation to Iceland, you’ll experience what nature is all about. We offer a wide variety of adventures, where transportation, accommodation, activities, dining and nature itself can give you a completely new perspective on life. All your basic travel needs are covered by our extensive service offerings? Your rest can be taken in a unique mountain resort, a lodge in the wilderness or at a cottage in places you never even imagined existed.

Contact: Pure Adventures – Car rental in Iceland Askalind 8, 201 Kópavogur, Iceland Give us a call or send us an e-mail to turn your ideas into reality: Phone: +354 577 1155 any time, we are available when you need us Fax: +354 588 0446 Regular Office hours: Monday – Friday 08:00 – 18:00 (GMT all year) Saturday 09:00 – 17:00 E-mail us: Info@carrentaliniceland.com or info@lux.is

Pure Adventures organizes tailor-made travel for discriminating visitors, whether as individuals or as groups. A family-run tour operator, we have a personal stake in making our clientele happy with car rental and their stay in Iceland. We use our experience as a family tour operator to assist our clients to get the best car rental in Iceland out their time here in Iceland.

Reasons for Travelling to Iceland

Reasons for Travelling to Iceland

Article by Tony

If you still hesitate where you go to spend your holiday, the advice from me is to travel in Iceland. Ok, I will give three reasons why you should choose it as the tourist destination.

If you don’t have enough money to have a trip on moon, in fact, trip on moon is just a dream for most of us. Instead, go to Iceland to see the scenery from the moon is a best choice. Walking in this Island where has few people. It seems that you go to another planet. There is even no tree along the rode while deserts covered by yellow and green volcanic can be found everywhere. There are volcanos, glacier, hot springs and waterfalls at the end of the sky, all of which display the gentle, the rough, the magnificent, the strange, the weird and even the unreal of Iceland. There is no wonder that American astronauts went to Iceland to experience the feeling of the moon before landing on the moon.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to travel in Iceland, generally speaking, three days is enough, which is compact and not hurry. It is especially suitable for people who travel to Europe because of public affairs, that’s mean they are a bit busy, to have a short vacation in Iceland. If you have a weeked, plus one day, you can entirely make a travel plan to Iceland. In addition, the Iceland is famous with its natural scenery, so it is a best place for travelers who like natural beauty.

The expense on travel is very cost-effective. Although Iceland was once considered one of the countries which have high standard of living in the world, however, because of the financial crisis, the exchange rate of Krona, the currency of both Sweden and Iceland, plummeted more than half. Nowadays, the exchange rate is a little slowly rebounded from the lowest, but, compared to the past, the travel costs almost five or six discount. Therefore it is quite a bargain. What’s more, Airline companies now in Iceland also reduce the price of airplane tickets to attract more tourists.

Ok, if you are persuaded by the reasons show in the above, finally, I recommend some beatiful sight spots at here.

No.1 Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is like a fairy tale world where you can’t miss.No.2 Blue Lagoon, the famous geothermal spa inIceland. It is just 1 hour drive fromReykjavik City.No.3 Gullfoss, which is located at 123 kilometers northeast of Reykjavik and about 10 kilometers away from the geysers, is the famous waterfall in Europe. What’s more, it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland.

About the Author

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Iceland Travel ? A Mesmerizing Journey to a Snowy Haven & Beyond

Iceland Travel ? A Mesmerizing Journey to a Snowy Haven & Beyond

An Iceland vacation is a great idea! This unique island country shows you how beautifully nature can create. Iceland is a country where travelers can find serenity, calm and peace of mind while having great fun going on mind blowing Iceland excursions. Such as bus tours, whale watching, exploring the South Coast and other breathtaking places and sights. So break free from the boring, everyday routine and get ready to rejuvenate yourself with an Iceland holiday!

Iceland is not only a beautiful and picture perfect country but its people are great hosts too. In your Iceland vacation you will discover the vastness and greatness of this oceanic country through them. Iceland is the second largest island after Great Britain in Europe and has everything that makes it a paradise for explorers. From adventurous tours and Iceland excursions to a peaceful typically Iceland holiday, a traveler can enjoy and connect to his or her true spirit on an Iceland travel tour.

To experience the beauty of this oceanic nation, travelers should opt for convenient and professional car rentals in Iceland as the country is full of awe-inspiring sights. These can only be enjoyed while traveling on road and not hopping from one city to another on a plane. There are numerous car rentals in Iceland, ideally, the Iceland travel package that you are planning on must include car rental service. If not then look for an Iceland vacation tour that is offering all including car rental in Iceland. Also if your travel agent is not able to incorporate the car rental service then he can always refer a registered or licensed car rental in Iceland.

Iceland Travel Vacation Packages – Worth Every Penny

An Iceland holiday is not only to be spent inside luxury hotels or enjoying a hot cuppa mocha looking at the dreamy dusk from a glass window but going out there and doing it all! And trust us, Iceland is like a playground for travel enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Thinking about the Westfjords already? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg or should we say Iceland? 🙂

Some Iceland holiday packages also include excursions to Greenland which makes it even more amazing! Trip to Greenland along with Iceland excursions is like experiencing some of the most precious moments of your life.

The delectable cuisine of Iceland is famous too for tickling many palates and pleasing the taste buds, so don’t forget to indulge in local delicacies while on an Iceland vacation. After cuisine, also ensure that you get a glimpse of the national parks, hot geysers and even the famous volcano – Strokkur. Car rentals in Iceland take you around willingly.

Always keep a check on the number of services and benefits provided to you by Iceland travel package providers. Ensure that neither any of the promised Iceland excursion is skipped, car  rental in Iceland is guaranteed, etc. For an unforgettable Iceland holiday, choose the best travel agents.

The incredible Iceland vacation awaits you! Come be part of a snowy dream.

Iceland holiday is heaven if the travel tour package you’ve been offered helps you discover the real beauty of Iceland. For Iceland excursion that are too good and part of the Iceland package deal, then Touris is the place for you! Touris has been unraveling Iceland to many people through exciting Iceland holiday packages for the past 30 years.

Day Tours from Maunin Olara Holiday Cottage Iceland

Day Tours from Maunin Olara Holiday Cottage Iceland

Daytours from  www.holidaycottageiceland  Maunin Olara


Visit The Blue lagoon: Get onto the main road, take the second exit from the  roundabout and get onto   road no 38. Drive along this until you  get on to  route 427, this is a gravel road,  but will not be  problematic. En route  visit Strandarkirkja  – this is a beautiful, small church that Icelanders believe helps bring good luck.  You will then  come to Krisuvik, which is an intersting stop for veiwing  some  hot springs, but these are not for swimming in as it is an old sulphure mine.  Keep on 427 west bound to Grindavik and on 426 you wil find the SPA Blue Lagoon.  For the return journey, take route no  41 the  Keflavik – Reykjavik road and then on to route 1 towards  Maunin Olara.


Geysir and Gullfoss:  Take road 1 eastbound, then  turn left onto road 35,  stay on 35 to Geysir, this is approx one hour drive. A  further few km takes you  to Gullfoss waterfall.  On your way back,  get over to route 37, via Laugarvatn and on to the new 365, This will  take you to lake Thingvellir, and then on 36 down towards Selfoss and Hveragerdi.


Seljalandsfoss and Thorsmork National Park

On R 1 eastbound drive through Selfoss and on  another 60 minutes till you reach the waterfall Seljalandsfoss. This is  an intersting waterfall where one can walk behind the water.  You are now also  on r 249 which, given you have a 4×4 vehicle, you can drive across a few rivers to the bottom of the valley.  You will now surrounded by three glaciers, Myrdalsjokull, Tindfjallajokull and the most famous of the all, Eyjafjallajökull.  Do go carefully here, and we suggest you go in a convoy with other 4×4‘s, or hire a guide –  www.icelandertours.com as rivers can be diffucult or at times  impassible.

Staying in Hveragerdi

You will find a lovely  swimming pool in Hveragerdi.  It is very clean, well maintained, warm water and options of 2 hot tubs  with different tempratures. There is also a steambath and good showers.  For indoor  swimming facilities and hot tubs,  go to the NLFI health centre where there is also a vegetarian restaurant.  Wander around the greenhouses in town and see how the Icelanders make the most of their geothermal powers.   If you are interested in hiking and swiming in natural geothermal water,  the obvious thing to do is to drive to the bottom of Reykjadalur and go for a  40 minutes walk each way to the warm water.   Bring your own swimmwear and towel as you will be in nature with no facilities.



Iceland´s Golden Circle Tour

Iceland´s Golden Circle Tour

Just what will you see on this tour?  Generally, the “golden circle tour” consists of three prime locations, or attractions: Gullfoss, Geysir and Thingvellir National Park all located in southwest Iceland.

Gullfoss (which translates as “gold waterfall”, whereas, ‘gull’ is gold and ‘foss’ is waterfall) is probably the most famous waterfall in Iceland and the one you will often see pictures of.  It is located on the Hvita (white) River.  It is a powerful site and certainly worth seeing.  The falls drop in two steps and then the river turns sharply to the left, forming a fairly narrow and steep canyon.

“Geysir” is a hot springs geyser located in an area called Haukadalur.  We actually get our word, “geyser” in English from Icelandic.  Specifically, this geyser is called strokkur, which means “boy.”  If you have ever been to Yellowstone Park, then you kind of know what to expect.  Strokkur is smaller than the one in Yellowstone but it is no less beautiful.  What is also different about viewing the geyser in Iceland is the visitors can get quite a bit closer to it than American safety standards would dictate.  I am not saying it isn’t safe, in fact this is something I like about Iceland as opposed to America: fewer rules, i.e. you are a grown up and can look after yourself.

Next up on the golden circle tour, though not necessarily in this order, is Thingvellir.  Thingvellir is the site of the original Althing, Iceland’s first parliament.  It dates back to 938 A.D.  That’s right; Iceland had a parliamentary democracy over 1000 years ago.  This site is also located about 40 minutes outside of the capital city, Reykjavik.  Thingvellir is also a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Icelanders traditionally came from all over Iceland to this spot annually.  People bartered goods, resolved civil matters and decided on laws.  It was also quite a social gathering I imagine.  The site is right on a volcanic rift and you can walk between the rifts.  There’s a beautiful waterfall and deep pools of crystal clear water, all off which flows out into a rather large lake called Thingvellirvatn, or “the water of Thingvellir.”

There are a few ways you can see this tour.  First, you can take a tour bus which is the most cost-effective way but certainly the least personal and intimate.  You can also choose to book a tour with one of the many jeep tour companies.  This option is much more adventurous, personal and unrestricted, especially in terms of time.  The jeep tour option can be more fun because most likely they will take you off road to see what the tour bus patrons will not.  The third option, and also the most expensive, is to rent a car, secure a map and do it all yourself.   Don’t worry too much about getting lost.  Iceland is pretty easy to get around in and there aren’t that many roads that you would get massively confused as you might in a metropolitan area.

If you are only going to be in Iceland for a short time, the golden circle tour is a good option.  It will give you a decent overview of some of the country’s highlights.  But don’t think that these attractions are necessarily the best Iceland has to offer, they aren’t.  In fact, Iceland has hundreds, if not thousands of natural wonders.  If you ever have the time and wherewithal, I would recommend spending a couple weeks camping, hiking and exploring this natural wonderland, it is one of the most pristine wildernesses left on earth.

If you are looking for things to do in Iceland and are short on time, try the Iceland golden circle tour, it is pretty good as far as Iceland tours go.  If you want a different idea try the Langjokull super jeep tour Iceland.  Have fun! – David Brooks

David Brooks is a freelance SEO consultant and geothermal energy advocate.

Why You Need To Visit Reykjavik Iceland This Year…

Why You Need To Visit Reykjavik Iceland This Year…

Article by Jeffrey Ferris

Traveling has always been a passion of mine, and I prefer the unique or unusual destination, the kind of place that most people wouldn’t think of going to. Iceland is one of those countries, mainly because of its location halfway between Europe and North America close to the Arctic Circle. It has a long and interesting history, and started the oldest elected parliament in the world, originally called the Althing. The original inhabitants of Iceland came over on Viking ships around the year 874, and brought the traditional Norse mythology with them. Elves and Trolls are still part of popular myth in the country, which is quite interesting.

Getting to Iceland is actually quite easy today because of Iceland Airlines, which offers direct flights from several cities in the United States. They also offer special packages with established tours and accommodations for a short 3 night stay, or for much longer. Interested in a 4 night trip over Thanksgiving, they have a package specifically for that! You can actually plan your whole trip including any optional tours that you would like to take just by going to the IcelandAir website.Available tours include options such as snowmobile tours on a glacier, 4 wheel drive expeditions into the rugged and uninhabited interior, Icelandic Pony rides, Puffin sightseeing trips, waterfall tours, and a variety of other choices… Iceland is a very beautiful country, and I would go back in a second. Most people will visit in the summertime because that is the warmest time of year by far, and because of the country’s proximity to the Arctic Circle the hours of daylight drop to just a few hours a day in the other seasons. You will have more options open to you in the summer, including a short trip to Greenland if you’re interested. Legend has it that they switched the names for the two places, because they wanted to keep Iceland to themselves and everyone else would head to Greenland to settle. It could be just a legend, but you never know!

The fall and winter seasons also have their charm, and if you are there over the holidays for Thanksgiving or maybe Christmas they may have special packages and dinners to accommodate you. Be ready for very cold weather though, as the wind blows down from the north and it hits you like a brick wall if you don’t have the right clothing.

However, that is one of the charms of the country because of the warm geo-thermal springs and spas all over the country. Outdoor swimming in naturally heated pools is a big attraction here, and also naturally heated spas. One of these is located near Reykjavik and is called Blue Lagoon. It is a huge outdoor natural pool with steam rising all around you, and even though it’s only 10 degrees outside you are all warm and toasty because of the hot tub like water. It isn’t all uniform in temperature either, some places are definitely hotter than others and it is interesting to say the least as you make your way around the vast expanses. They have natural sand that is supposed to soothe your skin and make you younger looking if you rub it into your face and body, and that is a very popular attraction here. This is a must do when you come to Reykjavik, and you’ll come away feeling very refreshed.

Take at least one city tour of Reykjavik also, and try some of the local varieties of food. I found that I really love Icelandic food, and they use a lot of natural fowl and other unusual ingredients in their cooking. Ever tasted reindeer? How about aged and fermented shark that is allowed to rot over a few months? That one I wouldn’t advise! However, you really want to give the desserts a whirl, especially something called Skyr which is awesome! It is made with cream and sugar, and very tasty! Don’t be one of those people that goes to a different country and heads straight to the local McDonald’s, be adventurous and try everything that they have! Breakfast in Iceland is one of my favorites; they will usually have several plates of cold meats and cheeses, and of course cold, raw fish. It really is delicious, and I fell in love with pickled herring while I was there!

I crammed a lot of touring and options into my short trip, and at the end I was very disappointed to leave… I only got a taste of this wonderful country, but I can guarantee you that I’ll be back sometime later! I hope you’ll give Iceland a try also, take a walk on the wild side! Have fun!


About the Author

Jeffrey Ferris

I’ve been self-employed with internet marketing for several years now, and also into jet skiing, boating, travel, and adventure sports. To learn more about internet marketing please visit www.JeffreyFerrisBlog.com or for more great info about boating, catamarans, travel, and other topics visit www.GoodTimesAndRiches.com.

Rent a Car in Iceland with Glacier Car Rental

Rent a Car in Iceland with Glacier Car Rental

Article by Hallfreður Emilsson

Iceland’s Glacier car rental has announced the addition of the latest Garmin GPS navigation system to their rental fleet.

Glacier Car Rental Iceland has made GPS navigation systems available with their hire. The GPS navigation will be an option on any vehicle in their fleet.

The Garmin is the ultimate travel companion. It has all of the features that you would expect in a modern GPS unit: large color touch-screen display, voice direction, and automatic routing. But touring in an exotic place like Iceland can sometimes call for even more high-tech assistance.

The upgraded devices provide users with museum and restaurant suggestions, as well as translation services for easier interaction with the locals. In addition, Garmin fits Bluetooth wireless capabilities and an mp3 player into the system, which can be mounted in the car or will easily fit in traveller’s pocket.

To make explorers even more confident, the units used by Glacier Car Rental have been equipped with optional European travel guide updates that allow them to give useful information about the surrounding areas.

Iceland (Lonely Planet top 10 destination 2010) has become a prized travel destination for its unique combination of unspoiled wilderness and thriving nightlife. Vacationers from around the world are making excursions to this rugged country to enjoy outdoor pursuits like horseback riding, glacier travel, and hiking, and to enjoy the native’s famous Scandinavian beauty.

The Garmin GPS System will be available through Glacier car rental agencies in Iceland for a fee a small fee per day. Glacier Car Rental is a family owned car rental that offers delivery to all airports close to Reykjavik (the Capital) including Keflavik International Airport (KEF) and Reykjavik Domestic Airport. Glacier also offers delivery to Hotels within the capital area.

More information can be found at www.glaciercarrental.is

About the Author

Glacier Car Rental is a newly founded family car rental company, owned by two brothers and staffed with family members, with the main aim of providing quality cars and unbeatable service to traveler´s traveling in Iceland. The company was founded in 2009 and has since grown considerably. For more information and details call at 354-571-2240 or send an email at glacier@glaciercarrental.is

Maunin Olara Icelandic Holiday Cottages

Maunin Olara Icelandic Holiday Cottages

The little European country is renowned as the country of fire and ice. It is situated between the mainland of Europe and Greenland. The capital city is Reykjavik.
Home to numerous active volcanoes which have shiny ice caps; Iceland is inhabited by almost 0.3 million people who are spread around the coastal and urban areas of the country.

Iceland is a natural bequest as it has received a uniquely diversified geology. Its icecaps are the largest after Antarctica and Greenland and it is replete with hot water geysers, which offers panoramic view. Comprised of fire and snow, the geologically young country calls you to enjoy the perfect blend of natural contrast.


It is considered as a paradise for hikers. The mountains and valleys that cross Iceland are quite appealing. Summer is the perfect time to visit Iceland, and can tempt you with numerous activities including Horse riding, fishing, sea-angling, water-rafting, kayaking, canoeing, snowmobile ride and many more.

If you’re looking for a place to stay the Maunin Olara holiday cottage offers the perfect place to stay while you explore all Iceland’s attractions. Our beautiful heated timber built cottage has the capacity to sleep nine so there is plenty of room for the whole family.

The cottage is fully furnished with full amenities, includingTV with DVD player,washing machine, a sauna and large gas barbeque.

The town of Selfoss is only a brief walk away (about 10 minutes) with the village of Eyrarbakki, a lovely little village withthe most traditional Icelandic houses only about 20 minutes drive. Hveragerdi the local town is 35 km (about thirty minutes from Reykjavik). This Town contains all the local amenities you could need including bank, post office, supermarket and petrol station. There are as well as a varity of cafes and resturants perfect for those who want to eat out.



Iceland Vacation Packages and City Breaks ? Time to Breakaway

Iceland Vacation Packages and City Breaks ? Time to Breakaway

Iceland is a beautiful country that shelters even more beautiful experiences. An icy paradise, Iceland promises a great time for vacationers. From the countryside scenic beauty to the exciting hustle and bustle of Iceland city breaks, travelers can enjoy each and every aspect of Iceland with vacation packages available. Iceland vacation packages generally offer Iceland City Breaks, Iceland Day Tours, unique vacation in Iceland and many more such travel incentive programs.

And natural beauty is not only what Iceland has. The great culture of this snowy nation comes with its own streak of exotica. Exploring Iceland comes best with signing up with a bus tour company that provides self-drive tours and car rentals so that travelers can enjoy the liberty of directing their Iceland holidays the way their heart desires. Because your heart will rule over mind as soon as you step into Iceland.

Iceland vacation packages are designed to offer the traveler the best possible trip of this snowy shelter wherein they try to include Iceland city breaks, adventure and leisure expeditions to countrysides, travel incentive programs, etc. Travelers planning for Iceland holidays should also consider the option of private tour guides. Usually Iceland vacation tour guides fix up everything – right from hiring a bus tour company Iceland day tours or vacations in Iceland, in general.

Why Choose a Bus Tour Company in Iceland?

For the d-i-ys out there, let’s make clear exploring Iceland will be much better if the local assistance is available. So always go for Iceland vacation packages that come with private tour guides or are a bus tour company. First things first, hire a bus tour company and know why it was the right decision. Read on:

•    The biggest advantage of associating with a bus tour company in Iceland is that your transport in and around the country will be taken care of. There will be no inconvenience caused to travelers due to lack of commuting facility. Iceland holidays are to be enjoyed by traveling the length and the breadth of the country (at least a good part of it) for which ready transport will come in handy.

•    Also Iceland bus tour companies provide private tour guides which are a further help to the tourists. Furthermore, ready transportation mean hassle free Iceland day tours.

•    Many Iceland travel guides offer custom tours in which the vacationers can design their own itinerary. Custom tours are a great hit! These not only make sure that the travelers have great fun but also ensure saving time on unnecessary excursions or wanderings. With custom tours in Iceland you can enjoy all that interests you or your group.

•    Another highlight of licensed Iceland travel guides and bus tour companies is that they even offer travel incentive programs. A corporate can buy the travel incentive program and treat the workforce to an unforgettable time in Iceland. These group travel incentive programs include many activities – outdoor and others – that build up the team spirit in a group.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, an authentic bus tour company strives that your Iceland holidays are full of Icelandic culture, art and essential experiences.

If you’re ready to visit this pristine icy palace, then hop on to a licensed bus tour company today! Visit http://www.tour.is today!!

Ingi Jon Sverrisson is the Manager of TOURIS (http://www.tour.is). He is an seasoned tour guide with years of experience in touring Iceland highlands and lowlands. Ingi Jón Sverrisson has long experience in planning and organizing all kinds of tours and activities for individuals and groups in Iceland